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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Peter Greenaway Machinima, Ensad bis sl

An interesting feature film in machinima is "Vola Vola, Fly me"
trailer here.

From New World Notes, 25Nov2010

video by Chantal Harvey on vimeo

screenshot of sl talk

Peter Greenaway as Jury for Machinima, Nov25 2010

Peter Greenaway supports Machinima

Ensad : visit of Ensad island in sl
Ensad bis
Atopic festival 2010 machinima in Paris

Monday, 22 November 2010

Presences of Taiwan in sl

Visited sl Taiwan presence today, very nice. Retro products, projection screens at schools, exhibition spaces. Met Chihlee Technology Institute sl leader, Professor in real life, Fairy Nomilly Valeska in sl. Interesting meeting. :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

HuaHui sphere

photo by Miranour, silver HuaHui sphere

Now that the HuaHui mobilemusic is underway, I look at the sphere closely.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

cubes sent from postal service

See left side down middle near edge, these are first cubes sent in via postal services.

Friday, 12 November 2010

slactions2010, U of Manchester Business School, Installation; QR code at Taipei Flora Expo 20; Peter O'tooles speech in ratatouille

QR code on a Pepper Display at Taipei International Flora Expo 2010

QR code on panel

QR code closeup : test it with your own mobile phone camera now, take a shot and see what you get?

The same QR codes will be placed on each HuaHui MobileMusic block, linking to each adopters choice of URL.
Details: Adopt-a-cube! Get yourself a private window to the world!

HuaHui MobileMusic installation at Manchester University, slactions2010 conference platform.

Manchester University, slaction2010 installation

Manchester University, slaction2010 installation

Manchester University, slaction2010 installation

Manchester University, slaction2010 installation

Posters :: front
Top: Banyan tree on Campus of Zendai University, Tainan, Taiwan
Left: Adopt-a-cube! Open call to all sl rl people
Right: Crossing Boundary sculpture from sl to rl
Bottom: HuaHui serie, Sphere, and MobileMusic, real life cubes in Venice, Italy.

Posters :: back
top: Mabuville, Taiwan; 10% HuaHui MobileMusic in real life, Oct2010
Left: MobileMusic working model real life scale
Right: MobileMusic working model with real life textures
Bottom: Story of the Digital Guqin Museum


Peter O'tooles speech in ratatouille
What a voice.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Very Big Tree in real life Zendai University, Taiwan

Very Big Tree in Virtual World with HuaHui MobileMusic

A very Big Banyan Tree in real life Taiwan!

A Very Big Tree (Banyan) in real life in Taiwan, Tainan, Zendai University -
This tree was planted by the prince of Japan 100 years ago and has been adopted by an insurance company for use as logo. They pamper the tree, make sure no worms, no insects no disease, no lack of nutrient... and on the same grass surface are several other giant trees but this one has shades to cover a small high rise tower building.

Very beautiful tree, the most beautiful living sculpture on the campus.
I even took a nap under the tree.
Many people come to do taichi in the morning, snack during the day, eat breakfast.
What is really nice is that, its never a "crowd" but gently with a few people flow.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Virtual World games

About Virtual World games: