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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Poser 7, scripting, hair, wedding, gift

I found a gift this morning, a Rietveld chair - such a nice object. I saw it on a neighbours lawn, and wrote to the creator and its in my mail box! Such a beautiful gift.

Such I have to make headways, i asked Spirited Dog about using his Antique chair but what about the pose, if its pre-scripted what to do to change it to a both feet on ground pose? Spirited Dog said that just put something else to sit on, so we click on that object script and not on his chair and everything is fine.

So next, fingers, and arms animation... and sitting pose

Poser, my new team mate informed me yesterday, is what animators use - confirmed by Spirited Dog, so i downloaded a demo version. In no time, the male model began to look like a Francis Bacon painting... :) All twisted... animation is a precise art!

Hair, you could grow it from the skull...

In the demo, there are facial expressions of a lean smart white boy, I laughed when I see the expressions, it is basically your nice spunky geek facial expressions. And then i looked at the Poser illustrations, yes, these are the new illustrators, they are a far stretch from Vermeer, the faces are rigid - betraying the illustrator doesnt really see the movement of the muscles beneath the skin... hmmm

An oil painting in the old school if done half decent shows fluidity, but this illustration package is an abstraction of the construction beneath... the movements are not aligned with the muscular support - thats why faces all look rather stilted... like - too much botox...

Anyway, no one could afford to have good paintings... its mainly for advertising, photography replaced old classical portraiture. But if you come back to the question, in the old times, who could afford to have an oil portrait painted by a professional painter?

I kept on getting IMs from Everwind, weddings, somebody wants to know how much it cost to have a wedding in Everwind. I wanted to attend a Wedding in Everwind, the Medieval role play castle thats so beautifully done. A bendwood lawn chair has 27prims!

I want to see a wedding in their castle, the banquet hall, there was an old fashion storytelling session and dwarfs, elves and witches. I met three Japanese avatars in warrior clothes at the prison room.

Japanese and Americans are the most active players in sl.

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