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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Elkdeer, Lost Guqin found, Camping script, Cattleya Harker's Water Nymph dress

Elkdeer invited me to play at his beach and that i should put up a flower house if i wanted to .

So I did, a green flower house for Digital Guqin playing. Kotorin, esp, five, saitot, Elkdeer were there when I found my first guqin, this time its filed under "object" and when i opened it, it was created by a sisoud, who is that? In no way could this creator be linked to the Rumi simpson koto - the only part that I had used from the how did it get files under this annonymous title. I was checking through 60 unidentified "object" files and deleting carefully the useless stuff, and there it was. Found. Very curious. But i must make backup copies... its a lot of time wasted this type of strange things.

Esp wanted to look for some camping script - so i took her to see JohnnyDepp who has made a "popularity shop" in the middle of nowhere is a second floor, where there were many Japanese avatars dancing. He showed us two places where camping scripts are sold, one is 1000lindens and the other cant remember. But these are "chat camps" mainly in Japanese language.

After i set up the Green Peony Guqin House no.1 at Elkdeer Beach, suddenly I thought, why not have a series of Green Peony Guqin Houses,no.2 at Linden Nimue, and no.3, and no.4 etc. They are just small intimate places for 6 to 8 people to gather to listen to a quiet instrument. The ideal setting for listening to Guqin. Each house will face a nice environment, not blocked by highways or shopping malls or whatever, must have a fine vista. And Elkdeers beach has a very nice ocean view... this gave me the idea to have a series of them.

I noticed the grass patch is spilling over into Saitots shop, her walls are growing grass... so i moved the house over by a few meters

Club Fabulous Tokyo has a new motocycle / mini race car track thats like a road which curves up high into the sky and comes down. There are five little race cars in different colors. CFT is a fun oriented place, between jazz club, Japanese lessons, car race, sky diving and hot air balloon launch... and rides... its magical and fun oriented.

I am glad things are resolved little by little. Today, I looked for the water nymph dress and didnt find it. but i found a notecard by Cattleya Harker, she carefully put in a notecard all the ingredients for making this water nymph outfit! Which particles to use, which texture, how to adjust the water movement... you feel the excitement and care the creator has put into it, and the thought she had for the newbies. Its a mini lesson right there!

I still wish i could find the dress so i wrote her... would she reply? I went to all the links she provided - and by accident i clicked on a Voice things, and bought a voice thing for 100lindens, apparently it allows me to adjust my speech to a whisper or a long range telephone effect, or put another name instead of my real avatar name... for spying ? There was a nice Bubble teleport... which was what i would have like to purchase, but by fluke, I bought this other thing, suddenly i didnt want the Bubble anymore. I dont need a fancy teleport! But its really nice, like a bouncing machine, it shoots you up somewhere, and throws you down - since there is no upthere to catch you, you come down.

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