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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Knife in the Water (1962) Polanski

Knife in the Water (1962) ***half 
Roman Polanski 

 The cinematography is simply starkingly beautiful - you just can't take your eyes off the screen because of the mystery of what is about to happen. Yet, everything happens very naturally, the story has logical unforced flow. How one thing leads to the next, and slowly, the relationship between he older husband and his younger wife reveals itself to us. The older husband is not really macho in the explicit - Asian macho way - he does the chores too, he doesn't order his wife around. But when things get tough, he says things like "you would be in the gutter" etc. which is v hurtful for the person in the weaker position - because it is probably more or less the truth because that was the situation. Yet, as a couple they are not that badly off, still quite workable. And in their own way, they were not so mean either. A well balanced psycho drama with natural beauty. How did they shoot this on a small sail boat? Beautiful.

Caldera : Evan Viera

Caldera : Evan Viera
 Ars Electronica Festival 2012, Distinction prize

"Caldera" - Teaser from Evan Viera on Vimeo.

The Girl who leapt through time, 細田 守, Hosoda Mamoru

細田 守, Hosoda Mamoru

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Friday, 26 October 2012

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Autoportrait et le monde

Autoportrait et le monde

John Whitney, Motion graphics 1961

John Whitney, father of motion graphics 1961

computer animation

paper cut animation, RES play dough

Paper cut animation

toy, play dough animation

creative use of objects for an animation

winning entry for psp competition

2012高雄電影節 Kaohsiung Film Festival 2012


Kaohsiung Film Festival 2012














天堂煉獄  Batalla en el Cielo / Battle in Heaven
2005 坎城影展競賽片
2005 里約熱內盧國際影展 評審團大獎

導演: 卡洛斯・雷卡達斯Carlos Reygadas

2012/10/31(三)  11:00  喜滿客9

1987 奧斯卡金像獎最佳化妝獎
1984 釷星獎最佳恐怖片、最佳男主角與最佳化妝獎
導演:大衛柯能堡David Cronenberg
資訊:美國、英國、加拿大|1986 |DCP(修復版)|Color|96min.

2012/10/31(三)  15:10  喜滿客11
搶救長頸鹿大作戰 Zarafa

2012 加拿大蒙特婁奇幻影展
2012 芝加哥國際兒童影展
導演:雷米貝桑松 Rémi Bezançon
資訊:法國、比利時|2012|DCP |Color|78min.
2012/10/31(三)  13:20  喜滿客9  
鶴立G群 Flamingo Pride
譚米艾許Tomer Eshed





The Sandman 1992, Mr.Sandman, Sunday, Dumbo 1941

directed animated: Paul Berry 1992


Mister Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him two lips like roses in clover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over

Mister Sandman, I'm so alone
Don't have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam
Mister Sandman, bring me a dream

Mister Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him the word that I'm not a rover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over
[ Lyrics from: ]
Mister Sandman, I'm so alone
Don't have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam
Mister Sandman, bring me a dream

Mister Sandman, (yeesss?) bring us a dream
Give him a pair of eyes with a congeal of gleam
Give him a lonely heart like Pagliacci
And lots of wavy hair like Liberace

Mister Sandman, someone to hold
Would be so peachy before we're too old
So please turn on your magic beam
Mister Sandman, bring us
Please, please, please
Mister Sandman, bring us a dream


Flying Books

Dumbo 1941 in English

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Three Monkeys***

Three Monkeys 
genre: psycho drama 

 Very stark beautiful cinematography. The apt looks so nice from the inside, then a shot from the outside - very poor and shabby building, very narrow in a train track surrounding with the sea. Desolate, working class. But the inside is warm, orderly not fancy nor poor. The father, son and mother all good looking. Even the boss who offered the father a sum of money to stand in jail for him looks fine. A normal politician well fed type who is into women as lady's man, he wasn't looking for romance. She was happy to have an affair w him too. Relationship between people are subtle and complicated.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"dots" Norman McLaren, Michel Ocelot, Svankmajer, Trick Film Festival, Bruce Bickford

three inventors, paper cutout


Bits of paper: PacMan

playdough PacMan

cakes... Game over

Drowning by Nuts

Coins : CoinStar


Meat Boy : Japanese pop


Forever young

Wool ball puppet stop motion

Food: Svankmayer (part 1)


Target store ad

Toilet Paper

Sebastian's Voodoo : cg puppet

Trick Film Festival Trick Film Festival

Bruce Bickford

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012