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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Greenies Kitchen as Luxury brand playground, Other Virtual Worlds

Virtual World research data

L'Oreal Paris gives out 4 free skins, from a white handbag left on a middle class retro American Kitchen chair in the Greenies Home. Greenies are tiny martians, when avatars visit, everything is giant size. This white handbag is thrown open, left supposedly on the chair, but i found it on the floor. No make up, but books and pencils, ball point pen and a few coins inside. The object is names L"oreal bag... a puzzle, where is the glamour lip gloss that we touch to get the free skins? This publicity trick is a big success, it makes it playful and not purely commercial. I dont need these 4 skins, but not able to figure out to get to the prize intriqued me. What is the triggering point?

I went to Nicky Rees, got 3 skins, by clicking on the freebie billboard. The skins are nice - white, pastel and lollita Goth girl chic. I wore the Goth Girl shape and skin for a while.

Its spring time. I got this flower dress, when my avatar wears a pretty dress, I feel pretty too. :)

Film viewed

Jumper - 1.5*
a mix of teleporting, exotic locations, strange Matrix acrobatics, story is thin, London, Detroit, Rome. I only wanted to see what this teleporting concept, how did they interpret this. Dont bother, not worth it.

When the Cats away... (Chacun cherche son chat) 2.5*
A charming Parisien film on everyday life, neighbourhood lives of artistic people... not the luxury consumer bourgeois but the people who works - the people who supports and builds the Paris is beautiful dream. The little small scale artist ateliers, the immigrant population. Young artists, and old not quite made it artists (majority of artists). Local charm.

Paris 2.5* (same director as above "When the Cats Away...", Cedric Klapisch, several years later)

Has all the scenes that I am familiar with, every corner of the street. This is a good movie that I buy a dvd and show my family, look this is the city where I live, see this is where my house is... here, is a nice restaurant, here, i went to classes... here we walked and talked and this... my friend has an apt here... under this bridge... etc. Everybody is charming, with various episodes. But the scene in the restaurant where these rough market guys plays with a woman is vulgar. In real life it does happen, but same vulgar insensitivity, revolting. The plot is slices of life, compared to the HHH Paris movie, this one is "touristy" the HHH one is more poetic. In the end, letting actors improvise is a much more intelligent way to shoot an authentic movie. But can Cedric Klapisch take such a risk - there are too many characters, if they all improvise, maybe some illusion of Parisien charm would rapidly desintegrate. It would not generate a moving image post card Paris anymore. With the HHH film, there are limitations the characters are artists, cultured people, there is much less risk to seeing the crass side of real life.

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