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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Half Hundun Guqin in sl!

Since I learnt to link and delink yesterday, I cant help it, I took out the chouchou koto and started to take it apart.

12 strings, pluck pluck pluck, 7 left. This is a 94 prim instrument! pluck pluck pluck, the frets, each one of them are made with 3 little pieces; so at the end of this exercise, my land is littered with little pieces of white bone like things!

Then there is the silk headboard, silk inlaid, pluck pluck, all out. The bridge at the top and the bottom.

How to taper... i got a couple of friends over and we tapered test cubes, they showed me how.

So, I practiced on a new board that I made to be about the same size... so I try it on throw away stuff first. Good. Works.

I tapered, and re-aligned the top and the bottom.

An error message comes up, no signal to trigger music. Hmmm, ok, no problem, I just put it together first and see.

So, its now put together. I try to sit at the guqin, hahahaha. The avatar just flips upside down! but the music plays!

So I disassembled the guqin and re-organised the boards, and the avatar now sits upright and plays! Perfectly! HOOOO, one days work!

Now, i will put in Digital Guqin music, and that will be the instrument part. Next will be the fancy robe I will make for SuDongPo! Hahahah, apparently hes a fat man... he invented the DongPo porc - a slow cooking stew of very fat porc, very yummy though... hahahah. And for someone who lived in year 1500s - got to check... as he is my favorite writer, poet, intellectual...

He will be in my tableau of "Playing the Guqin under a tree" in Secodlife Qin Garden...
You wait and see, everyone is invited to take on the avatar of SuDongPo, and play the guqin... hahahahahhahaha

Got to sleep now, will be off to Ars Electronica tomorrow, and then Venise.

So surprised this problem is solved in one day !

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