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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hilda Guiness cube, sculpture w air

Black Guinness signature cube from Hilda Hong Kong

Hilda Guinness cube - signature drink from Hong Kong

Sculpture w air!
On the street of Bordeaux, this man made air bubbles for hours, and they are beautiful!

each time the bubble stretches and floats lightly into the air w multicolor reflections and kids tried to touch it

Friday, 26 February 2010

花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music, DGM, manga pop Japanese sim, vocaloid av

花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music, at Eyebeam sky platform, visit here

Digital Guqin Museum, Oracle Poem, Yaji, QiQ couture fashion, photo studio, Youtube, building site, library, guqin construction, Graffitti wall, poster of events, DGM freebie souvenirs... here

Real life Venise venue re-imported into sl coming soon!!

Manga pop Japanese sim

Vocaloid av! Thats a pop av i would like to have!! But does it function like the real Vocaloid? :)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Yooma Mayo's Godzilla, bean's life

Yooma Mayo's Godzilla monster! giant size

a bed you wear, very cozy cocoon carry anywhere bed.

favorite outdoor activity photo

Favorite outdoor activity, walking around in a nice environment

A nice small well built house by James Stirling, it was a kit in the 30s. Small solid house

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lika Ruby fashion, Yooma Mayo Dragon Head lantern

Lika Ruby in Chinese clothes and Dragon Head lantern by Yooma Mayo

花魁 HuaHui Room, Venice, Italy

花魁 HuaHui Room, Venice, Italy

List of cubes in 花魁 HuaHui Room ready.
See list here

The Virtual 花魁 HuaHui Room will be ready soon.
Real life one on 21st March 2010


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Year Activity: Consult your Oracle for the year!

Digital Guqin Museum Oracle Poem Consultation Pod.
Come have a drink and get your poem here

Fortune Telling for the New Year, White Tiger year, only comes once in 60 years!

Come to the Digital Guqin Museum Oracle Poem consultation pod, you will treated with tea, coffee, cake, sake, tapas... and an interpretation by Swann Jie if you wish. Only 4000$L per reading.

Or if you like, consult the Oracle, fetch your poem and read it yourself, its free!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Saturday, 13 February 2010

HH rezzer, Kerrypet mathematician, child parent objects

I am setting up a rezzer for the presentation model of the real life HuaHui no1 !

Kerrypet mathematician came to the rescue once again!
She walked me through the different stages of setting up references for the panels, child and parent objects

Just trying to decipher codes and put it together.

Then I dreamt of the HuaHui rezzers the various versions all sitting there on the sky platform, as i have not yet time to put in the Die script, I dreamt that all these rezzers calling up the 3200prim houses, flowering all over the island, crashing everybody!!

Then, I had to delete them by hand afterwards...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Monday, 8 February 2010

HuaHui real cube wall in conceptual model, Contagious Republic

Photo by tt from Tokyo

Photo by tt

Photo by tt
Contagious Republic - genius scripter best prim sculptie tool master maker (hails from Quebec, Canada)according to user reviews on xStreet sl market - by using his Sculpt Master to reduce prims - 42 cubes in one prim. And the tricky issue of how to place the texture correctly? He calculated that my house cost 50us to host per month, if we reduce by 42 times the cost, thats like maybe one dollar per month instead? For prim economics its an elegant solution.

Here is the texture guide

sample wall



Sunday, 7 February 2010

Real life 花魁 HuaHui cube Mobile Music, Taka Teatime

Taka Teatime - owner of Club Fabulous Tokyo from real life Tokyo - dropped by and took some v gd photos for me! Will upload later

Saturday, 6 February 2010

“ 花 魁 HuaHui ” in Venice

“ 花 魁 HuaHui ” by Shuengit CHOW 周 旋 捷 , 6 Feb 2010

花魁 HuaHui cubes exist simultaneously in the Virtual World and the Real World.
Each cube links to the cube creator's url via a 2D barcode tag.
People could visit urls through the Virtual World or Real World.

In the Virtual World, 1/ go to the Digital Guqin Museum, 2/ find the 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music, 3/ click on the cube of your choice.
To enter the Virtual World of Digital Guqin Museum, click here:!

In the Real World, take a picture of the 2Dbarcode with your mobile phone and it brings you directly to the url.

In the Real World, 花魁 HuaHui cubes are made of aluminium skins harvested from nicely designed beer cans from around the world. The beauty of the original multi-color aluminium cans are re-purposed as a single pixel for an unlimited envelope of skin.

A 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music has been built in the Virtual World.

In the Real world in Venice, I have exported a selection of 100 cubes for your enjoyment.
Full size 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Musics will be located in various parts of the real world.

Visit the real life 花魁 HuaHui - jewel of international friendship and world cultures. Enjoy!


I cubi 花魁 HuaHui esistono simultaneamente nel Mondo Virtuale e nel Mondo Reale.
Ogni cubo rimanda ad un link tramite un codice a barre bidimensionale.
Le persone possono visitare gli urls attraverso il Mondo Virtuale o il Mondo Reale.

Nel Mondo Virtuale, 1/ andare al Digital Guqin Museum, 2/ trovare la 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music, 3/ cliccare sul cubo di vostra scelta.
Per entrare nel Mondo Virtuale, cliccate qui:!

Nel Mondo Reale, fate una foto al codice a barre bidimensionale con il vostro cellulare e verrete portati direttamente all'urls.

Nel Mondo Reale, I cubi 花魁 HuaHui sono rivestiti di alluminio riciclato da lattine di birra graziosamente disegnate di tutto il mondo. La bellezza delle lattine in alluminio originali in multi-color è che vengo riproposte come singoli pixel per un involucro illimitato.

Una 花魁 HuaHui Mobile Music è stata costruita nel Mondo Virtuale.

Nel Mondo Reale a Venezia, ho esportato una selezione di 100 cubi per il vostro divertimento.
花魁 HuaHui Mobile Musics a grandezza naturale saranno allocati in diverse parti del mondo reale.

Visita la vita reale 花魁 HuaHui – gioiello di amicizia internazionale e cultura mondiale. Divertiti!


21 March, 2010 - 11:00 a.m. - Certosa Island, Venice
The Creative Rooms
Curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini. In collaboration with Gérard Georges Lemaire
Coordinated by Antonietta Grandesso. Promoters: Giorgia Chiozzi and Sabina Piccoli.
A work in progress
Third and final phase: 6 Artists & 6 Rooms at the Certosa Hotel

Venice’s Certosa Island is a unique place, an island enveloped in verdant vegetation and surrounded by the blue sea, a location whose majestic silence is interrupted only by the chirping of birds and the murmur of the sailboats docked in the small port. A place with an ancient, sacred and religious history where Carthusian friars once proclaimed the Faith and set an example for people. Later, the island became a military base and was surrounded by a protective wall. Today, Certosa Island brings the past into a “present” in which the entire environment evokes and symbolizes an orderly, contemporary life. Nothing has been lost.
The island’s Silence and Nature merge with a creative shipyard, a building renovated to serve as a Design School, a restaurant that serves delicious, healthy foods, and a small Hotel with 18 Rooms – the “jewel” of the island.
Exceptional people manage this splendid place, displaying both passion and a professionalism in which cordiality reigns supreme. These extraordinary people include two bold entrepreneurs, Alberto Sonino, the “Venetian of the Year”, and Gianluca Bisol, noted producer of an esteemed prosecco wine in Valdobbiadene, two admirable women, Giorgia Chiozzi and Sabrina Piccoli, who every day strive to make each guest’s stay at the Hotel a true pleasure, as well as many other men and women, including workers, gardeners, waiters, cooks, employees and assistants who all work together to continually improve the location.

The cultural sensitivity and attentiveness of the island’s managers has brought international attention to this hotel, which is unique in the world of hospitality, and led to a project in which 18 ARTISTS – from diverse nations and generations, and following different artistic pursuits – designed the hotel’s 18 ROOMS. Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, a scholar of Beuysian thought, was entirely responsible for conceptualizing and curating the project The Creative Rooms.
The curator carefully selected the artists who, despite their diversity, share the themes of Silence and a respect of Nature. Amidst this artistic diversity and interaction, these themes are the guiding principle of an active philosophy that has been evident for over 30 years in all of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini’s work. This Silence originates from Nature, belongs to the Spirit of Time and conveys the sensitivity of those courageous enough to contest everyday stereotypes.

The Creative Rooms is a cultural project that has taken shape over time, a work in progress. The project was divided into three phases so that the identity of and ideas behind each artist’s work could solidify. The first phase began on 4 June, 2009, on the occasion of the 53rd Venice Biennale, and the second phase started on 22 November, the day the Biennale closed. The project is now in its third phase, with the completion of the final 6 ROOMS by 6 PRESTIGIOUS ARTISTS who, each naming their room, pay tribute to the Nature of the place, providing a broad vision of the philosophy of their own artistic pursuits in relation to the present time. Each “Room” will be named after the artist as an enduring testimony of their presence.

The final 6 Rooms have been entrusted to the following artists:


die Luft der Zeit –
To dream wide awake
Shuen-git CHOW 周 旋 捷 (Hong Hong )
HuaHui 花 魁
Allein mit meinemenge


Speech by VITANTONIO RUSSO- Artist and Economist -
Può una Stanza?
Note a margine di un Progetto
(Can a Room? A Project side note)

Performance by Ezio Centini. Il Mercante dei Sogni (The Merchant of Dreams)
Performance Felt Connection and… Marité Bortoletto e Micaela Spinazzé

Official photographer Gino Di Paolo
Film maker Domenico Polidoro

INFORMATION: Giorgia Chiozzi -VdV S.r.l. Vento di Venezia Yachting Centre - Certosa Island - Venice +39 3357648202 - tel +39 0415208588 - fax +39 041
To reach Certosa Island:
ACTV Line no. 41 from Piazzale Roma - Via Giudecca and San Zaccaria - at 18, 38 and 58 minutes past every hour, until 19:38 (stop by request)
ACTV Line no. 42 from Fondamenta Nuove at 01, 21 and 41 minutes past every hour, until 20:41 (stop by request)
To leave Certosa Island:
ACTV Line no. 42 (stop by request) in the direction of Piazzale Roma at 18, 38 and 58 minutes past every hour, until 20:58.
ACTV Line no. 41 (stop by request) in the direction of Fondamenta Nuove at 16, 36 and 56 minutes past every hour, until 20:16.


21 Marzo 2010- ore 11,00 - Isola della Certosa Venezia
The Creative Rooms
A cura di Lucrezia De Domizio Durini . Collaborazione Gérard Georges Lemaire
Coordinamento Antonietta Grandesso. Promotrici Giorgia Chiozzi e Sabrina Piccoli.
operazione work in progress
Terza e ultima fase: 6 Artisti & 6 Stanze al Certosa Hotel

L’Isola della Certosa di Venezia è un luogo raro, totalmente avvolto dalla verdeggiante natura e dall’azzurro del mare, dove il silenzio è regale, interrotto solo dal cinguettio degli uccelli e dal fruscio delle barche che ormeggiano nel piccolo porto velico. Un luogo di storia antica, sacra, religiosa in cui i frati Certosini tra preghiera e lavoro hanno dato messaggi ed esempio all’uomo. Poi l’Isola divenne sede militare e fu circondata da una muraglia protettiva. Oggi l’Isola della Certosa raccoglie il passato in un “tempo presente” in cui l’intero habitat rappresenta ed è simbolo di una vita organizzata e attuale. Nulla è andato perduto.
Il Silenzio e la Natura appartengono all’Isola e si amalgamano con un creativo cantiere navale, con l’antico edificio restaurato a servizio di una Scuola di Design, con un delizioso ristorante dai cibi sani e succulenti e da un piccolo Albergo di 18 Stanze che rappresenta il “gioiello” dell’Isola.
Persone eccezionali gestiscono con passione questo splendido luogo in una forma di massima professionalità dove regna innanzitutto la cordialità, come quella di Alberto Sonino, il “Veneziano dell’Anno” e di Gianluca Bisol, noto produttore in Valdobbiadene di un prestigioso prosecco, entrambi imprenditori coraggiosi, di Giorgia Chiozzi e Sabrina Piccoli, due donne ammirevoli, quotidianamente attive e attente a rendere il soggiorno degli ospiti dell’Hotel sempre più piacevole e poi tanti uomini e donne: operai, giardinieri, camerieri, cuochi, impiegati, assistenti che collaborano con solidarietà per un continuo miglioramento del luogo.

La sensibilità e l’attenzione culturale dei gestori dell’isola hanno dato luogo ad un’attrazione mondiale, un unicum nel campo alberghiero, permettendo la creazione delle 18 STANZE dell’Hotel da parte di 18 ARTISTI di diverse Nazionalità, differenti Ricerche e più Generazioni. L’ideazione e la cura del Progetto The Creative Rooms è stata affidata interamente a Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, studiosa del pensiero beuysiano.
La curatrice ha scelto scrupolosamente gli artisti che pur nella loro diversità sono accomunati concettualmente dal “Silenzio” e dal rispetto della “Natura”. Un filo conduttore, nella diversità e nel confronto, di una filosofia attiva che da oltre trent’anni percorre l’intero lavoro di Lucrezia De Domizio Durini. Un Silenzio che nasce dalla Natura, appartiene allo Spirito del Tempo e parla alla sensibilità di tutti quegli uomini coraggiosi che si contrappongono agli stereotipi quotidiani.

Il Progetto The Creative Rooms è un’operazione culturale che ha preso forma in diversi tempi, un work in progress. Affinché il lavoro di ciascun artista abbia la sua sedimentazione di riflessione e di identità, è stato diviso in 3 fasi. La Prima fase è stata inaugurata il 4 giugno in occasione della 53° Biennale d’Arte di Venezia 2009, la seconda fase il 22 Novembre , giorno di chiusura della Biennale, e ora ci troviamo nella Terza fase con le ultime 6 STANZE di 6 ARTISTI prestigiosi che con la loro creatività titolando la propria “Stanza” fanno Omaggio alla Natura del luogo dando una visione ampliata della filosofia della propria ricerca artistica in relazione con il tempo presente. Ogni ‘Stanza’ prende il nome dell’artista quale testimonianza duratura della sua presenza.

Le ultime 6 Stanze sono state affidate agli artisti:

die Luft der Zeit –

To dream wide awake

Shuen-git CHOW 周 旋 捷 (Hong Hong )
HuaHui 花 魁


Allein mit meinemenge


Intervento di VITANTONIO RUSSO- Artista economista -
Può una Stanza?
Note a margine di un Progetto

Performance di Ezio Centini. Il Mercante dei Sogni
Performance Felt Connection and… Marité Bortoletto e Micaela Spinazzé

Fotografo Ufficiale Gino Di Paolo
Film maker Domenico Polidoro

INFORMAZIONI: Sabrina Piccoli – Certosa Hotel Tel. + 39 041 2778632
Giorgia Chiozzi - VdV S.r.l. Polo Nautico Vento di Venezia-Isola della Certosa -Venezia
+39 3357648202- tel +39 0415208588-fax +39 041 e
Per raggiungere l’Isola della Certosa:
Linea Actv n. 41 da Piazzale Roma - via Giudecca e San Zaccaria - ai minuti 18, 38 e 58 di ogni ora, fino alle ore19.38 (fermata a richiesta)
Linea Actv n. 42 da Fondamenta Nuove ai minuti 01, 21 e 41 di ogni ora, fino alle ore 20.41 (fermata a richiesta)
Per partire dall’Isola della Certosa:
Linea Actv (fermata a richiesta) n. 42 direzione Piazzale Roma ai minuti 18, 38 e 58 di ogni ora, fino alle ore 20.58.
Linea Actv (fermata a richiesta) n. 41 direzione Fondamenta Nuove ai minuti 16, 36 e 56 di ogni ora, fino alle 20.16

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Science Sim, Carry one more kg, An Zhu

Science Sim

The ScienceSim grid is hosted by IEEE/ACM.
Grid administration is handled by Intel Labs.
Management oversight is provided by Fashion Research Institute.

Carry one more kg - a micro project organised by An Zhu - when hiking in China, this group of young people carry one more kg as gifts to local villages. The one kg may be books, pencils, erasers that kind of things.

微公益 micro grass root projects : carry one kilogram more. By An Zhu = peaceful pig :) actually his name is Andrew but v gd Chinese name! He presented his project at Ullens Foundation in Beijing.

How you could change the world by organising multiple small efforts - and they could be very effective often more than one big effort from one source.

I like the idea of collecting small drops to make one unlimited ongoing pool.

Monday, 1 February 2010

ScienceSim experiments

ScienceSim experiments.

花魁 HuaHui no2

Science Sim is hosted by IEEE/ACM