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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Luvem, tiny prim, animation, toy piano

I wanted a piano, but not a grand piano, but a toy piano. Found a mini organ, thats not a toy piano... its like I really like to have that silly toy llama and not a realistically rendered sl horse.

Luvem showed me the animation of the guqin player... she has a nice warm looking house w a stone fireplace! It reminds me of European homes in the 40s,the floral patterns, the wooden chairs. So we will do further details, and see how that goes.

Now, have to put the strings on the guqin, but my strings are very thick, scaled to reality - it must have been at least 1cm in diameter - which is like 100times too thick... what to do? I remember someone told me about tiny prims. There is a place for tiny prims, for 10lindens, so I got some. Saitot showed me a YouTube, they show you how to make tiny prims, well... then I dont need to get them for Swannjie jie, one set is good enough as they are not transferable.

We sat on the balcony today at Elks beach Guqin house, Kotorin showed me all her instruments except the large ones. I played the cello and violin. Thats all i have, if i had a toy piano that would have been fun to play. It is then I realised i wanted one.

Ikune is doing landscaping of his interactive baseball game. He said he doesnt need our help to beautify his sim... I was only joking! To see how irritated he would get... hahahahah. Yes, I am silly like that sometimes. But nothing like that happened so we went away to our shopping.

In fact, i was looking for a suitable dress for photos to be "Swann Jie" in concert, this photo will be later used for a real life oil painting. The sl pic is but a sketch of what the oil painting will be like. A kind of picture sketch. But the sl photo exists in its own right too, as i had to choose all the elements to make the composition work as a whole, lighting, colors, textures. The sl photo is a real photo, and the painting will be a real painting, and if you went on line, you will see the virtual world life in action, in movement. It is the "Swannjie jie thrice represented."

Then, I also talked to several other people. Aboveall, by fluke, Saitot has copies of the water nymph dress that i was looking for for the last two days! what a waste of time, and I dont see it anywhere. Such a stroke of luck. So I got my concert attire finally.

Now, one step at a time, all the pieces are fitting together.

I sent GuanPingHu and CaiWenJun out into the world today. They are dressed in modern clothes, but already not like newbies, they have fancy hair and slick clothes. And got flirty comments coming.

I will put them away because it takes time for a character to mature and I dont have that much time now. But its ok for them to come out for air everynow and then.

There is also BoYa and Ziqi, the other two famous ones. SuDongPo is already half trained, so I will take him out more often.

And thats the news for today.

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