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Friday, 7 March 2008

metaverse artist, orphans, happiness

"Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart. Learn to love the questions themselves."
~ Rilke

somebody sent me this.
Very useful - I like to collect useful things - to be filed along with Almodovas praise for mothers and many women in his life.

more research on metaverse artists.

Earlier on, there was Esprite Xavier - a charming cool guy - whom i interviewed and later chatted as a friend to- an art student and super sl katana swords designer maker, scripter. He received a first Swannjie Post card. You tube on how to make tiny prims, you will see a whole skyscraper neighbourhood in the chunky stilleto heel of a shoe.

Now, second time this term mentioned, Cao fei - artist who uses the metaverse as canvas.

Film review:

The Orphanage 2.5*
Horror film one situation after another, as I watch this movie from one scene to another, I keep on asking questions... no one would do that... inspecting a haunted house in a wheel chair after being attacked by some unknown spirit, and where is the loving husband? Horror porn? Stepping back, the horror is not so much the haunted sequences but underneath all this we see how in orphanages, for one reason or another children ended up there, and who knows what they suffer from the care givers there?

Compared to the film John John 3*(Foster child) a film from the Philipines, the Philipine way of solving the question of orphan problems (every country has their own orphan problem to solve, in France, there are houses where fields of not-adoptable children are housed. Some parents put their children there, becasue the couple had a fight! I know of a case where a medical doctor and his wife had a fight and that is where their children went! Unheard of in an Asian society ) is much more humaine - because the care givers are visible by everyone. There is an informal "peer" evaluation - just like in Asian social worlds, there are general "peer" surveyance of mothers, families. Here, in this movie, we see love - a metisse boy selected Mr. Philipine because his foster mother convinced the school mistress, and after giving him a shower, she ran inside to get a towel, and the boys all naked just goes off to play with others, when she came back, she re-wash him again, lovingly - like a little treasured statute (I could imagine, she could have yelled at him... but did not etc) There are many details in this film that shows the foster mother truly loves the boy. He is her metisse. A special one among the full collection of lovely children. The brother, the younger son of the mother also takes care of the mother, when she finally had given JohnJohn over, she suddenly got dis oriented and didnt know where to go. He was the one who told her, come home, John John doesnt need his little towel (that she forgot to give him) anymore... etc.
So many small details that outlines her feelings. John John likes to eat noodles, John Johns scrap book, his birthday. etc etc. Then how did children became orphans? Well, during a visit to the orphanage, casual chat... this one is because... that one... and this one, the childs father is the grandfather. etc etc. This is not a rosy world either.

In a more individual society, people could die in a house for days, years, and no one will know.

Someone did a research a few years back - reported in Time Magazine? Turns out that the Philipines are happiest in the world - even though they dont have so much material goods. Japan ranks the worst - most unhappy. Have to find the link to this.

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