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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Guqin in sl, Flowing Water, hot tub in Green peony w piggy back pink flower apt.

Still early, but my work is done today at noon!

Very rare.

I must start learning sculpties now, to make the Half HunDun guqin object.
Two friends came by this morning, no, three, Grim, Ikune, and Taka.
They all liked the hot tub, all soaked in it, chatting at ease - with all their clothes on.

Now, should I make things complicated by providing swimming suits or bathing robes or any such trouble some moves? Nobody seem to mind sitting with their baseball uniform, ceremonial kimono, or their black robe... but sometimes clothing add ambiance - you cannot eliminate everything until it is just words... afterall, why do we bother with 3D virtual worlds?

I added the pink flower ontop of the green, suddenly this is really complete. Mentally, the hot tub salon is great, transparent, joy, water, air, and more cosy day bed upstairs, private.

I will move it to position it just so perfectly... wish Five would come see her land now...

Next, one of my friend will join the Guqin research-creation studio as support team member. This is a break through. Now, I must make the sculptie object myself.

Nice to have friends to drop by, this is my favorite part of sl.

If my idea works and scheduling permits, we might just make it in time - for a special event - live in sl.

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