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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cherry blossoms - Hanami, German Oscar 2008 ***

Cherry Blossoms- Hanami ***
(In Chinese translation: When Cherry blossoms bloom), German Oscar, 2008

At first I thought another sentimental film with nice details.  After I watched it, its more than an emotional film.  It has many details that people don't normally see in films nor in real life.  Like a skeleton after the crematorium and the ceremony Japanese people perform for putting the bones into the urn etc.  And the dancing girls, lap dancers, bathing hostesses, food, Tokyo subways, lesbian relationships treated in a very open manner.  The cute girl friend of the less cute daughter, who turns out to be a much more stronger and more sensitive person - she took care of the part of the mothers interest in dancing.  She saw the part in the mother, her interest in Butoh dancing that nobody noticed.  However while she is driving, she also swears.  This makes for an interesting and convincing 3D characters.  The strong and cute person is strong in more ways than one.  The weak one plays the role of the cat - meowling all the way.  Usually the pretty one plays the cat and the strong one is not the cute one.
Then the young park-street performer, what about her, how does she manage in the park?  Unaccounted for in this film.  In the extras for the dvd, where most main actor and actresses gets to say what the role was and how they did it; the dancer was not even interviewed!  When this character is the turning point of the movie, v strange indeed.
It is a slightly sweet and nostalgic movie, the part I like are the hidden parts.

Virgin Machine *** dir Monika Treut

Virgin Machine *** 
dir Monika Treut

Very interesting film, lesbian San Francisco scenes.
Story of a young pretty intellectual retro styled German girl - very friendly and healthy in the mind, smart and humorous - goes to San Francisco to look for her mother who used to be a stripper.
She comes upon a girl on the street giving out flyers for a women only strip show.
Attends the strip show, where a woman performer performs a sex strip tease disguised as a mustached man.  Much lewd gestures w bottles and bananas and v un-pretty audiences who look really like men from trash bins but who are actually women (why would any women, no matter how unconventionally un-feminine copy a way of being after this stereotype of man?  I could never figure this out in real life and in films)  She also meets another woman on the street who is not the conventional middle age house wife image, but artistic art admin person.  The conversation is very lively and charming.
The stripper takes a fancy towards the German visitor and vice versa - requited love both ways.
After the day out, the morning after, the stripper lover presents the girl a bill for all the expenses including time spent - the girl was put in the role as a client and not innocent romantic love.
Many issues are raised from this film it has a freshness and sparse mise-en-scene.  
You would remember the film, I did.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

xyz Qin at upcoming Chime meeting in Netherland

xyz Qin at upcoming Chime meeting in Netherland, Sept2012

Proposal accepted. 
Audio visual presentation of the xyzQin project, short film 5mm.


From 6 to 9 September 2012 The CHIME Foundation and Leiden University in The Netherlands will host a workshop on the topic of Chinese Instruments and Western Museums. Everyone with a passion for and research interest in Chinese instruments, and/or interest in how to present them in museum contexts, is encouraged to submit contributions. The meeting should be of interest to museum curators and others who work with instrument collections, and to scholars active in the realm of Chinese instruments and instrumental music. We hope to bring museum curators and afficionados and scholars of Chinese instrumental music and musical instruments more closely together in a workshop of modest dimensions and with an informal character.
We have slighty extended the deadline for submission of papers until Friday 20 April.
The meeting takes place in the wake of the initiation of the MIMO project (Musical Instrument Museums Online) which was started in September 2011. MIMO opened a public online access point to the musical instruments catalogues of the project’s affiliated museums in Europe ( 

The meeting in Leiden is a joint initiative of the CMA (Chinese Music Archive) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the CHIMEFoundation in Leiden (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research) and Leiden University. We look forward to a lively meeting with individual papers, practical demonstrations, discussions, films and some performances. Possible topics include: the relationship between Chinese musical instruments and European museums; biographies of individual Chinese musical instruments and/or special Chinese instrument collections; Chinese musical instruments within and beyond museum display; potential collaborative research and database creation projects; Chinese musical instruments and European (post)colonialism.

The languages of the meeting will be English and Chinese. Please submit abstract proposals for 20- to 30-minute presentations in English (max. 350 words) to CI& on or before 20 April.  The result of our selection will be announced by 30 April 2012.

Lochristi Sculpture Symposium Flanders, Sunday Robot

Sunday Robot : picnic pose, stainless steel, 2011.
copyright: Shuen-git Chow

top: maquette; bottom: full size approx 2meters.

photo of maquette by: Bennie Vanderpiete

photo by: Bennie Vanderpiete

Sunday Robot at Lochristi, Belgium; 2012 May

We had 7 days to make the 2meter plus sculpture.
I had time to assemble the pieces into position in stainless steel.
Tig welding was used to join the pieces together.

Here are the photos of the maquette and the full size piece.
The full size piece will be fine finished in a "wedding band" weld at the factory.

Very interesting experience, beautiful town with Begonia, Orchids and Azaleas.  Lace making bobbin factory, Horticulture museum, Cowboy line dancing tavern club, and v v gd breakfast.  I enjoyed very much such kind of breakfast.  And the largest portion of small fries I have ever seen!

Gent was very beautiful with a fine arts museum and a contemporary arts museum.  Very nice visit.

I am very interested in scrap metal patch work type of large sculptures now that i know how to do Tig welding!

Hope to do more in other symposiums.

An international symposium is above all a place to meet with other artists from around the world and have some fun doing things together and learning from each other.

photo: Steve Van Der Vennet

Great time!

sculpture symposiums alloy, X-Femmes ***

Alloy symposium U Mass

 Films viewed: X-Femmes***,

 Shorts by women, explicit sex.  Produced by Canal+.  When explicit sex films are usually made by men, here are 9 short films by famous women. The one by Anna Mougalis is very interesting, called Les Filles. There are rough gals and shy young boy like gal, all trying to get the attention of a young man in a sleazy bar. Many subtle eye contacts, finger plays, rough language. The range of emotions are much larger than the other esthetic, or not so esthetic cerebral chic films. No explicit sex, only on a video screen in the bar to show what kind of hangout this is. I was not sure if the girl is a boy or a boy dressed up as a girl or a she male, not sure. She has the voice of a rough boy, and too much makeup. Like an Indian she male type of makeup, very strange ambiguous character.