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Monday, 23 May 2016

ceramic repairs in gold - beauty of scars

wabi sabi

美少年之恋, 2 to 3 stars

director: Yang Fan 
*** for entertainment and visual interest.
** for storyline and general overall film quality - too many cliches, but overall has a rich package
Bishonen film.jpg
產地香港 香港
日本東京 2000年3月18日
德國 2001年3月8日
發行商創造社 (香港)

analysis of a film -
the making of a commercial film for entertainment and product; no pretension to be "high art, film d'auteur"

gd looking yg men, gay men, of various different family backgrd, gay bar, gay bar talks, gay clients, what the boys might run into, beating, jealousy, etc

interesting colorful settings
conservative middle class comfy home// bachelor boys home// modern contemporary star small apt// hk street scapes, all local scenes in Central//

why is shu qi in the film? her purpose is to bring in the tiny sketch/hardly a mark even, of "lesbian" sex/naughtiness - lesbian bars w non mainstream clients.  Shu Qi dressed up in male costume look.

the gay handsome guy goes up to her and said "want to fuck"  she says, "maybe, maybe"

the boss of the gay bar, the language he used is very interesting, very lively.

the mother of the young man (actually more like grandmother) crying in the bar asking the boy to come home and not do this...

love scenes of gay men

Is this a movie for gay audience?  yes, also for people who are general public.  It has enough novelty to reveal some "hidden" life styles that are not normally visible to non initiated people.

The tone of the film does not degrade any one, does not make fun of any group, does not make "voyeuristic" attraction for the viewers.  Over all a light cream puff of a film.  Interesting and entertaining.

some scenes are awkard in terms of story line.  But nobody cares, its not important, its slightly like a comic book.

film made for HK 1998, japan 2000 and 2001 in Germany?  so it had three rounds of release and is a success.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Friday, 13 May 2016

Carbon Fiber Half HunDun Guqin : tuning new strings; ongoing story

More on Carbon Fiber Guqin Half HunDun (cfHHD) : 
Start: Nov2015 -> Milestone: 13May2016 -> ongoing...

Everyday I test the cfHHD to see how the strings are doing.  Its pretty good, every 2 days it slips half a note.  Which is usual w all new strings. 
 Usually you put the strings on and let it stretch to get to a stabled tension.  After a month or so, take them all off and re-string at the new tension of the newly stretched strings.

In our case here, the body of the cf qin is also getting used to the tension of 7 strings; high stress.  The whole body will be trying to distribute the tension evenly.  Will we see any change in the skin?   If yes what and where should we strengthen, the inside the outside,  where to get rid of the extra "weight", over building?  This will all take time; aging.

Whole thing slips - means you could play by yourself, the key would be shifted down; but if you want to play in an orchestra/ with others, then your tuning must match the others.  It must be standard tuning.
Standard tuning 440hz : Zheng Diao 正調 :  
string 1:  C  65.3hz   string 2:   D  73.4hz    string 3:   F 87.5hz   string 4:    G 98.7hz   string 5:   A 109.9hz   string 6:  C 131hz     string 7:  D 147hz
My thumb has an inflammation condition after fiddling with the strings so much in such a short time, first time this happened.
Could play qin, which takes v little strength; but cant do anything -ie restringing - that requires force.
Things happen when you least expected it.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Chaumont sur Loire, 2016; a new Chinese Garden Installation

Chaumont sur Loire, Garden Festival 2016 : 
"Theme: Gardens of the Future"  4May to 2Nov2016

There are two works which I find very interesting, due to my own research area in art and architecture.
1// "Chinese Garden" by Museum of Chinese Garden
2// "Garden of Lingering Clouds" by Shu Wang - Architect

The Chinese Garden is very nice and Shu Wangs work is an artistic construction of a semi dome like shape which covers a body of water.  Last year when I visited the greenery has not yet grown over the structure and this year, it is nicely covered, great presence and a sense of protection and introspection.

1// "Chinese Garden" by Museum of Chinese Garden

Garden created by Museum of Chinese Garden of Beijing. There are small sections somewhat like larger land size bonsai, very beautiful plants. I could see that its made by professional gardening landscaping experts. The willow woven mountain like back drops and small stone set in an abstract mountain+water shape. Very beautiful red maple. However, it is not particularly special. Very competant.

There are many beautiful Chinese gardens which is really an art and architecture work altogether, here we seem to see a small patch of installation work by very competant experts.

I talked to the delegation from China on site and they told me that there is a museum of Chinese Garden in Beijing.
Since I have done extensive research on Chinese Gardens for my pre-doc thesis, and have visited many in real life, including a museum piece - a reproduction of WangXiYuan - in NYCity.  I would very much like to see whats in this museum.

So I look forward to visiting the museum on my next trip.

2// "Garden of Lingering Clouds" by Shu Wang - Architect

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

#71 好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 71: PodRide/bicycle car by Mikael Kjellman; teardrop bubble cars; mini taxis; and other small vehicles

#71   好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 71: PodRide; teardrop bubble cars; mini taxis

PodRide a practical and fun bicycle-car by Mikael Kjellman

PodRide is a four wheeled bicycle with full body, giving a dry and safe ride in all weathers. Run the electric motor and just Cruise along or turn it off and exercise, bike to work all winter, park free in the city center, skip the traffic jams, use both roads and bike paths, no uncomfortable saddle, no driver’s license, cheap to run and great for the environment.
Water Drop electric tricycle/ (or gas), QingDao, PRC

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Japanese camping car

My favorite camping car.  Its a full service house and could park on any parking lot.


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