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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Voir la mer**

Voir la mer**
light romantic, French pink holiday comedy

The actress is very charming and healthily natural beautiful. She has that "little lost girl" innocence role to play - however, for someone who is an orphan, she seemed too well adjusted for the role.
Maybe the director wants to create a movie for someone?
She is seen in many scenes kissing, nude, v pretty.
The characters, younger brother v charming, older brother also is attractive because he comes across as a sincere guy. Both are car mechanics, so simple healthy do it guys. :)
And a crazy travelling supermarket jewellery vendor representative. For him to give a ring to a girl doesnt have the same meaning as an ordinary non-professional guy to give a ring to a girl friend. So story wise, it makes sense. He is also a nice guy, though little bit broken somewhere as he runs around w a gun in his hand and threatens ex-girl friends. His face is soft and a childish smile from a man in his 50s, thats not so bad.
Fun movie. The story even though made for a summer flick distraction takes troubles to show some emotional depth of each character.
For example the younger brother likes to sleep in the berth that the gal just slept in - because it smells so gd! The older brother is not so innocent. He doesnt get enamoured by these little details anymore.

Then a funeral.
Older people selling their camping car.
Second hand car salesman/repair man teaching the young brother to do car stunts.
Supermarket jewellery sales woman.

All these are very ordinary everyday French characters.
Very nice portrait of everyday France.

I like it, this pink movie.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Breakfast table Album

Photos of friends breakfast table:

0013 John and Suzanne's breakfast table Himalaya 19June2011

0012 Maria Topay Breakfast in Garden 7June2011

0011 Maria Topay Breakfast in Bed

0010 Joseph Tsang Peanut Butter and Jam

0008 Leonel Morgado 31May2011

0007 Grace Ho 30May2011

0006 Howard Yan 30May2011豬肚牛肉粥, 炸兩

0005 Swannjie 29May2011

0004 Al Maguire 29May2011

0003 Tong Fu 28May2011

0002 Wildo Hofman 27May2011

0001 Swannjie 27May2011

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Castor**, Play me a song***, Animal Kingdom***half

castor by Jodie Foster - i give this movie **, even though the movie obviously has taken great risk w the subject but i really find it not v sensitive and too "hollywood" w slapstick comedy and tough scenes that are totally not convincing, not tender. Jodie Foster doesnt know how to be tender.

Mel Gibson with his savvy blue eyes and rubber like face somehow doesnt show any "depressive" emotions. When he hangs himself on the shower, falls down walks to the balcony with the curtain rod and curtain trailing after like a robot - these typical type of slapstick comedy silliness is all over in the film, not a depression content film.
All the scenes are so tough, quick, and hard, its not soft. Depression is usually more languishing, in this movie, its so hollywoodian, not interesting to watch.
Jodie Foster in her interview is always very lucide and intellectual and she takes great risks w her projects; but this movie is not about depression or explores depression. It has depression as its target - but goes about it with 1, 2, 3, cut and dry. Boring and unconvincing to watch. I like Jodie Foster as an actress, as an intellectual, as a singer even when she was a kid she sang w Claude François, charming through and through. Beautiful and intelligent, bright, shiny star ! However in this movie, its not convincing, she doesnt feel like a wife. Not gentle, not soft. Something like tenderness is missing in her character. Even the several love scenes, in bed, in shower, etc etc, kissing all not tender.

We dont know how come the "Beaver" - Walter became this way? Compared to the "Play me a Song" - there is much more nuance, levels of howcome people become depressive in such a small town, without any particular event, we could feel how this depression builds up everyday, layer by layer. In the "Beaver" we dont know how, or why. Just saying dont know how or why is not enough for the viewer. Its blank and boring.

Too bad, I had wanted to see a better movie, i had wanted to see a good movie even though its not going to be a box office success - but, its just not a gd movie! Another box office un-success might be a gd movie, but this one - its just plain not gd.

Play me a song - ***, a stifling small town where people often commit suicide from depression by jumping off a river - its like a painting w many layers of muffled emotions, stuffiness, gray tones of bleak countryside and mediaocre everyday living - enough to convince the audience of a contextual depressive environment with no way out. Very well done. Music is gd.

Animal Kingdom ***half, very gd actors and actress. All details, dialogues clean sharp to the point. V gd movie.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Source Code***, Tom Boy***half, Judge Dee*half

Source Code***
science fiction

a fun science fiction type of film, well made, gd entertainment, gd actor, w Russell Peter too!

Tom Boy***half
drama, docu, child-psychology film

a very sensitively filmed w child actors, all v gd, charming contemporary France, I especially like the mothers way of handling a childs play w gender, the little sister is so smart and cute w child like innocences and v natural, v gd w many levels of intricate human renderings - and no redundency nor too sweet type of kid film.

Judge Dee *half
kung fu, intrique, cg, mix bag of mish mash drama

a big production, but skewed shotty story, and Empress Wu is not a fashion doll - a total massacre of historical figure which is already such gd material for film - the decor is crass and rough, CG is n'importe quoi, they seemed to be saving money on supporting actresses, the whole film is a mix of fantasy cg and some kind of stolen scenes of battle jumping around in trees... no charm, make up of the actress is so over the top. Dont waste time to sit through this one.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Tree of Life **half

The Tree of Life **half

Retro decor, man, woman, three young boys, suggested complication between son and father. Eldest son seem to be interested in womens things, but father is a tough man (Brad Pitt). Second son is more straight forward, less complicated because hes interested in music painting, and became an architect later (played by Sean Penn). The mother figure is very well played, especially in the scene where she has a physical fight with the father, but just a few seconds. Family life growing up, moving from one fancy house to a less fancy house to another even less fancy house. Lots of water fall, clouds, blood vessel in liquid, forms of single cell life. Weeds in water (cant help to think of the weeds in water scene of Tarkovskis Solaris, but Solaris has a power and depth, poetry that this very repetitive, laborious movie tries hard to do but hasnt quite made it.)
It attempts to reach a level of spirituality that somehow seems like a milk toast type of Protestant sermon.

The young actors are very good, adorable but cannot save a movie thats this loose.
Photography of water falls with triple layer types of water in one frame is very esthetic and beautiful, but also cannot save the movie from its piled on spirituality message.

Its got merits in that it did not use the standard formula of sex, violence and intrique to get people into the cinema.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Midnight in Paris***half

Midnight in Paris ****

Just went to see "Midnight in Paris" new film by Woody Allen, its so nice! And v fluid, intricate and dense storyline. This film made me v happy! Funny, its v rare that a movie can do this for me! I recognise every location in the movie, and if anybody wants to visit Paris, I think going through the scenario of the movie is already a superb tour! V beautiful and rich with many points of views and the principal actor is interesting in his role. He plays a rather naive and shallow, maybe not at all talented serious writer want-to-be, reconverted from Hollywood commercial screenwriting hack. It reminds me of the dreams all foreigners have when they choose to live in Paris.

Paris the city is magic and the film shows it v well.

I am impressed w Woody Allen here, so well versed and at ease at all the different levels.

Only someone w a lot of experience could make such a film.
(I would buy a dvd - because I like this a lot - but no need to see it a second time immediately. It is a straight forward film that shows everything, everything is visible)

Bonsai Chinese Elm and robot

Happy Days are here!

Air so sweet

Mini table saw, my drafting table; bonsai #1 - more robots coming!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011



Comedy, romance, drama

French Woody Allen movie.

Jewish father, not very sensitive, he loves his daughters wrote many postcards that he never sent. Not very sophisticated, he comes across as insensitive makes insensitive jokes, puts essential emotional things on the side on purpose. His daughters are all well to do, princess like. Melanie Laurent smiles so sweetly, knowingly, seductively - but she wears this red bomber leather jacket, does cutesy art conceptual x ray installation pictures. Sleeps on half sisters couch - with a new boyfriend!! So on so forth, very innocent not money conscious, while the father runs a textile shop w all the ex-boy friends of the daughter,and seems like these guys are all student like, not at all tainted by wear and tear of everyday living. They look like they are at a party!
Very stylish interiors, with paintings, and graphics - seems that all well to do apartments in movies all have similar decor, contemporary salon art. No specific style of the owners.
Princess gets dumped by shoe salesman... etc etc. Father has a heart operation and dies. She cries.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


genre: romantic, animals, handsome man and women

Romantic story of a vet student in depression times who jumped onto a train for circus and joined as a "vet" - fell in love w star - also wife of owner. Owner was murdered by mutiny of the circus artists because he was too brutal towards the animals, the show people everyone. Vet student runs away w the beautiful star and starts a new life.

Very pretty movie, with animals, nostalgic romantic old trains... a joy to watch and good entertainment.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Fighter ***

The Fighter ***
genre: real story, docu-drama

Camera work is very interesting, very fluide and fresh makes you want to watch the movie. The fighter brothers are both interesting, one the trainer, smart, cocky and crack addict who was ruined by his habit to not get to the big winner position trains his younger brother who goes on to win. The younger brother has to overcome a slew of sentimental hurdles. His family, an over powering mother who doesnt see him but always the elder brother. The monsterly 7 sisters, all ordinary people, fat and very white trash with names grotesque unbecoming names like "bear", etc However they all have little ones, and the mother does take care to not show certain things to very young ones. So the family is very rough but human, they are warm and hangs onto each other. The mother even though at a certain age, has a slim lithe body and is smart w cash and business in her over powering ways. Very nicely cast film and each character has a specific humanity even though they are rather general public lower working class/drug addict people.

Dicky and Micky. Dicky is the elder brother smart, well liked, even in prison has a "leadership" role and charisma. Micky is shown to need people around him, he doesnt really fight on his own drive. Both brothers have a weakness. One scene of Dicky recounting how he got started on crack - it makes his world feel light, light and not so heavy and he wanted that over and over again. This need for lightness beyond an ordinary need, where does this come from? Not shown but yes, already shown!! We could only guess from the rest of the movie, the family the town, the pale common people America context.

The Charlene character, girlfriend to the young brother fighter is also tough in her ways. She never plays "sweet" and "demure", she shows what working in a bar encompasses - a drop out from University because she was a party girl. People coming onto her, and street smarts.
This is a realistic movie. I like it. Everybody has their ounce of gold no matter who they are.
At the end, a short few minute scene with the real brothers - as this is a true story - I would have like to see a big close up of them. The real champs.

HuaHui Cube and Tensegrity structures May 2011

Recent work, tensegrity structure with metal. All work sphere shape 3meter diameter, copper tube, stainless steel cables, aluminum plates, glass beads, marble mosaic tiles, 2011

Details of the HuaKui Cube as basic building blocks

“Friend Me!” : HuaKui Robot 好友花魁-機械人
Slide show:
Blogger link

HuaKui 花魁 BallBall 2011
Slide show:
Blogger link:

Nomad Stone 飛來石
Slide show:
Blogger link

Flower 花 2011
Slide show:
Blogger link

HuaHui MobileMusic 10%model, Taiwan 2010


Tell the Moon, steel and stainless steel, 6 meter diameterx 4.5m high, Yuzi Paradise sculpture Park, 1999

Some pictures of the sculpture in the Park here by sculptor Dina Merhav on her blog:

More work in hard wood, leather, copper wire, Digital Guqin music work

Stone, wood, and iron work coming...

Monday, 2 May 2011

Thor ***

Thor *** outstanding for effects and CG.

Lots of special effects, the story is coherent unlike a lot of other comic books stories made into films, where the film just jumps along w many holes along the way.
Nice CG, I watched it in 2D, I think might be good in 3D. So far all the 3D movies I saw whether in animation or real life actors, its a lot of trouble for not much more pleasure.
Sometimes it even gives me a headache! Natali Portman is the same, always the pure young girl thing, big smile, frowns, pretty, stubborn, intelligent! Audrey Hepburn girl gets guy without much effort style.
Thor is very muscular, and Loki, a pale ghostly character, lots of boom boom bang bang, magic fizzz, tornedos, FBI, bridge from space to earth tunneling through storm and lightening, and leaving strange patterns like a landing pad markings on earth - aliens from afar in New Mexico!! Nice story!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

"花魁": HuaKui BallBall 2011: Shuengit 周 旋 捷

Different scale of the ball.

Relative to a small sports car

Relative to a motorcycle

Relative to a Jeep

Relative to a Jeep

"花魁": HuaKui BallBall 2011: Shuengit 周 旋 捷