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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Day Off

Today is my day off. I went to an auction, there was a little tiny red table, flimsy made in the 60s, with tiny drawers - it must have belonged to a little lady. The color is an orangy red, very popular in the 50s. I opened on drawer, it was stuffed with zippers and odds and ends. I open another one, same thing... the man came and told that i must not open the drawers.

He brings a cardboard box and emptied everything into the box. Suddenly, I am not interested in the table nor the content.

What was interesting was the way the desk was stuffed in this disorderly fashion odds and ends. Now that its all emptied, the desk is not charming anymore and the content worthless. They broke the installation.

After that, we drove from this pretty little town into the center of Paris, along the seine, there was a huge traffic jam. So I said, hmmm i want to maybe get off here, at the Champs Elysee, just to spend 3 hrs here... oh, no no no, maybe Pont Neuf, no no no, maybe ok ok, here, Centre Pompidou - no no no, ok ok how about Les Halles, ok this is good. Its all underground warm and i just walk around inside for 3 hours.

So I spent 3 hours at the FNAC looking at all the picture books, monsters - people born with deformities - there was a guy who has a small head on top of his real head - and its real... so I read this book standing up. Then all the computer stuff, the cd, the dvd, the comic books, the Asian books, the true witness accounts... Waris the beautiful Somalian model, more movies. Then I went to the movie house, nothing interesting. Looked at all the magazine stand... new calendars are out 2008 already 2008.

Then Ircam... lots of nice post cards at Ircam.

Today, I felt like doing nothing.

Then I just took the underground home.

Monday, 26 November 2007

4 more posters, the Ping test

I put up three more posters - one at Eagles place, he had a rolls royce car sex bed that i find quite nice. What else do you need when you have one of these? Sleep, go anywhere.

Then one at Chinese campus. Next to an atm machine, infront of a classic Chinese shop, next to Made in Switzerland! There was something really impatient in the air.

sl is best used for enjoyment.

Its value for now is in enjoyment, if have other expectations - high expectations - maybe our disappointments will not be so enjoyable.

the sl world is a reduced world - poor in info - everything is bare and rude. If someone says I love you - you can embellish the rest yourself. However the reverse is also true - to soften the communication, a lot of redunduncy is needed.

I put one poster at a new Japanese cafe, you could really sense the joy of the owner. She had two chairs strawberry red and heart shape and she put my large bill board on top of the grey wall. A Minimalist architecture. Very nice, all this pink and romantic ambiance - she just build her house yesterday. We sat in the chairs and took pictures together. A very nice moment.

There were two others, i didnt have time to visit the site.

One thing that was so funny yesterday. A friend had talked about big big rl business... then i asked, if i were to be considered as a collaborator, how about you buy a card - buy a card from me.

And that was the end of this discussion. How could you do real life anything when such a small thing as receiving a post card to any address - is already unsuccessful!

Its like sending out a Ping and it never got any responses, the network is blocked.

If the first Ping is already dead, how could anyone imagine the next step?

The Swannjie postal service is really a Ping test, to see who can successfully send back the Ping, a first tiny step towards anything fruitful.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

laggy day

Laggy Day, i crashed at least 10 times.
As Swannjie jie and Five and Hiroko says, if i want to build something i must get my own land. So i must go see about the tva issue at the tax people place.

Once this is out of the way, i think i will feel much more straight on ahead.

A huge blue wall has been put up next door, 4 young people all 512 put together their lot and made a huge shop. Sky diving, shoutcast broadcasting, bank, and something else. They are quick to talk and nervy nervy all over. They are quick to move around.

i am not sure what the neighbourhood will look like. But its sooooo laaggy.

Hiroko changed thing sround again. She took the little house away. Things happens 20 times faster than in real life.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Hanako, Abbe de Choisy, Gion, Hovercraft

I started to read a book by the L"Abbe de Choisy - it was a book just lying around from among the boxes of books - this one caught my eye because this man who lived in 1646 - was a high ranking Religious Abbot - who dresses in womens clothes, writes about Louis XIV. He has many lovers, women - all this is because his mother raised him as a girl!
They rubbed things on his face from age 5, so that the roots of his facial hair died - he has no beard stubs as an adult. Lover of jewelry and beautiful women things, he is a good writer. Very honest about himself. He said, he arrived at his position due to no merit of his own - it was a favor granted to his mother to place him at this position. And Louis XIV didnt like him, what ever he proposed, it was refused. However he still speaks the truth, as a secondary account of the life of Louis XIV - he tells his life experiences in great detail with a fine sense of diplomacy. He was his mothers scribe at age 10. Everyday he spent 3 hrs at her bed side to help her respond to mails - his mother was a very shrewd and successful business women. Friend of Queens - people in high places. Choisy said, he cannot undo himself of this habit of loving to dress in womens clothes, to undo this, he goes gambling. But once the gambling activity stops he goes back to wearing womens clothes.

I think, of course he cannot "un do" wearing of womens clothes, becasue if he was raised this way, his pleasures, his sense of value were all formed in such a specific context, if you undo all this, he has nothing else... he would have had to re-construct from scratch. And in all honesty, no one system is really superior to another, why should he change? He has all the comforts and convenience that his position, friends, could all support him. Maybe a little strange but no more poeple get used to the way you look. :)

The saddest thing i think is to be without contacts, without context, you would go crazy.

I learnt a lot from his book, I think really i enjoy reading this type of human oriented books and not some serious analytical text. I must admit, I like this kind of text. Good writing and complete in details. This is a great gift anyone could give another person - a true account of what he is and how he lived his life.

I flew around in the hotair balloon in Gion again today, and met the producer of the SIM, i didnt know she was the producer. Gion is somewhat like Isakaya, but its modeled after the Geisha district of Kyoto. The charm is that of a stage set, it is not as warm as the Izakaya village. The scale is different.

Salmaru said the old Izakaya will open in anther place soon. But who will be presiding at the bar all the time, no answer.

He gave me a Hover craft today. I rotated it around so that I am sitting in it like a throne. He said, Swann, you have to rotate it to sit like this... he puts it back upright. I said but i like it like this, i rotated it, ... and he said "this posiiton is Illegal!"

hahahah, in sl, there is such a thing as "illegal" for riding a vehicle!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

University of Submission, Hot air balloon

The first thing i bought was a hotair balloon in secondlife. Finally, 3 months later, i remember and took it out. Wind rider, its a cute little balloon with a round wicker basket. Very calm and drifting, its like a camera on automatic.
Five, Elk, me and some other people took rides in it.

Yesterday, out of research requirements, i had to visit many places. At Hell and Heaven, i met Wilma, a German girl. She had a coca-cola laquer suit with zippers at breast level and crotch level and purple neck collars and arm bands. She said she is in sl for sex reasons - but some people are really sickos. They want to see her real photo and real voice chat... for money. She is not into that, she is just into games which she would not do in real life. She goes to a University of Submission, so i went and have a look. What kind of reporter am I, if I skipped one of the mainstream occupations of secondlife?

There was nobody there, i mean there were 3 greeters, squatting with legs open in an animal fashion on the lawn, a large campus - like a University building. But inside, its sectioned off, like a floor of a department store, quite empty, with arragements of chairs, pose balls. Quite skimpy in decor. No action seen.

But maybe the fill is the most interesting part, which i did not see.
It looked quite boring.

Not my kind of University.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Dreams in Secondlife

People display their wishes and dreams in Secondlife - because otherwise, why bother spending time in Secondlife?
First life has enough constraints... only fools recreate the same constraints in Secondlife - i mean they do it because that is the only thing they know? And they cant imagine another life without these physical constraints?

Sunday, 18 November 2007

flying guqin,

I took the surf board apart, and replaced all the items with new objects, aligned them and hoo hoo, a new flying guqin. I added the dancing pads, hahaha i will have to test it later.

Then i went to an opening in rl, a show of photography. Some people came and within 10mn went away. It was very well exhibited, very well hung.

Then i am thinking how to make a flying guqin museum. A msueum that carries people in the sky with moving landscapes slowly - we visit all the works of everyone in sl, slowly like a touring of sl.

Why not? Isnt sailing in sl basically this, a moving vehicle with passing sceneries?

Good design details: garagara, flying surfboard/cruiser, Magic Flying Machines/Guqin Museum, Artist Studio with sculptie fishes

sl is for Dreams come True: whether its a huge giant American size home, or sex with beautiful girls, or magic wands that emits putric looking clouds... flying surf boards with your gal/guy avatar...

Yesterday, while i was checking the making of the super Hanako store, there was a flying object with a person on it. It was a flying surf board for 3 people. So we could fly in the air and dance at the same time. It was marvelous to feel that you could dance in the air and surf at the same time. The surf board comes with a pet-mode
you call "come" and the surf board comes to you!

It is a soft small dream come true, isnt it? Thats an object with wishes embedded.

The designer who created the object through modification - and that is a smart way to do things too if something has already a good foundation, why not just customise? If the dream is an original dream its valid as original creation - his name is Kenjiya Oyen - he also showed me a cruiser for 6, with similar capacities of dancing. I rezzed my guqin on the ship while its flying, and it works!

Thats amazing, now i think, why not a flying Digital guqin museum? Guqin playing is for small groups anyway... so I got some parts from him and will try to put it together. A magic flying guqin machine/msuuem.

I also visited a Giant size Artist studio of a sort, with sculptie whales, fishes and we could lie underneath in the water watching. Reminds me of an aquarium in Osaka that you could walk inside, the walls are made of 12 inch thick plexiglass, and the height of the building is several stories high with the plexi walls cutting a path inside the aquarium so we could walk through the spaces.

Since I lost my taxi, Salmaru showed me how to get another one - all free - there is a stand infront of the Iseya bar; a little green tombola with a handle size of a toy stands on top of the boxes, you turn it, and it tells you what prize you got. Hhahahah. This method is called "garagara" - so i turned it, got a bicycle, turned it, got a t-shirt, turned it, got someother thing. No taxi. Salmaru said, wait, he fidded, then i turned, voila : a taxi!!! And he said, First Prize.

Salmaru recreate not just the objects with precise focus on the charms of the objects, but he gives you the whole package - the experience of these objects, how its used, the way of life thats linked to these objects. A work bicycle is not just a heavy duty bike, it comes with a tray with 2 large bowls of noodles and animation for riding such a delivery bike, and the noodles comes with loud slurping sounds of eating noodles - people deliver lunch to offices with noodles just like this! Its a way of life that has disappeared. Nostalgic, lovingly, he recreated them for us to enjoy in sl. His creations are all free. Available at Iseya store, located on the parking lot between Iseya bar and West Side bar.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

experiential learning, how long and who stays in sl, why do they use sl?

I wonder whats the sl gamer profile, how old are the sl players?
20 somethings like to go out and meet real people. So who are the people who must meet in sl? How old are they in general? And why are they in sl and not in rl?

If it is not for a short passage of time, not for some realistic practical purpose, for example making creative use of the capacity of sl in building, in chat etc.

Those who only use it for social purposes which never leaves sl, what does this mean?

If someone stays online chatting only all the time, what does this mean?


Friday, 16 November 2007

Izakaya, experiential learning of sl, Ken Cioc

My memory of the first sim i saw was very vivid and magical. It was the Izakay Tereboro by Tokyo Tv. The head guy, Ken Cioc was always at this local bar place. And for some reason there is always a whole gang of people there. Poeple jsut sit around talk. As I did not understand any Japanese, it was always mysterious what they were talking about. So i had some bits of it translated. They were always talking about something heavy, very heavy. In anycase, as i was a newbie, i was a man and a woman, trying on different clothes. But as a man, i always looked too feminine, as if the avatar had make up on, or else, its jsut a lump, no character male.

The sim was very realistic set in 40s post war japan. Things were simple and mostly mechical and not the electronic goods Japan - reminds me of the era of a small msuuem in Japan. But that small museum was musty and dusty and even though nostalgic, it must not have been easy living. You can tell by the simple, worn, old moth ball feelings of the rough wood planks etc. People lived in such houses. But in sl, since there is no dust, everything is clean, straight lined. Charming.

The group of people at the bar were regulars. I thought, why are these people always here and in other places you have to offer camp money for people to hang around?

Then i figured its because of the bar man. The bar mann always greeted guests, and he was always polite, friendly. He seemed to be a mature man. His words are measured, makes you feel welcome. And one time, the bar girl even said, Swann welcome home! in English. Here, I learned everyday, you just chat and get a little closer to people learn about them. Like the little prince and the fox.

They were not friendly at the beginning. One time, a few women gathered together, and they asked me if i were pretty in real life. (How come she is here all the time, she must be very ugly in rl? No friend, no boy friend, no body...thats why she hangs around in this bar, not even a real bar, but an sl bar!)

Because i didnt understand the on going language, I am free to wander around in the sandbox and just watched people making things. I like to see their objects, its always funny with a special attention to detail way of making objects.

Later, there was a firework festival, and then the closing festival. All through these events, I think it was a piece of theatre, thats planned for a tv show thats aired - like an animnation film I guess.

I would like to see the show that was aired in Japan on tv, but it seems that nobody has any trace of this 2 months experiment.

How could that be, its a tv station! Someone must have a trace.
I will need to investigate more.

For me it was an experiential learning, very much like real life. My avatar was really me, i didnt play another person, i was walking around asking questions, dragging the timid people into bars, and offering them drinks. Then I was invited to join their club, then... finally, one day the big moment came, i found out where to buy the koto that was on display at the restaurant.

Ken took the care to actually tp me to the shop! I really appreciated that.

After this, I started the building of my guqin. I bought 2 kotos, just in case i totally broke one, i would still have a backup. :)

For me it was magic, but for the Japanese who were there - they were really working - not as an avatar flitting here and there watching, they were the puppeteers making the puppets and pulling the strings at the same time. I think the two months for them was very different.

Ken does not log in anymore.

His mission is over, he said he wont have time to come into sl much anymore.

Well, i missed the old Izakaya. It really felt like home, because of Ken.
I want to make a bar, that could generate this kind of warmth, but unders what conditions could this happen?

I have been to many other bars since, and I really cant figure out why people hang around and chat about nothing, there was no common topic of discussion ... great time... had fun... sexy dancing... how? what? I dont understand the pleasure of it that much.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Hiroko, Yosi, Five, new garden, Salmaru taxi, Digital Guqin Museum

Actually i hate shopping malls, i never go shopping in a mall. Gives me a headache.

My neighbour wanted me to open up a passage way so she could direct shoppers to go from the French Shopping mall to her own - i said no problem no problem - and made all my lace screens phantom - but she asked me to remove them, or better still move my house altogether!!! wowow... I cant believe my ears, she wants to make my garden part of the highway to her shop !

NO. That is incredible!

A garden cannot be made into a highway, the ambiance will be ruined !

There are all kinds of shopping experiences, underground grungy, soft boutiques, marriage salons, 50s retro styles, garage sale, they are all good. Only we must pay attention to the negotiation of various spaces, the ambiance etc. These two humongous black glasses in boxes - from the 80s and early 90s are styles of architecture that i do not like to begin with. On top of it, the merchandise are not specifically directed in any niche... its a general shopping mall. The kind that you find in a middle class suburban area - with no particular character.

So, finally, i had to be honest with my urbanist mall owner, I said, all shopping styles are good, however, i am making a garden, and i dont want black glass box shopping mall to be scenery. And sometimes, shopping spaces are not compatible, a mariage boutique is not the same as garage sale is not the same as grocery stores not the same as supermarkets, they are all different, they dont mix, I have nothing against shopping malls, only that i am building a Digital Guqin Museum garden, a clubhouse here, and I dont want to see shopping malls as scenery. Everybody could undertand that, cant they? Its not a question of preference of tastes, but everybody could understand that when you are in a green nice garden for a moment of peace you dont want to see shopping center and be in the middle of a highway visually...

and we all have our wishes and dreams. So, I understand this.
Hahahah, so goes the first serious negotiation with my good friend and dear neighbour.

She backs down - no more "why dont you move your mushroom house, you have other land... you are not the owner..." What!!! challenging by questioning my rights to landownership! (When people want something, they become very human, they just want it want it want it...)

She asked if i could rent her a corner - of course not, how could i ruin the volume of the garden by putting in this rikiki triangle of passage way? - so she could fly her highway by the corner... or remove my "donut" (what? i ruin my volume by removing "a donut"? ) ... its impossible. When it comes to stylistic differences. We cannot argu, it gets too sensitive. So we just have to see who is the owner, and how to resolve the land issues.

I have already made all my screens phantom so the shoppers can come through technically - in any case in sl, there wont be "wear and tear" due to high volume passage unlike in rl. I must preserve my esthetic design!!! Nobody comes this way anyway!

In fact, I didnt like having my mushroom spa house opening onto a shopping mall!!! But I kept silent. I didnt want to hurt the others feelings - besides as shopping malls go, this mall is already very airy and much more pleasant than those no frill shelving warehouses - so i kept quiet. However, its still a shopping mall - i dont want to open onto a shopping mall. Wrong combination.

Now that the Museum is developing day by day. The ambiance of the garden must be carefully handled - including human relationship and friendship - and no wrong ambiance compromise.

In fact I want this space under the spa house to be a cool hangout, a little bar, with a taxi, people can hang out, big billboard, have a beer, wine, a picnic, enjoy the views of fields and fields of un-occupied land beyond. This is the intermediate space between the real museum and a bar/social area - then beyond to the shopping malls.

The musuem will be farther up on the hill in the back, in a lace like tower where each brick is a guqin rezzer. You click, and will see rezzed instantly in front of you a model of a guqin with proper titles, in both chinese and English and you could test play it eventually. There will be one hundred of these working guqins. And I will select a special repertoire for each model. That will be quantitatively large amount of work.

Five flew in, she gave me a starry golden nugget to be placed on the ground, sparkling gold ground lights, so i put a few of these down. To guide the shopper to my neighbours shopping center. These look like fireflies. Very nice. Now, its a discreet guidance towards another space... whether its shopping, or whatever. Sexy bar, whatever.

And I notice, my neighbour has kindly put in new tree textures for her glass screen, so now i no longer see giant size rabbits and furnitures etc. A corner of the mall has been opened up and the traffic has been formally directed through Fives terrace into the shopping mall. Good solution for everyone!!

Yosi of the West Side bar has offered to put my poster in her shop. And she puts it in the center. Very nice on the glass block wall. This glass block airy nice bar with never any clients is next to the new Izakaya bar, with a parking lot vending area of Salmaru goods. Salmaru is one of my favorite sl designers.

Hahah, his objects have great charms. Loud slurping sound of eating ramen, soba, snoring animations with stomachs moving up and down... I offered to send him a real life gift postcard, but he said, he is Salmaru of sl, and he wants just to be known as such. sl is separated from rl.
He gave me many gifts, and among them, this lovely taxi complete with Salmaru avatar as chauffeur. Its perfect for the Digital Guqin club House.

When its parked below the mushroom spa house, cheers people up. They find it funny. People come to my club in a taxi! Or, the Swannjie Postal Service uses Taxis to deliver... Hahahahah

Hiroko bought 2 cards, one for her sister and one for her mom. She also wants to be my agent. Got to figure out how to do payment? This is a new micro business venture.

I put up the new poster for an updated realistic price starting 25nov07

Meanwhile, I send jpeg files of the same poster, to be printed in regular B4 size to be posted in real life in NY, in Toronto, in HK, in Shanghai, in Beijing, everywhere... whereever the contacts estimate that its suitable.

Now, i could see if anyone from real life wants a real life post card.
People from secondlife want them... what about people from real life?

A postcard coming from sl to rl is more interesting than a postcard thats simply rl to rl.

Something magical, a little like a miniature cartoon world blossoming into rl.

At least for the time being.

In two years time, when people buy their real clothes through tryiing them on their avatars instead of going themselves... this magic would have been long gone.

Friday, 9 November 2007

sl next step

sl just like in rl, just becasue you are invisible behind an avatar, you have to be very very careful. Just as polite in everyway.

Suddenly this sl is so poor. In rl, you can be all polite but there is the physical information, you can read and feel and understand intuitively. But in sl, if all this politeness, already behind screens - suddenly its like too much. Politeness is necessary, but i suddenly feel that we are in the dark. We dont see anything.

To continue in sl, i will have to pass on the other side now, not the consumer but the one who makes it run - in whatever capacity i could.

I suddenly dont feel like continuing all this polite talk... puppetry and more puppetry.

Its me, especially me. Most adults could do puppetry out of practice, they dont even feel the make up, its so natural, a second skin.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

musuem sketch

In sl, we could do sketches easily by just dragging rough shapes, blocking off areas of places where we want to try out things.

The result of this is ... everyday people add and subtract, re-arrange. The huge poster that i had put for this nice little wooden boutique is gone, after just one day! It is now a huge shopping center. The poster will go back after the new shop is done but so fast. Blink and the shop has changed.

Sim owners has to constantly think of how to drag people to their sim. Changing of look, ideas, clothing collections. Everything has to move, frantic, even with this non stop activity - the sims are almost always empty.

As I was greated by this avatar, she said my house is here. I didnt have time to look, and soon shes gone. When i was done with my meeting, i jsut went in and strolled around to see what dream this gal had.

Next day, i came back, there was red tapes around the property. She was inside the house. DingDong out she comes - just like the lady that she is dressed in.

She said no sorry you cant visit... and then a bunch of japanese words...

I have never been refused before. Suddenly I think, this is one person i should take off my list. Because, in sl just like in rl, everybody should do what they like.

If they dont feel like showing their house. Then, I should also not wish to see it. Also not wish to see the owner as well.


As Five so wisely says, never criticise others, just do your own thing.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

some sl realities, white pet lion, Hiroko, DoubleDew White Tower Gone, grass root feedbacks, scripting class

I went to see how English learning is conducted in sl, while I was talking to a very nice white pet lion, in flew a learner. He has very precise goals in his English learning - no.1, only native speaker teacher, and no.2 erase his ummmms, hesitations.
I said that some foreigners speak a very clean and elegant English that no native speaker could compare - he didnt like this piece of new information and flew into a rage. very aggressive, he demanded that I read his chatline. And said what good is clean English when nobody understands what you are saying? The Wite Lion asked him if he thought learning vocabulary and grammer is important, and that hesitation in speaking is very important. This hmmmmm, in conversation is very important.

Within 2 minutes, I know this is sl. (The learner will go to a job interview tomorrow, he wants the job! He thinks he must erase this hesitation in order to get the job)

Digtal learners are goal oriented - of course, because the computer only understands very precise instructions. Because of this language specification, people who work in computers change their thinking in order to match with the nature of the computers. Precision, clarity in goal is the key to getting things done.

Whereas in the analogue real world, there is a fuzzy logic which is very important for survival - because in the real world thera are lots of unending richness of details that in a virtual world is not feasible, and impossible to render without limits.

On the otherhand, I am always amused that in sl, a lot of the snap shots are graphically clean, simply because the information itself is simple. All snapshots are clean lined, no fussy details to disturb the lines - but these pics are often flat and not very intersting to look at.

Sl is for everyone - sometimes its pointless - a total waste of breath to discuss things in this everybody's an avatar world.

Now I know more about sl.

Sl is a good teaching platform as it enables entry level for everyone, and soon the various expertise level goes up, you have to go from sl to rl then. Because sl is a miniature 3D immersive environment. When you want it to zoom in more, to enable more, you must exit to real life.

Just like in biology - beyond a certain scale, you are in another classification, you are in chemistry... :)

One nice thing happened today, the twin tower that i like very much, DoubleDew, is gone!
I liked it very much, open planning, clean and airy, no sex balls not an abandonned orgy castle like soooo many of the sl creations. However, i like it even better that the land is now available, i imagine that this is a nice a long strip of land with club fabulous tokyo behind me and Five Daisies infront, the musuem beside me and a long ride all the way down through Saitot mall to the waterfront edge to the ocean.

Suddenly i think, maybe Five is interested in this double strip too...

Hmmm I must ask her.

Hiroko in rl has a computer consultancy company - after I told her about the sl-rl postcard service, she immediately thought of how to execute the idea and unlike almost ALL of the other people who thought about privacy issues, and all kinds of limitations. She puts this query into action and propose to have it published in a magazine, and then marketing, and then,... etc etc.

The mama san at FoxyLady thought the idea is interesting but doesnt fit with her club also privacy issues. She is more daring than some other avatars and has at least given it a thought.

A girl at the FoxyLady said that to do this postcard business because of the address issue, i must ask the govenment of Japan to have accrditation ... :)

Where in rl could I have all these responses within a week?

So I do appreciate sl - it maybe rough, but, its speedy! and authentically grassroot level... hoooooooo

Last event of the day in sl
a scripting class... how do they teach online? a Scripting class?
At BCU beach-sky Classroom New Citizens Incorporated
Very interesting, very clear note cards with build in objects, a good class.
8 students

Very convincing, good.
The lesson was on scripting chat, listener, sending messages... etc.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Saruku, Five, Salmaru shop opening

Today, I decided is it true that if you put your mind to make something work, it often does work. It is so hard to sell a post card to a Japanese person. I talked to many people and most of them says Niet, bad idea, you need to apply to the government of Japan first for the Private Information Mark... hoooo, for a dollar post card service!

Anyway, so I asked everyone, I mean EVERYONE. And most of them either they think its a good idea but they dont have 500 linden, or their cat will be worried... hahhahhah

Anyway, but a stroke of luck, Saruku came to visit, and he wanted to try my service!
So, my target has been reached today!

While I was trying my best to sell a card to a Japanese person, I visited all the places where i knew some people and came across the Grand Opening of Salmarus Shop today, as I really admire his work and having no other flowers other than potted chrsyathemums (so funeral like) or huge heather patches (not a all the kind of flowers for an opening...), i found a single rose from CFT. So i offered him that
hope he liked it... :) felt a small achievement! in sales)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mystic Healer Table, WillowMoon, Tillys Grass, FoxyLady Club, Killer Queen, sl+rl concert

WillowMooon came by, she talked about people linking sl to rl, business, education, many ways, and Healers.


What type of things do Healers heal? Depression, or something more dramatic?

She rezzed a Mystic Healers table, and it look like a massage table with balls all around.

I jumped on it immediately and she had her hands moving around my head, my middle parts, etc.

Hey, I do feel taken cared of, after all this little tiny avatar is me in some way,
i decided to make this avatar and gave it a name!

Just like Madame Bovary is Flaubert... except, its much more visible.

And the animation balls, what a very good use of animation capacities!

This is truly a good use for sl, healing! Through such nice animation capacities.

I feel that WillowMoon took cared of me!

I rezzed Tillys grass, this long wild grass, thats spawned, previously seen as monster grass, now is such a windy patch of nice long grass, so happy getting lost grass...

Went strolling in Anemura, I like this area, because I always find something new each time, and the air is not stuffy here, a strange mix of Western influence. So I came across this FoxyLady Club - you have to pay 5 linden to reach a skybox for a private room - hmmm, so I went up with a hostess because I want someone whom I could ask questions... she said I am her customer then... upstairs, there is nothing unusual a very nice Ryokan type of Japanese room - no sex bed, no sex balls, just two slow dancing balls. The owner came up, she is the mythic Foxy Lady, in a black grey Fox outfit, the front is open down to her navel. Peachy white skin, a Fox head mask covers her eyes. This is a kind of special bar, you know, my hostess says. I definitely felt that company here is a service that you buy. Of course, I think, could i have done such a job, in sl? If i spoke Japanese yes, but as is, its not possible. If someone wants an English speaking hostess, yes. I would like to try it. Under any circumstances you must boost up your clients self confidence,make him feel good! :)

Then i went to the Killer Queen bar, some girls were dancing, they offered to animate my avatar, and we were all doing the Hollywood choreography, the vampy dance. It was fun. But i didnt see the strip tease, apparently its on every night.

Then off to the concert, i didnt hear anything for ten minutes, so I left. I think the players enjoy the idea of giving a concert. There were a few people the setting is open air theatre. Nice if it were in real life.

Back to the Mushroom house, I like the wild grass.