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Friday, 28 September 2007

Tilly, Ikune, Saitot, SuDongPo,

Today mainly, three big events
Ikune completed the script and we went over it carefully.
Saitot showed me the one prim sculptes
Tilly came and gave me a lesson how to make flowers... i will be a flower expert?
SuDongPo had to go sit for hair at Calla, and the money has gone up! for each correct question answered you get 10lindens
Whats most nice is that while people are playing the trivia game, they all sat and chat, about hacking, about whats a respectable hacker... etc etc
They told me where i could go for a freebie "topknot" - well, i think i have seen the topknot, but its a little too... old man hair style... SuDongPo wont like it, he is someone i think, forever youthful. Becasue of his mind.


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