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Saturday, 31 October 2009

slactions09 PolyU HKchapter, Gigi, ChangDuan Short, Swann, color HuaHui cubes

Digital Guqin Museum was selected as Best Paper to be published in Virtual World Research Journal

List of Best papers here and videos of the slactions09

slactions09 International Conference at PolyU Hong Kong
Digital Guqin Museum was presented in real life and in Secondlife at First International simultaneous online secondlife and real life conference, see program

Some pictures of the DGM presentation at Secondlife conference hall, thanks to Nelson Ramos.

Gigi Core and ChangDuan Short getting everything ready for the midnight Secondlife presentation. Microphone; presenters, actually quite a few things to prepare for an online conference.

The real life presentation at PolyU HK.

another one

Gigi made two HuaHui cubes, one silver and one in multicolor. :)

some cubes on my couch

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Digital Guqin Museum exported to Real Life

The mobile Digital Guqin Museum is being built now. Using HuaHui cubes from contributors around the world.

Latest addition from London. One cube, using Old Speckled Hen Beer cans.

New pic coming.