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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Digital Guqin in sl

Finally I put together a Digital Guqin in sl, the proportion etc, to align things properly you must use a mathematical method, input precise coordinates, you cant just do it by eye, it will never align properly - Tilly was kind enough to come over - all the way from New Zealand!!! to check out the problem.

Then, I made new strings, etc etc

Then, after all the adjustments, tweaking, color coordination of pegs, textures, suddenly I noticed the new qin has my name not only as owner but also as creator! The starting point was a koto made by a creator, Rumi Simpson, who had already made a 94 prim koto - a very pleasant, attractive one and it is with this original model that I dismantled and re-shaped - almost ALL the components have been remanipulated or reconstructed! But at the beginning, the instrument had Rumi as creator... suddenly, today, I discovered my name is on it as creator!! Woooo :), yes, I did a lot of the work and I will put in my original samplings... I am the creator ? But, Why and when and how did the name change happen?

It is difficult to keep copyright in sl.

So I made my first group, Digital Guqin.

My idea is to create playable guqins, and invite visitors to play - all the pianos, guitars, harp, bango drums, we dont know how to play and our little amusements with avatars can never take place of the touch of real instruments. Still, we could enjoy playing with computer music. Some musicians abandonned analog instruments... well, I prefer a rl instrument, but computer music is so eloquent, with so much power, its another field altogether.

From make-believe to real to rl. And from analogue sounds to computer music design. We are so lucky today.

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