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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Why snapshots in sl tires quickly, novels, graphic novels

I have not put up any snapshots from sl, but at the beginning when I first started, I took lots of snapshots - I felt as if its is a one time event, memorable, I must keep a record of it. And that this might make a very interesting comic book.

When I look at my own snapshots, there is a very warm memory, but when i look at other peoples snapshots, most of what I see are - at best - graphic comic book pictures - it does not have the interest of a rl photo. Part of the reason is that the entire snapshot is flat... there is very little depth in the photo. Sometimes, using a converging point of view will lead us to a specific point of interest, aside from this, its mainly a graphic layout picture. As it is a digital compilation of an image, every point on the picture has equal importance - unless the photographer does extensive post production work with photoshop then its like painting, you adjust and manupulate the points of interest.

I like some fine art comics, but looking at these slick, sharp sl pictures somehow is very boring. There is a lack of "fumatto" effect. Everything is shown, there is nothing that is unsharp. Tireless equal depth display of details.

Just read a novel by Tom Wolfe, "I am Charlotte Simmons", a 2 inch thick block of paper - not one picture. The book is very lively, full of details. Considering the content of the novel, as it is set in contemporary US campus, Wolfe would have little problem in getting photos to illustrate what he writes. In fact, maybe he has a whole stock of reference photos to help him re-construct the mental, textual journalistic tale. Writing is not illustrating, its not a graphic novel. Its the pleasure of a text. Reading and conjuring up personal pictures of the story through words, and the music of the composition of words.

Some novels and some graphic novels, have the ability to lead us to re-read the text and pictures. You just want to keep a copy of it at home within reach, so that you know it is there.

Sl generates natural narrations - you (everyone) are in a play starring yourself, a self conducted theatre of a sort, how interesting would making a graphic novel be from catch as catch can snap shots? I suspect to make a memorable graphic novel takes just as much time as hand drawn pictures - you have to tweak the images to lighten them for readers eyes. Its the erasing of information that will make it interesting. Imagine a novel where they tell you everything... how heavy and burdensome this would be - and to weed out this load, so you could fly with the story would takes a lot of painterly/graphic skills and clear artistic objectives. This is the visual part.

Back to square one, in movies and comic books, and novel writing - its the story thats most important. The script writing, story telling skill is the main motor.

Sl snapshots - after treatment could be employed as frames of graphic novel - and it would still require a strong story. Our reader will then be riding in a graphic novel vehicle (sl or not), time passes with lightness and grace through the neverneverland of sl.

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