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Saturday, 31 January 2009

testing sl sims

I sent someone to do sl sim testing. The sim was based on spaceships, quiz, very well built. But the questions at the end, very general, I dont understand how could such questions lead to any conclusive "findings".

sl education is good for those who has no other choice in real life. This means, those who has real time scheduling constraints etc. Among e-learnings, sl might be more amusing, more immersive etc, but definitely if a student has a choice to learn in rl - better choose a rl setting. Learning is not only a transmission of knowledge from one body to another, there are also very important human relationship knowledge - which sl is very good at for a first lesson. Once the first "play acting" lesson is completed, the real life lessons are much better. Soft stepping from sl to rl.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Geek talk, Hugo living in a village

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 71 :: Geek talk :: they run wild with techkie talk

Was talking to Hugobiwan who did the mixed reality installation set up, how do you do this? Have you a spec sheet... yes yes yes...on our blog. Mesh rfid, using augmented reality, and iPhone, and using cardboard, wood paper make little object, virtual world in three D. Maybe you could do it? He lives in a tiny village and works from his computer. Isnt this the dream world of today? In nature, pretty trees, good food and working right from home.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Fundamental change and growth

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 72 :: Fundamental change and growth

what do people do in sl? I visited a drum like cavern today. The creator always makes repetitive dungeon like spaces. No matter what form it takes, a flower, a mushroom, sequences of underground walkways with water. All dark, all around.

For someone who reproduces this ambiance, it is very hard to ask them to create other environments without a program because this is their theme song.

So everyone in SL has a theme song.

Real life is much more interesting, you have a lot of parameters that you dont choose, you are in it thus you must adapt and develop as a human being. Who wants to be always in their own theme song day in day out? Dont we all want to get out?

Or is it just one theme onto another?

How do we get a fundamental change?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

sl Tokyo hotel, 饭岛爱, Ai

What do people do in sl hotels ?
I was invited to a launch of a Tokyo hotel - a virtual model of a real hotel in Tokyo which was used for G8 meeting.

I came across the usual doctors etc, and a lady in a fancy kimono, not the usual kimonos you find in sl, very elaborate. After a few minutes chat, I was very curious where the person goes in this huge hotel. But she disappeared in these long corridors - mystery mystery.

Few days later we met and had a very nice chat - she tells me of her business - an sl chat service. She said if I like to work, I will be the most popular one at her club.

Then, a few days later, exactly on Christmas day? A very famous tv star died in her apartment. A lot of men mourned her, her name was 饭岛爱, "Ai", a lot of male fans. First time I heard of her - because of the slew of blogs I checked up information about her and discovered a very sad story. Seems like for some reason she has been sacrificed by her parents - they cared more about what the neighbours say then telling her they appreciate her. She described in her autobiography in great details the work she does always with depth and sensitivity.

I saw a documentary film in Venise Biennale on the photo girls in these thick erotic books. Reminds me of the exploitation of women by men and by other women.

A Dutch artist said to me, she is an illustrator - that, really men dont notice things like this or that type of makeup, fashion get ups - its the women who are out to compete with each other they are the complicated ones. In fact, she said, its not hard to get laid. Men arent that fussy.

I would have liked to see some of the Ai tapes. She was in a Jackie Chan movie.

Dollarama store, Dumping, Open access to goods, Chinese New Year/Valentine day, DVD

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 73 :: Dollarama stores
:: Dollarama stores are really interesting places where you could find high quality items for a dollar. Apparantly their stocks goes up! I also like the idea that anyone could buy what they need with a tiny budget. Its a little like the early communist countries. Good quality, affordable price. I bought a lot of reading glasses. Stylish frames and the cases are metal, stylish shapes and colors. So surprised. Is this an indication of future trends of goods in relation to people? Like open source, accessible to good products for all? I also found these very nice doillies for Valentine day. This "3 times nothing" price pulls us close to the Secondlife ambiance too. Secondlife is fun because its affordable, and in rl there is the Dollar store. Found Ceylan tea in a wooden box, so well made. What is reality? And how could they export such teas? Is it dumping? I found French famous brand cottom swabs for make up too!
Got a whole collection of Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Brandon classic films from the 50s - silent film from Melier and an early film with Monroe in it. Already she has the star sweetness - she plays the secretary, though no romantic sequence. Just getting up walking around, very feminine. I also see how in the old days, what position women has in a secretary post. Definitely eye candy. Yes, and so, yes Mr. so and so. She gets up, swings her hips. We notice her body movements, the chest area.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Long Story Short, Ed Sullivan, Flower Drum Song

Larry and Trudie Long

Anna May Wong with Banjo

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 74 :: Asian North American performance artists, Chinese and Japanese :: Larry and Trudie Long, story by Jodi Long
:: Long Story Short - Director Christine Choy - the film is very well edited, the Ed Sullivan show displays the elegant singer dancer Nightclub act from the 50s Larry and Trudie Long; charming - Asians have not been represented well. You might have super talent and if the connecting link is not there, or blocked or intentionally compromised, what can the performer do? All structures are only as strong as the weakest link. The rhythm is fast paced and flows quickly - I saw how Jodi Leung transforms herself into an Asian woman. Hard times. There was only Flower Drum Song - tap dancing, singing, so much talent and so few echos all around. This reminds me of a text on Anna May Wong - the loneliness of Anna May Wong. Frosted Willow

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Madame Wellington Koo, documentary subjects

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 75 :: stories of intelligence, beauty and unusual lives :: Wellington Koo, Madame Hui Lan Koo, and North American Chinese history

Koo was the daughter of Oei Tiong Ham, the Peranakan Chinese sugar king of Java, and the wife of Wellington Koo, a diplomat and one time prime minister of China. By 1921.

Chinese and Queen

Monday, 19 January 2009

portraiture : words and images

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 76 :: portraiture of people I know
:: documentary film, comic book, roman photo, fiction, sketches, collage, painting, secondlife screenshot comic books ... any media ! to leave a trace of the person - living or dead. If a person is no longer here, dont know why, but I always feel that they would be/are still around somehow.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

interdiscipline guqin conference

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 77 :: interdiscipline guqin conferences
:: seeing what other people in the field has done

Friday, 9 January 2009

Canada's Bridal Shows, fashion, gifts

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 78 :: Visiting Trade Shows
:: each field has their own specificities, and I enjoy seeing the professional details. Its fun. Makes me take in account of how much work goes into our everyday things. Canada's Bridal Shows.
Video, dresses, flowers, wedding planner, limousine bar, rolls royce, cakes, shoes, music dj, and fashion shows with bride, groom, children, thats it.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Skycar, roses+champagne, xo olpc, Fairmount Royal York

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 79 :: Roses and Champagne, High Tea, and cute monsters all at the same time ::
New Year Resolution : Surround yourself with things you enjoy - and get rid of things you dont like to look at, avoid getting into situations that will be a total bore. Exercise and stay in good physical shape. Prepare your body for enjoyment.

Champagne and Roses, my favorite brand. :)

two silly xo olpc side by side. I got two for meshing.

We had a High Tea here, Fairmount at Royal York Hotel, this is where the Queen stays when she comes to Toronto!!

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 80 :: Skycar ::
Moller M157 projected to be available in 10 years time. Nobody uses highway much as they would be flying around in these.

Skycar - Moller M157

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

xo olpc !! two to mesh!

One of my favorite things in rl :: top 100 ::
number 81 :: xo olpc :: cute monster for email, ebook, meshing tool, too bad it cannot run Secondlife

My dream come true! I got two xo olpcs within a week. And they both have very pretty x and o on the face. I have to ask each time, whats the color of the x and the o? and the vendor says, who cares? its the same. To me, it is not the same. I saw someone with a flat cobalt blue x and o, and definitely I dont want my machine to have these colors. My xo olpc are two cute little monsters. Why get objects and possessions that you dont particularly care about, when you could get them in colors you like? Never surround yourself with things (and also people, eat food, play games )you dont like - in the long run, you ruin your health. hahahahah

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Suiseki, scholar stone, bonsai

New favorite, a friend send me some pictures, oh, there is a whole population of harvesting, finding, displaying, even symposiums on the subject!

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 82 :: stones and living tree eye candies :: bonsai + suiseki, scholar stones


Monday, 5 January 2009

Lobster, fashion eye wear, virtual world globe and mail

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 83 :: Fashion eyewear:: eyewear could fine tune your look - send that message that tells the others the you that you want them to see

One of my favorite things in sl :: top 100 ::
number 84 :: Lobster :: real life lobster is so yummy that I could simulate the joy of eating it in sl

virtual world report by Globe and Mail