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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Nightmare, Nightmare came true

Nightmare, I dreamt of taking a train with Swannjiejie, and I hung my silver leather coat with black bag and Nikon camera in it in a compartment. As I chatted with people in the other car, I vaguely felt that I should have taken them with me and not have no one to attend to it. Sure enough a few minutes later, everything disappeared. When I got off the train, I found them in a market - for sale. The woman tending the stall said to me, that these three items for me is special price 500dollars only for all. She smiled in a secret way, I said, what these are my things, these things belongs to me! You guys stole them from me! She smiled a kindly and said, she has been told to sell them to me and only to me for 500, for others it wont be so cheap. Just my camera itself is 4000 dollars, not to mention the coat etc. So I said, ok ok. Thanks. She said, this is to teach me to not be careless and look after my things, in this world, she said things disappear very easily. I thanked her and paid. When I came back with my things, Swannjie jie said, why, you didnt even bargain and negotiate for a better price? They are yours, you could have gone to the police! I said, its ok its ok. She was nice, and she is right too... because i had paid so swiftly without arguing that lady became my friend and told me many unspoken rules of the world.

Nightmare came true!

I lost my guqin the instrument that i have refined over and over again, just the right color right texture, right proportion, things are working... after i rezzed it at the club, i carefully put it away. And - never seen again in my inventory.

Investigation shows only two possibiliites
One, Linden Lab had a bug in their shuffle of data, shut downs, they deleted my file by accident. People told me they have lost things, quite common apparently. So in the future, I msut send a double to my assistant so that if one goes down, maybe the other doesnt.

Two, apparently people do "steal" things. A guy got his whole inventory stolen because he was a ladies man. While he was invited to have sex, duriing sex, he got his penis stolen, his partner, originally a woman, suddenly became a man, and started to empty out his inventory. He was cleaned. After that, he left sl. Too disgusted by this experience. But technically, what does this all mean, what does having sex mean in sl? It means you accept to animate your avatar according to a proposed script. A proposed script usually lets you act out some gestures, like dancing, making love, doing karate, getting pounded by a boxer etc etc. But some scripts pretend to be action scripts but in fact, there is more than physical actions, it might be accepting to pay somebody - the whole inventory! For example, you dont know, and you said yes, and then everything is gone.

So i think thats what happened. Other than that, any objects not belonging to owner gets returned to owner. In the process of getting returned, autoreturn is part of return, often the object disappears. If an object is no-copy, it gets deleted.

So, my guqin most likely got deleted. :(

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