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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Plum flower tree



The plum tree outside my window flowered from this morning to this evening! Within 10 hours! Incredible, I took photos this morning, I am sure it didn't have all these white blossoms.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

HuaHui Pearls HAA no2

HuaHui Pearls HAA no2
this is the official taxi for Digital Guqin Museum

Haiti Action Artistes : HuaHui 花 魁 : Pixels

Haiti Action Artistes 2010

花 魁

花 魁 HuaHui Pearls Haiti Action Artistes : une vente aux enchères d'oeuvres offertes par les artistes du monde entier, se tiendra 23 Sept 2010 à Paris, à l'Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild

2d barcode for mobile phone user convenience

HuaHui Pearls no1 silver(Canada)

HuaHui Pearls no2 red+green(Canada)

HuaHui Pearls no3
dark green (France)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

HuaHui Certosa Hotel, Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Gerard Georges Lemaire, Maria, Damir, Tadeusz, Ingeborg, Una, sg, Sabina, Leonardo da vinci on tv

Next phase from first real life installation in Venice, Italy, here: A full size 花 魁 HuaHui MobileMusic House. Adopt a cube on the travelling MobileMusic House! Get your own Private Window to the World.

Certificate no.0001

"花 魁HuaHui"

Concept: A "花 魁 HuaHui" composition/sculpture is a nodal point, a variable attractor.
All 花 魁 HuaHui's are multicolor aluminum skin modules to be deployed on a mobile structure with unlimited contour and surface area. Aluminum skins are used as composition/collage/painting on architectural structures.

Above is a typical strand of 花 魁 HuaHui Pearls; unlimited length, variable envelope; made of aluminum skins mailed in via postal services from contributors around the world; senders are invited from the Virtual World and the Real World.

Each pearl is a module, and has a link to the contributor's choice of url/image/message. Link samples: no2 , no4, no8

花 魁 HuaHui Pearl: view from lying in bed

Certosa Hotel

花 魁

花 魁 HuaHui in " 旋 捷 Shuengit" Room in the Virtual World and in real life, Certosa, Venice, Italy, 21mar2010 - permanent.

"Creative Rooms" project, curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini and Gerard Georges Lemaire for the 53eme Biennale de Venise, phase 1, 2 and 3.

6 artists for the 3rd phase of Creative Rooms

die Luft der Zeit –
To dream wide awake
SHUEN-GIT CHOW 周 旋 捷 ( Hong Hong )
HuaHui 花 魁

Allein mit meinemenge

Phase 2
Jan CM Peeters Neriman Polat (Istanbul); Mark MacGowan; Jan Olsson; Roland Cabot; Tania Lopèz Winkler; Aureli Ruiz

Phase 1 (list to be completed)

HuaHui Pearl

HuaHui Pearl installation at Certosa Hotel; frames no1-75

HuaHui Pearl installation at Certosa Hotel; frames no1-75

HuaHui Pearl installation at Certosa Hotel;

HuaHui Pearl

HuaHui Pearl installation at Certosa Hotel;

HuaHui Pearl installation at Certosa Hotel;

sg :: Vaporetto from Marco Polo airport


Ingeborg, Lucrezia, Beuys

Lucrezia, Maria

Lucrezia, Maria, sg

Lucrezia, Beuys

Sabina : promoter of Creative Rooms, Lucrezia, Beuys

Gino, Gerard Georges Lemaire, co-curator of Creative Rooms, Damir

Gerard Georges Lemaire, Sherlock Holmes


Lucrezia Curator of "Creative Rooms",53eme Biennale de Venise, phase 1, 2, 3; total of 18 Rooms.

Performance by Ezio Centini. Il Mercante dei Sogni (The Merchant of Dreams)THE COOK – THE OFFICIANT – THE COOKED

Damir, UnaSzeemann

Tadeusz, Tania, Gino



Whats on Italian tv this particular morning?
Leonardo Da Vinci helping husband of a witch - Samantha - with an advertising campaign for white teeth, or creation of a new formula of new tooth paste for children; and Leonardo also found his new muse, Witch's gaga aunt as the new Mona Lisa model!

Monday, 15 March 2010

花 魁 HuaHui at Certosa Hotel Venice, Italy

Certosa Hotel

小 花 魁

小 花 魁 HuaHui in " 旋 捷 Shuengit" Room In real life, 21mar2010 - permanent; Certosa Hotel, Venice, Italy.
In Virtual World at Daiyu Island until end of March, then, will move to main Digital Guqin Museum Site.

小 花 魁 HuaHui is part of the "Creative Rooms" curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini

see: Gérard-Georges Lemaire's blog on Biennale de Venise

"The most discreet and interesting part of the Biennale is an installation of 18 artists for the Project "Creative Rooms" at Certosa Hotel, Venise. The curator is Lucrezia De Domizio Durini."

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

HuaHui Mobile Music 流 動 小 屋 花 魁 on Daiyu Island

Mobile Music

流 動 小 屋 花 魁

花 魁 HuaHui Mobile Music on Daiyu Island

closeup of real life HuaHui wall section

Big Wheel HuaHui 大 轉 輪 花 魁

Big Wheel

大 轉 輪 花 魁

Go to Big Wheel HuaHui !

Big Wheel HuaHui

Big Wheel HuaHui ring detail in garden

Big Wheel HuaHui ring detail in atelier

HuaHui ring with pebbles for scale


work table


table to window in atelier

Big Wheel HuaHui ring detail in atelier for scale

HuaHui w scale of ordinary driveway

atelier front elevation

atelier w street and square

square w atelier at the back


On the road from atelier to the exhibition!

Detail: head shot