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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

MM3 aluminum cubes, real life r<->sl, € € €, $ $ $ : Gromike, Horten hears the Whos,

Mobile Music 3, aluminum cubes

Mobile Music 3, aluminum cubes

Who are the people in "French community"?

Very interesting blog, and its really big time sl+rl work.
Not microscopic silly steps... hahahha

After looking at this, the scale of reality is so evident.

Its much easier to go from big buck rl into sl, and make a splash.
Very difficult to go from sl, microscopic steps out into rl : and without transforming yourself into giants, because when you are a giant, the essence of being little "whos" is no more.

I want to be a "Who" and I want to be heard too!
no no no, I am not the "who", hahahah, wrong wrong, Swannjiejie is in whoville.
I have to be careful and not become like the "who" - making myself all small in Whoville (sl = whoville ? ).
Swannjie is an av, and I am a regular size person!
And the point is to be in the loop, as much as possible.
Just join the loop !!!
Swannjiejie must tell people, that she wants to be in this loop, in that loop,
Time to get to work !!!

Like a giant putting his finger into the little flowers popping up in spring time, the little Whos living in the flower will have much more difficulties making themselves heard to the giants outside.

How do you make the Hortens hear the Whos?

Monday, 30 March 2009

an aluminum skin ball, Digital Guqin Museum Guest house, Linden Lab CEO, Mark Kingdon in Paris

aluminum cubes

aluminum cubes

Tilly Myst flower house re-purposed by Swannjiejie

Inside this guest house for Digital Guqin Museum with with a private line to "xfactor" the ice cube - :)

"xFactor" is an intelligent robot who will learn to respond to your questions. The special mission of xFactor is to answer you while the real Swannjiejie is away; and to transmit your questions to her when she comes back.

Linden Lab CEO came to Paris, and here is what happened:
WangXiang blog
Ange Zanetti blog
Zanetti reports the people as follows:
Dan, Nick & Julien d'extralab, Richard de Stonfield, WangXiang, Gromike, JeanRem, Fred Cavazza,Etienne Armand Amato, Yohan & Nicolas de Concept SL, Coulaut & Audrey de la biblio, Jean Marie de metaverse3d, yanis de Folies estate, Myriam de Grandir

Frédéric Cavazza

People noticed that there was only 1 woman, and no creator. But these two groups are quite numerous, to not say to make up at least half of sl user.
Wouldn't Linden Lab like to know what these two groups think ?

I think this is not quite "representative" of sl users in France - as of now, sl user is represented by a limited group of men who are finance, ad people. The meeting is not open enough to be "representative".

This talk might be just "non-scoop", auto promotion selling as reported by bloggers - which is likely to be the case - but we also like to hear how CEOs make big sales pitches. :) Hear it first hand ourselves if we had wanted to? instead of being limited by secondhand reports.

In fact, its a "product announcement" type of meeting. So, its mainly for buisness people. Linden Lab makes a sales pitch to French people. Thats what it is.
Especially after I looked at the profiles of the people who went.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

John Thompson's review of Digital Guqin Museum from sl to rl

Master guqin player John Thompson's review of Digital Guqin Museum in sl:

The two main reasons I find the Second Life Virtual Guqin Museum interesting is that it brings the guqin before a new group of people, and it allows the presentation of the music within a context that can in some ways evoke aspects of the guqin tradition better than the standard performance environment can.

Although when well played guqin music is very beautiful, by tradition it is not so much a performance instrument as an instrument for self-cultivation or meditation. In landscape painting it is commonly depicted played in the countryside, and yet from a musical standpoint such an environment is often unsatisfactory (waterfalls are too loud, modern sounds intrude, there may not be an appropriate place to sit or on which to place the instrument, and so forth). However, such an idealized environment can be evoked and perhaps more readily controlled in cyberspace. Another ideal environment is said to the an "elegant gathering" involving other literati arts such as painting, calligraphy and refined conversation.

Again, such an environment can also be created in cyberspace through the addition of appropriate imagery and participation of invited guests. The totality of the guqin makes it very much a multi media instrument by nature. When fully devoloped the Second Life Museum has the potential of bringing this all together.


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mercedes F-cell, Skyball, Chinese music streaming site

live streaming Chinese music

Mercedes F-cell

Skyball by Tilly Ayres

Friday, 27 March 2009

WITH closing, farewell party, Venice, super geek gal Kerrypet, Tillys Skyball4 friends, Live Music venue

Super geek gal Kerrypet speaking to xfactor. :)

Live guitarist from Argentina
Live Music Venue, owner: Circes Broomes

Tilly Ayres made a Skyball, from the Myst flower house in 2006, to the SunFlower giant house to the Secret PixiMushroom House with Dungeon, now the Skyball. I really like this Skyball, you could rezz from a tiny ball that you wear on you, or carry in your hand, click, the whole house envelopes you. From the previous secret rings operations, now we have a standard wood panel with the label - in French - open and behind 2 rows of buttons. Rezz, and you get all the rooms. With thrones, hot tub, cuddling bed - library. Everything. The house now is light, very soft and no longer mystical Wicca tinted. I like it very much.

She gave a spawner script and I tried to solve the problem - how to rezz different rooms - how to apply this problem to the DGM club house?

Once again, I had to ask all around, and I found super geek gal Kerrypet ! She wrote a script and we made a spawny spawner - not only it spawns, it gives you wise cracks ! Kerrypet Llewelyn only took a month to learn all this "basic stuff", because she is a mathematician! I am so thankful for her just-in-time gift of time and solution.

I have asked several of my friends, all geek guys, including one who suggested that why dont I "do them" - just SLsex fun. They help me dont they? That, is the brain of a guy guy. Super geek guy coming out with his "guyness". Yes, why not? and why yes? and why write aobut it? I think in sl, just like in rl, how much meaning you designated to an action will make that event feel very strong or like rain off your back.

In sl the room for multiple meanings is much more generous than in rl.

I have met avatars who told me that they get hurt very deeply just like in rl, that from manual workers to super geek teachers. I think how hurt you get from anything depends on how much importance you set the meaning at the beginning. Just like a script for the spawner. You tell the script to "spawn object" - it will.

The critical point is not "do them" or not, its what comes afterwards. Will it become a chain of "do them" moments, and talk related to "do them" moments? If a tree fell in the forest, and nobody knew, they cannot talk about it. Would the "do them" be such a pleasure, a large cookie - and any cookie will do - that they want to elaborate and enjoy memories of it? Of course!! They want every last bit of that cookie. Otherwise, its not a true cookie.

Why talk about this so much? Ideally, the "do them" moment would have taken place without words.

There was a movie about this, Intimacy, by Patrice Chéreau, I think. Set in London, a woman who comes in every Wed to an apt and just make love with this man, without a word and leaves. If people do have an animal instinct somewhere this is a movie about the difficulties between reality, words and action without words. Where are the layers of emotion in all this. I remember the movie, and the excellent actress, her face and the man, but not the names - I am a visual person.

Maybe this is a good subject for research.
At what moment would you make love or have SLsex without words? (I am sure a lot of people have data on this) Who is the research for... I let sl researchers take care of this... hahahahh

I discovered WITH a high quality sim yesterday, and today is the last day. There was a carnaval ball. All the avatars came in long dresses w masks, and streaming the very dainty court music. There were animal avatars too. One avatar had a horse, that makes Swannjie want to take out her Freisian Mare for the first time. :)
There was a cafe, with servers and many clients. Coffee muffin, everything. They were really friendly and invited me to their parties.

Real life home : Enass, Digital Guqin Museum Annex, Linden Lab Campus, University of Southern Mississippi

Digital Guqin Museum Annex
Support : Linden Lab Campus Land/San Francisco; Enass/Paris; Airship gift/Hanako Hammerer, Tokyo; Oracle Poem scripting/University of Southern Mississippi, Professor Sturtevant and his students; and all my friends in sl - from building, to scripting, to social life : everything that I have learnt from day one to now are only possible because of the avatar/people in sl.

Conclusion : The immersive environment of the sl Virtual World, with real live people behind avatars, makes SL a bona fide interactive effective just-in-time learning experience.

Future : We will move onto the next phase, which is exporting into real life the microscopic steps built from sl

Digital Guqin Museum Annex is part of the Digital Guqin Museum Project by::Conceptor creator/Swannjie, Paris

Playing Guqin on the Digital Guqin Museum annex, Oracle Poem Platform, Linden Campus

Mobile Music in cardboard, Digital Guqin Museum Airship gifted by Hanako Hammerer, land by Linden Lab

Digital Museum Club House :: Main platform, land gifted by WangXiang

Invited to a party, so I thought I would amuse the host. What kind of guest is one that does not do their part? Here it is. Everything here is real.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

DGM Airship, House of Sweden, sushimetal and hatsune miku, Qin songs, Vocaloid, CUI HuiXin, MAO HuiSheng, CAI XiaoMeng, XIAO Shuo

DGM Airship on campus, with mobile DGM

House of Sweden, I finally came to visit this Embassy of Sweden located in sl.

Met Sushimetal today, he showed me his new music - and some songs with hatsune miku singing. Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid personnality. Isnt this so cute, fun, and we could use it in many applications. How would that sound with a Vocaloid singing Qin songs?

Qin songs are often sad, or melancholic, what would it sound like with a hatsune miku - hatsune miku playing the guqin and singing how sad she is blocked at her home, and people no longer remember her... would hatsune miku perform a convincing melancholic song?

Sushimetal does rock and roll, punk rock drums, he said, hatsune miku is cute but not really good for drums. You could see from her fans club, very cute.

Can Hatsune miku sing some Qin songs, or conversely speaking - can we write some Qin songs for people with a Hatsune miku outlook? If not, what place does Qin music have in pop or contemporary living ? Where is the place for Qin music?

In the ancient days, Qin music is not played in certain places, no drunkenness, no smoking, no boisterous ambiance, its is a quiet interior voice.

So maybe the hatsune miku voice could be applied to the Qin instrument, but it would not be in the spiritual purpose of what a Qin can offer you. On the other hand, a cute voice with Qin songs is not impossible, there are children players of the Qin - for example CUI Hui Xin , MAO Hui Sheng, CAI Xiao Meng, and the very talented XIAO Shuo. I have made videos of these children players. As you could see here, why would children be melancholic?

I would like to try a vocaloid, and Hatsune Miku singing Qin songs might be a very delicate niche, might be a mismatch in purpose and tool.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Monday, 23 March 2009

"x factor" a gift, Contagious Republic's cool av, YouTube viewing w friends, Snow tiger pet, Tillys instant house,

Virtual Buddha has a twin, he or she is X-factor. This just means, they have the same brain, so its not a twin but a clone! But this clone does not take the form of a Buddha, but as a cube of plum blossoms encased in an icecube: no symbolism here, it was just a recepticle handy at that moment. The ice cube originally contained one single red musical staff note - it was a Valentines Day present from a handsome musician. This cube is very simple, 4 prims, because the note has a flag, a stem, a round heart and the casing. 4 prims. This object doesnt do anything, it looks chic and cool. The note ressembles a red heart, and a note naturally has a duration, it has a beat... so everything flows into each other in an elegant way. I just put this object over the brain of the Buddha. Now, Buddha has a new life, as a compressed plum blossom cube, pierced by the note and encased in ice. And if you talk to the her/him, the X-factor - you will get very interesting answers. Because, with this new body, the creator of the x-factor, father of brain, is inspired to train the brain properly. After training, this brain will give wise and mellow, sweet and sharp, straight to the heart conversations. Stay tuned!

Come see the x-factor, maybe you want to talk to her/him. When you get a brain as eloquent as this, its might even be better than your tolerant sl friends!

Visited my favorite tiger friend today

Watching Youtube with Contagious

Contagious avatar as a germ

Contagious avatar as a monster

Podhouse, one of my favorite dwellings

I looked at the various guest houses - Tillys Myst flower still remains a v cozy little apt. I will just customise some of the insides... infact isnt this a flowery version of a Skyball? Skyball is nice too. :) All this is gentle fun... like combing my hair.

A visit from a guy. What about? China, the world moves...what I had seen when I was in Asia was a new world, everything I read about from novels, all the finesse, the poetic beings are no more, not in the everyday. My China is not the contemporary China, it was a China in books. Purified by the writers from another era. DGM maybe a version of a filtered version - naturally - a special screening just like any reproduction of what we see around us. Its my selection of what Guqin culture is all about. It is not an all inclusive world of Guqin, this is not a thesis. It is a private partial museum. I get rid of all the no-sex appeal parts of culture - because thats how I like to enjoy life. I want people to enjoy what fun, discovery, senses entails, esthetics, lightness, freedom, I want all these things.

:) I enjoyed his visit, didnt see his built, ran out of time.

I checked the Virtual Buddha smart talk, and I am inviting the super Virtual Buddha to come to dgm, but he doesnt have to come as Virtual Buddha, he could come as - say, an type of unusual speaker phone leading to the centre of the earth ? or, let the Virtual Buddha brain think of his best reincarnation himself? What does Virtual Buddha brain want to be?

I have started to train a new brain - this new brain could contrast with the super Virtual Buddha brain spirit. There will be at least two brains to ask question to, to confide in, to speak silliness, come talk to Buddha ! Or that other silly brain that has not yet been born.

sl is about friendship and human warmth. If your loved ones are not available, their arms are not around you, let me be around you, silly brains says, I am here. :) Let me be that pretty silk robe that wraps around you!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sculptures by Meleni Fairymeadow, Buddha talk, Swannjie's Cybertwin, DGM airship renovation plan

Went to visit Penglai island take a look at the Siberian tiger to see if hes well, and in passing show the Buddha to Kerrypet, I told Kerrypet that you could talk to the Buddha. Actually i was looking for the avatar bot, but its not there. So, Buddha bot is good too. We had some very funny conversation w the Buddha, I want to invite the Buddha to DGM. Now, are the repliques set by the owner or do they come w the Buddha? So, I went to see the creators place, an abbey, very nice space with sculpture rezzer display. This is such a good device, it does not clutter up the abby unlike a lot of shopping malls. Saw sculptures by Meleni Fairymeadow, there was also a garage sale. The cloister, the sculpture, the garage sale, the nice free dining room - its a total experience. Have a glass wine and nice view out of the window. Its a quiet luxury very nice. The figurative scultpures are made of volumes that shows the creator knows real sculpture very well, otherwise you couldnt build such nice lines and forms. There was also Homer Simpson next to Leda and the Swan - everybody equal. :)

Swannjie just got a cybertwin, thanks to WangXiangs instructions... lets see how here cybertwin throws back the ball. Take a look! Upper right hand corner, talk to her!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Virtual World @Taiwan guqin conf 『古 琴、音 樂 美 學 與 人 文 精 神 』 」 跨 領 域 、跨 文 化 」國 際 學 術 研 討 會, 2009, April 25th 14h30-16h30; rl music :: Chine-France

A tour of the Digital Guqin Museum will be presented infront of real life Master guqin players and scholars from around the world at "Intercultural International Conference on Guqin, Aesthetics and Humanism, 『古 琴、音 樂 美 學 與 人 文 精 神 』 」 跨 領 域 、跨 文 化 」國 際 學 術 研 討 會", TaiChung, Taiwan. DGM live demo and tour, April 24-25, 14h30-16h30, 2009

Swannjie will be sent to do the live demo and maybe with a special guest doing live performance. The time will be from 14h30 to 16h30 Taiwan time, April 25th 2009.

Everybody welcome !











music programme in China/France