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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Certificate of Metaverse by Digital Akademeia,

I wanted to visit Kowloon sim again to see what is it that people like so much about the Kowloon sim? I think they like the grunginess and danger, and mystery and the relaxed ambiance as opposed to prim and proper ambiance of certain sims - all borrowed from real life Kowloon using historical photos. If you like Kowloon sim, go visit real life Kowloon! Its much more exciting!

Anyway, as I cant go to real life Kowloon everyday, I come to sl Kowloon from time to time to pretend I am having dim sum tea here... so, I came to Shop 0, this nice guy Haruka(from real life Japan) gave me his creation, a pair of v well made sun glasses but apparently this cafe doesnt sell anything but the posters are very informative about the real Kowloon Walled city. You could watch real life Youtube about Kowloon Walled City. Here a game is made based on the mysterious lively no-law land of the erased city.

Haruka has a certificate of metaverse on the wall, so proper and honorable. I want one too, but you have to really pass exams and the classes are in Japanese! Challenge; challenge! Given by In Yan, Digital Akademeia of Digital Hollywood University from Tokyo. I visited the campus with In Yan, at first i thought the antennae on his hat were human nipples but they are innocent lovelly mushrooms - soft and lovelly, nice smell too.

I really like this certificate! I will go to school to see if i could have such an honorable certificate. What i like about this is that the lessons will be in Japanese! Its interesting to learn in a foreign language. School starts in April.

I have to get my translator ready to see, how effective would it be to use a translator to attend classes? Univeral Translator Hud - available for free, from any language to your own language!

IM me if you cant find it in search yourself. :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Same Stone Castle as DGM used as a womens club!

I discovered this women's club, housed in the same stone castle but interior set quite different, rose flying out of wine glasses, heart shaped smoke rising from chimney, and the center fountain is used as a semi screened off bathing area.

This ambiance is very different from the Tea and Strynine arts and crafts setting and very different from Digital Guqin Museum.

I like to see how else has this wonderful stone tree castle been deployed?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New York Qin Society, 花魁 HuaHui installation in Venice

Want to have a cube at the 花魁 HuaHui installation?
Whats that? How do you do that?

Each 花魁 HuaHui cube has a custom 2D barcode, a "door-to-your-url" located in real life on the cube, if poeple are curious about your url, they just point their mobile phone at your 2Dbarcode and it will bring them directly to your site.

Each 花魁 HuaHui cube houses a url of the makers choice; want to have a window in real life from Venise to your url? Send me 3 empty beer cans of your choice and I will make one up for you! Part of the 53rd Venice Biennale, The installation is forever! Launch date 21mar2010

Send me a message with your name, url, real life location - for example Jakarta, Indonesia - and I will give you the address and do the rest.

Details here:
花魁 HuaHui

Need more info?
Drop me a line in comments section, I will get back to you within 24hrs. :)

Science Sim, painting rl and photoshop, Charles Bukowski, Ornella Muti, Shuqi, Charles Fleischer

I received a land grant from Science Sim, 8000prims, now what to build on it? What is the next step to the mini abstract/concret world that I want to export to the real world?
Something not labour intensive but a gd idea. Labour intensive sim building is like making jewelry and idea centered sim is like painting. I like real life painting, the action itself which is a very different experience from photoshop painting. Photoshop painting are flat it is closer to adjusting co-ordinates on a map. In fact i see a lot of glossy pictures done w photoshop that fundamentally in the style of "air brushing" somewhat like cotton ball fluff. Notably Sci-Fi illustrations.

A funny talk by a comic - Charles Fleischer - using stamps. He showed different interpretations of scientist by various artists from different countries. I love stamps! I wish somebody invites me to make a stamp, an official government released stamp! Thats bona fide Affordable art!

To take a break from the mini world, I looked at the shelves where I put "to be read" pile. I like to have piles around so i could discover them when I need to.
Some books I classify and some goes in piles.

No, no Guqin song, no Guqin score, no Guqin ancient texts, no Guqin cd, no Ancient Chinese Architecture - no I needed a break - no, no tea manual, how to appreciate tea in English, Chinese, joke books, how to teach children to write poetry, Lewis Caroll, dvd movies w Shuqi very watchable by Feng Xiao Gang great director and what dialogues! "If you are not sincere, please abstain" (If you are the One), Greatest American Comics (all 4 volumes) no no no. Then here is this little paper back - Charles Bukowski "Souvenirs d'un pas grand-chose" - Charles Bukowski I remember from tv on the book talk show "Apostrophe" where he was drunk on the set and had to be dragged off the set as he vomitted all over the place and said rude things, and in the movie "Barfly", and "Contes de la Folie Ordinaire" w the beautiful Ornella Muti - i watched it in french and didnt understand much then but what a beautiful movie (maybe i should find it and watch it again?) So here I am with this little paper back - why not, so i started to read it. Bukowski is v v good!
Such life force and honesty, what a gift he made to us. He is like Proust, sincere in details.
I think people grow old and stagnant because they say too much glossy things and didnt reserve enough of their self essence. Proust said a lot of glossy things to his contemporary, he was the ideal guest and host and customer in fancy restaurants; and marvellous, he gifted us the volumes of his observations in all its details. Bukowski is generous in the same way.

What more precious thing could you share but your experience of a bona fide account of your life?

(Just watched a clip of Bukowski on Youtube, baaaahhh hes a monster, wow, nasty to women! Dont like this )

He said "starving doesnt create art, just time", "dedication without talent is useless...", "they all think they have talent...", "i hate 8 to 5 jobs, cant stand that, Johnny Carson, Grandma how are you... cant do it, now i sit around drink wine and you guys come and talk to me because you want to ask me questions, not that I give the answers, alright? " - no fluff here.

However not many people could stand/are in a position to hear "call a spade a spade".

The Nature of Paper Books
Such writings is best in paper books because of co-incidence reasons - when you want to gift your experience the other might not be in a receptive mode - so the best is a book! No need for any computer, internet to be on, no need for electricity, in day light, or lamplight, under a tree or inside on your nice sofa, in duvet blanket w something to drink - you and your book - Bukowski or Lewis Caroll and others - meet at the optimum moment!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Penglai Island, airy ambiance

birds eyeview of Penglai Island, light and fog

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ink painting scenario in China Sim, Aston Leison, HuaHui Mobile Music in an ink painting

Strolling around in a Chinese ink painting, and HuaHui Mobile Music found a wonderful setting - it is at once contemporary and from an abstract ambiance dated from ancient paintings. Such a good walk-into-a-painting scenario created by Aston Leison for the pleasure of all sl visitors. HuaHui Mobile Music looks great here! Could we possibly export this into real life?
This type of airy landscape is not un common in China - thats why paintings are painted this way.

Now, how to export the HHMM to a real site?
It is a light weight, small towable structure, how hard would it be to do this?

Aston Leisen's beautiful Chinese Ink Painting landscape

Staging HuaHui MobileMusic under the bamboo groves.

Ink painting scenario in China Sim, by Aston Leison

What a wonderful scenario for Digital Guqin Museum, its beautiful and airy, and so unique only in sl. V gd idea, its about the essence of airiness.

I will try to put a HuaHui MobileMusic in a Real life Chinese site.

Details of the MobileMusic as Landmark sculpture:

Maria brought me many aluminum skins! Beautiful, very happy to receive them. :)

The MobileMusic House with interior winterised finishes:

Saturday, 23 January 2010

QiQ litt capri jeans in real life

QiQ litt capri jeans in real life, here is a design - to be produced by Double Happiness jeans factory - they had asked for some jean design last year, now that I have some capri jeans, will it still work for them? If it does it would be marvellous!

If it could be printed on stretchy cotton, with a slight shiny sheen that would be so good. I have silk knitted turtle necks that are floral prints, so why cant we also have jeans printed? "Jeans" could be any style and cut now, what makes "jeans" jeans?

I noticed the jeans made in sub tropical asia is not at all the same thickness as in North America, and rightly so, the North American jeans in 35 degrees, 99% humidity feels like sandpaper grade seran wrap on your legs! So, we should go for silky thin stretchy breathing cloths for these "jeans"!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Aston Leisons machinema "A Fool in the Junkyard"

Saturday, 16 January 2010

LInden Prize runner up, Double Happiness Jeans : Supreme Hoodoo, DGM garden lot#1

DGM Double Happiness Garden Lot 2010, and in the poster 2008-9 upper right, a pic of Swann at the workplace.

Double Happiness Jeans is one of the runner ups by Supreme Hoodoo :)
One of my favorite idea-concept sl-rl-sl interactive art work.

Real jeans output from coordinated efforts from sl to rl via sl pushing buttons and rl people pushing buttons and print out, cut glue paste, pay, mail via postal office/Fedex, and somebody is a Happy owner of a pair of printed jeans from sl to rl!!

Swann worked there at the beginning to understand what sl+rl means, fashion production today has used Virtual Worlds for prototyping. I have seen a few sites where you could buy a Virtual Underwear, then have it made to your size - when it said "no returns after washing" then I know, the item is for real life and the price in us$ (around 30us for an undie camisole top)!

As this "prototyping" at Double Happiness is very sl like - graphically printed wearable cloth/paper. We could still see real life applications - which is fun and exciting as we see the refined real life future possibilities.

Worker Swann Jie from the Double Happiness Factory looking from the garden tree down on the 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music.

Linden Prize Runner up list here:

DGM has a Garden Lot, and designed for the use of the employees!

Supreme Hoodoos art concept: Invisible Thread
Invisible Threads
Supreme HooDoo


Invisible Threads is a mixed reality performance installation created by Eyebeam artists Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothenberg. The project explores the growing intersection between labor, emerging virtual economies and real life commodities through the creation of a designer jeans sweatshop in Second Life. Simulating a real life manufacturing facility that includes hiring Second Life "workers" to produce real world jeans sold for profit, the project provides an insider's view into current modes of global, telematic production.

In the physical space, a retail kiosk equipped with dressing room is set up to sell a variety of custom "Double Happiness Jeans". Prices range between $35-$45 USD or L$11,000-L$13,000 in SL's virtual currency ($1 USD ≈ L$270, depending on daily exchange rate). There are currently 6 designs, including: Roadkill, No Pants Left Behind, MyPants, Casual Friday, Low Rider, and Classic. The jeans come in a variety of sizes and cuts, and customers are offered additional features such as diamond studs or ragged hems.

In the virtual SL factory, a textile assembly line is outfitted with Jaquard weaving looms, dye vats, laser fabric cutters, industrial sewing machines and quality control. SL residents are hired through job recruitment ads placed in the SL classifieds to operate the various machines as well as serve as floor managers, supervisors and security. Workers receive L$200 per hour (≈$.80 USD) and 512m plots in the factory village for the duration of their tenure at the factory. Just as in a real life factory, workers are monitored and held accountable for their efficiency and production errors. The erratic flow of supply and demand and extenuating circumstances such as equipment failures and irrational dispositions may result in docked pay, layoffs and overtime.

Using a just-in-time production process, customers in the real world are able to purchase their jeans directly from the manufacturer, Double Happiness. A microphone and web cam connected to a computer creates a live stream of customer orders into the virtual factory. The audio/video stream, projected inside the factory Orwellian style, enables SL workers to see each customer and hear their order. On the assembly line, the first worker starts the production process that involves loading cotton bales into the Jaquard loom. Once the fabric is made it moves down the assembly line through each machine. Each worker stationed at a machine is responsible for selecting the correct options based on the customer's order. The worker also has a limited time frame in which to press the correct button otherwise the assembly line stops and the order must start over. At the end of the production process, the jeans go through the SL to real life "portal" resulting in an output from a large format printer. Customers watch their jean orders being produced in real time in the factory via a computer projection in the physical space. Once in the real world, the jeans made from cotton canvas require simple assembly before being worn.

The project is located on lovely Eyebeam Island. The factory is a beautiful replication of an industrial age building, complete with managerial offices, a break room, and a loading dock. Outside the factory, employees build their homes in the style of their choosing and share a communical seaside plot. A community of workers keep the island alive between manufacturing "seasons".

Via this telematic manufacturing process, the real lives behind the avatar "workers" stationed at industrial machines begin to emerge. This interplay between reality and virtual embodiment not only sheds light on the current politics of outsourced labor but foreshadows what has already become the future of capitalist production.

Other Secondlife Virtual World links from sl+rl+sl, RMBCity blog:
Here, regarding to Love Letter from MianMian to Swann Jie.
This is a real life writer through the RMB city project, avatars could pay for a love letter written to us specifically.
Here is the love letter from bona fide MianMian:

Friday, 15 January 2010

Lika Ruby prepares for Luna New year in Kowloon, DoubleHappiness DGM Garden, Dep's skii resort : everybodies fantasy!

Dep's skii resort complete w wood cabin and sports car.

Looking dn from my Big Tree at HuaHui mobile music

Double Happiness Garden lot, I had forgotten this garden lot, so I put the HuaHui house here - even though its next to a factory... but eventually why not output a real piece of clothing via the Double Happiness Factory, its totally possible.

Plum trees and everything, nice shop.

Lika made a v beautiful gumball machine dispenser using sculpties, she used Metasequoia - a Japanese software.