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Thursday, 20 September 2007

SuDongPo Timeless

I have such a case of blah with sl, I resuscited SuDongPo to get me out of here...
Even SuDongPo cant help...

Time to just do real painting and leave sl for a while.

Reading is the same, sometimes after I have been in books for a while. The world seems unreal, cant read anymore. Reading is like riding a horse on someone elses ground, you roam here and you roam there. Sl is the same, you roam here and there, and today, the amount of un-interesting places is incredible. I dont enjoy shopping in rl, and having to look for hair in sl for SuDongPo is hell. Maybe I will put him somewhere for now and use the beautiful maidens for model instead. Pretty girls are always a pleasure to look at right? Its much harder to find the right clothing and hair, and props for SuDongPo in sl. I could get him the right things in rl much much muuuuuuch easier. That is the reason why i find sl is sooooooooooooooo maddening. Hmmm, maybe unless you make things yourself, just like in rl, you must be content with whats "ready-to-wear" just like in rl. In rl, I customise almost everything... :(

It is such a pain to do so in sl, because so cumbersome... the experience of creation is not such a multi-sensorial event. It is flat, like the pixels on the screen.

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