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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Drawing, Sweet potato, Aquito Myoo's bridge


I discussed drawing with a long lost friend, after 15 years, miracle, she contacted me through google! another friend re-linked! It was beautiful to discuss drawing with someone who really enjoys and practices it! I told her about sl, she listened with amazement but she understood everything immediately and was able to conceptualise the benefits and limits - far more than anyone else that I was showing sl to. Maybe I will set up a drawing gallery in DGM.

Sweet potatosrl

I started some purple potato slips, just to make sure that i am doing it right, I checked and googled! There is a professional way to go about it! Here is the secret...

simpler garden, growing from 2 potatoes for example here.

Aquito Myoosl+rl

AM will make a cube, I wait with great expectation. :)
And I saw a bridge he made at Hanakos land, the coming of another high quality sim i think. :)


Snakekiss came to visit my house, she will send a cube and tell friends about it. :)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Real life component

Now, on to the real life component.

The virtual model has been established.
Some real life model, scale one to one.

Monday, 25 May 2009

HuaHui House frames for cube, instructions

For detail instructions how to make a frame (6 frames for one cube) here:

One avatar raised the question, how will the cubes hold together? Wouldnt they collapse under their own weight?

Good question, the cubes will be hung onto a metal rod frame work. The volume of the Mobile HuaHui House has been determined but the structure itself is an interesting question.

I would like it to be flexible - tansegrity structure - the weight could be shifted to spread along the whole skin when pressure is applied to any point of the structure.

I also want the structure to be as thin, as light as possible.

This structural problem is very interesting to solve.

Just get the cubes in and i will post the chosen structure in due time.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Aileen Chang : "Xiao TuanYuan", reading as secondlife

Aileen Chang (Chang Ailing): "Xiao TuanYuan"

Famous last autobiographical fiction. Its the master key picture to all her novels. We see all the characters as themselves placed on the original master plan.

A friend who never liked Aileen Cheung said she couldnt finish this book, its so petty. I was reading it - a book i found at the airport in Taipei. This was a book I knew that I must read because I have already read and translated Cheungs work from when I first found her book as a teenager.
Yes, it is petty. But this pettiness is due to the contextual situation of Chinese people during the war - the transitional phase from the very rich upper echelon families steady sliding down into needy, opium dependant idle poor folks. And her mother - such an awesome beautiful woman, world voyager, small bound feet, speaking at times in English, lives on antiques, addressed her two children as if they were children of another - with lovers of all nationalities. What kind of world is this? Must have been difficult to understand.
This book is a sort of modern "Dream of Red Chamber" contains the twist and turns of glimpses of how a family topples into nothingness.

A central theme which attracts everyone is the love and romantic life of AC. For some reason, this part is supposedly to be the more interesting part, and because of this privacy, intimate life part - this book had been put on hold for so many years until now, finally I found not really that interesting afterall. It pales in todays rapid paced sex, love and no taboo multi cultural acceptance of happiness and suffering. Maybe because of this, for me, the precious part of her last master pieces remains to be the "petty" details of the lives of people of that age. Its a mini "Dream of Red Chamber", not because of lesser talent of the writer but because the setting was in a lesser time. The raw data in the original was not as spectacular. AC was not in the position of a privileged observer from an open-doored milieu unlike Chao XueQin, who was the star of his super powerful family. AC was the abandonned, ignored female child of an opium addict father and wanderlust mother.

AC's mother's story would have been another flower thats rich with details - but, too bad, she did not write a book.

Many people have interesting lives, but how many have time - would bother to share their experiences - to write a book?

I appreciate all honest story telling.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

tea and coffee culture

Tea culture is a standard part of guqin culture, how about coffee?
Is it time to include both at once? Wine and alcohol is also a standard drink linked to Guqin.

Looks like it time to create the Drinking and related objects for the Guqin Museum... while the music itself picks up speed.

So what do I see? The most immediate public event related to the two drinks?
Tea and Coffee tradeshow in Seville.

Meanwhile I see a lot of blogs devoted to tea drinking and coffee drinking.
One, two or three things at a time?

tea: Pu-erh
coffee: Indonesian, Vietnamese, Italian
alcohol: XiaoXing, sake, cognac, whiskey, champagne... hmm

Hanakos island, HuaHui House in Japanese blog

Hanakos new island, fortune telling japanese astrology...

The HuaHui cube house on her blog...

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

English abstract of the conference paper

English abstract of the conference paper.

Friday, 1 May 2009

poster of guqin conference taiwan

The conference poster!

The conference poster at DGM main site.