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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Let the Bullets Fly (讓子彈飛)***, Je n'ai rien oublié **

Je n'ai rien oublié **
Depardieu and others
Drama and intrique in luxury setting

Beautiful scenario, beautiful house, gd looking actresses both white hair ones and young lady like ones, murder, almost murder, discovery of children switched at childhood stage, monologues, girl married into dark dirty moneyed family, slapping face, divorce, suicide... sumptuous gardens.

I have always liked to have a house like this, walls full of books from top to bottom, garden house, green grass, wood paneling, (no servants please) everything else yes, but who cleans such a huge ensemble of rooms, just one servant? Impossible. Huge houses need a lot of follow through work, and we see no untidiness... this is a post card movie with Depardieu doing most of the monologue work. Hes magnificent, he does his reminiscence speech about childhood. Great emotions, and the story is told quickly, more pretty pictures, clothing, funeral and a shot of the blue grey sky, like water, says Depardieu. And nice piano ending , credits.

Jewellery, clothing worn by matriarch all very well put together - its a designers visual movie of style; with Depardieu doing his emotional reminiscence talk. Winter garden house, large grass park across from one house to the other. A certain life style that makes the guest and hosts separate in a fine distance. Few people could live like that, and we ordinary movie goers could go have a peek.

Fine movie with details very nice.

Let the Bullets Fly (讓子彈飛)***
Historical satire comedy

Very swift sharp acting. All the actor and actresses are interesting. I just wished the camera linger a little longer on Carina Lau, she is very gd at playing sexy women; why waste the opportunity when you already got her? It is a funny movie, dialogues v witty. Chow Yun Fat is irritating, his facial expressions are the same all through. Of the three male lead, Ge You, the one who plays a tricky money grabbing mayor without a backbone is very subtle. Jiang Wen looks and feels like a nice straight man, a hero waiting to accomplish all these feats.
The title has engendered an idiomatic use in everyday language. People use it as a "let a few rally go on first... let a few rounds go first..."

Very good, but the mix of English words in the dialogue just for fun is too easy and cheap, cheapens the movie unnecessarily.

Other than that, this movie is clearly in another league from ordinary comedy /warlord/ Western movies, inspite of the afore mentioned points.

Props, Objects and Clutter as Story Telling device

anti pirate RFID credit card holder

lavender shoot from a DIY can. (One shoot is visible for now, out of 9 grains)

Props, Objects, and Clutter as design

Often in movies - just like in real life, props help push story telling forward.
If you assemble enough props - it always suggests a story all by itself.

People often praise getting a "de-clutter" program for their house, why is this so necessary? Under what circumstances would "clutter" be destructive to a pleasant environment at home?

I think when all these objects you gather doesnt tell any story, when it only shows no pleasure hindrance to life. Time to remove those things you dont love and will never use. Especially things you dont love. Like 5 boxes of clothing that you bought but never even opened afterwards!

Some movies with clutter scenarios; "NoDame Cantabile 2" - the clutter setting is to show that NoDame is really a child at heart. Because children love to spread things all around. Toys, blankets, no order at all because their world is one of discovery.

Karl Lagerfelds apartment in this documentary is also interesting. He has zillions of iphones and many many bags, it feels lively.

Nuits d'ivresse printanière ***

Nuits d'ivresse printanière ***, director: LOU Ye

Documentary style handheld camera, low lighting, grainy, dark, clandestine shot fiction
Romantic Love, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual love life in contemporary China in Spring

The film has little narration, succint and the story is intricate, sensitive.
Due to the rough texture of the film making itself, crude love making scenes; it looks very realistic/documentary like. It shows bluntly the melodramatic sad muffled suppression of homosexual love and the difficulties of finding outlets for transexuals and all non mainstream love. The China we see here is rather dirty, even when people are taking showers, washing incessantly, there seem to be a forever coating of unclear smog on mirrors, in the air, on the street, everywhere. The outdoor scene next to a lake, along water edge has the softness of ancient cities. All the trees, the clouds, mists are gentle and accomodating, it just seems the people are running themselves into dead ends there is no way out. Man who works in a bookshop and his teacher wife lives together, we see him on an outing with another man. They are lovers. The bookish Man wants his wife to meet his salary man as ordinary friend - because he wants to have a friendly relationship (this is very Asian). The Woman finds this unacceptable and stops salary man from hanging around her husband, but he commits suicide. The salary man has missed his great love. He tries to replace with another guy - the man who was the detective who followed him. The young man wants to entertain this relation with the salary man, but he also wants to bring his girlfriend. The three goes on a road trip and the girlfriend was shocked to find out. She plays along a little but only for a short time and left them. She also does not accept this threesome idea. The salaryman change profession, he runs a clothing shop and lives with another transexual person from the club and all this, narrated from a book; two man reading together a book of Yu Da Fu 1927 a very poetic text on the occasions of passing love by.

We get the idea that this is a story shared in a book by two intimate friends.

The film has a lot of realistic scenarios, karaoke, small restaurants, illegal labourers, reality of setting up business, restaurants, salons, factories, sex life of man/woman, man/man, man/man/woman. The suffocating social norms and desire all suppressed in a conservative society thats on its way to become open and modernised. Quick paced, dislocated people with no way out for Spring time desires. People dont know what is acceptable and what is not nor how to negotiate new situations thats happening everywhere.

While I was watching this movie, it reminded me of the book Dream of the Red Chamber - in the classic novel there are descriptions of homosexuality, threesomes, transgression, cross dressing people but in that scenario, and surrounding - ultra affluent private household - everything is negotiated gently, so you could have very non-conformist situations and it could be absorbed with ease due to the limited "arena"; if people wanted it, it could be arranged. It wouldnt be like in the movie, where you could run and drive for miles and hours and days maybe, and you would always to still have no way out. The same everywhere.

Very subtle layers of relationships, delicate, successful and powerful story w flesh and breath, a contemporary movie.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Les yeux de sa mère **half, Rango**half

Les yeux de sa mère **half
Psychological drama with mother/child relationships, open/hidden homosexuality, adoptive parent/child, career/motherhood issues

The film plot is quite complicated involving a triple generation following lines of mother abandonning child psychology play. Plot: a journalist was hired to write some dirt digging sensational novel on a famous tv anchor woman and her famous ballet star daughter, as the journalist wormed his way to become assistant to the tv anchor woman, and boyfriend of the dancer slowly he becomes ambivalent and feels like a traitor to these nice trusting women. The dancer wrote a letter to an abandonned son - she had him when she was 16 - but the son refused to see her. So the journalist travels to the seaside vacationing hotel to check out the situation. The son, is an amateur boxer and waiter at the hotel, he fancies the journalist. The journalist is ambivalent, maybe he is also a man of similar inclinations but this seems to take second place to the betrayal problem that he is feeling towards the mother and daughter, and now to the son.
Plot is very complicated. The sets and scenarios are not very convincing. The dancer is very good, professional. She is not an actrice playing a dancer, but a real dancer its nice to see precise moves. Overall speaking, its too complicated, but we feel that the writer has urgent message to tell us viewers. As is, it maybe a ball of knots that requires a little bit more chewing than necessary. However, it is a movie with content maybe its not very smooth or convincing, but we feel the author/screen writers especially - as i think all the actors were very good - is trying to work too much into the film. The sentiments shown does not move us. The actrice playing the adoptive mother and father are very good. She has the right type of warmth and he has the right type of healthy fatherly chummy guy thing with him. Very charming couple. Catherine Deneuve is just herself. We dont understand why the dancer is by herself? She is good looking and sensitive, and her aunt, the Spanish lady is very good. Tiny facial expressions very effective to show concern and warmth, generosity, well brought up finesse, and patience. Everything anybody would like in a mother. She was the one who knew about the dancers life, not the absent busy professional mom. (Why did the writer have so much tattoo on his body? Was he in prison? Or are these stylised signs for certain "tribal appartenance" only some people - movie goers in the know - would recognise?

The writer has quite a few cats to whip. A memorable movie.

Rango **half
Western gunfight comedy in high quality CG animation

Fast paced, story line exaggerated jokes in the stereotype Western flicks, monsters, visually slick, good music. We dont need to see it a second time.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"花魁 : 石球": HuaKui Stone 2011: 周 旋 捷: 120 rooms

Doll for human scale
HuaKui 花魁 Stone : a marble ball coming from space to earth : 2011 : 周 旋 捷

"花魁 : 石球": HuaKui Stone
120 rooms:Marble/Inox

120 Pirelli Calendar

Friday, 18 March 2011


MA PART DU GATEAU** half, Cédric Klapisch 2011
Dramatic comedy

French unemployed ex-factory worker mom with "Balls and Waves" meets International moneyed trader beast needing a house cleaner

Wide range of everyday life from Dunkerque to super fancy Parisienne penthouse apartment w a view to the Eiffel tower of a top notch International trader. Karin Viard is very good in this movie, she usually plays "matter of fact" gd sense middle age women. As HK Chinese people say, someone with "balls and waves" - (Balls are not the palm size male type but the armful female type) she plays a zesky factory worker, after being laid off attempted suicide but rapidly sprung back up to be retrained as house keeper/cleaner. Scenes of her exaggerated foreign accent are outrageous v gd - this is a comedy. In real life, going from a suicide recoverage bed to being the boisterous confident women is not v realistic - it sets up unlikely premises. So she goes on, someone who made pitance wage to this ultra fancy apt. Received by an non-native French man - maybe Maroccain origin, father of a young worker friend from the factory who owns a training formation for house cleaners mainly for immigrant women. She was asked to fake an accent to not appear strange in his cohort. The scene was played correctly the man was v courteous and helpful and not more, he gives v sensible advice how to make a gd impression on a client. And she does her boisterous part. She showed no signs of having to adapt to the new boss at home - but continues and even accompanies him to high level London dinner. Where she plays once again boisterous "phony Russian" accents. Slap stick style almost.

The gd scenes are when she sleeps - matter of factly, she out of chummy friendship and him sex needs - so they continue the everyday conversation in bed. She doesnt feel that shes "lower" than him - how could this be? Her income depends on him? If she were so confident, she would not have committed suicide at the beginning already due to being fired! But this is a comedy... so we move on, she overheard him talking on the phone to a colleague, that "he also just jumped on/"made" the cleaning women" - then she knew that she is nothing to this crude animal of big money, high finance.

Without deciding before hand, she somehow lost sight of the little boy but out of the situation, she decided to teach him a lesson by forcing him to come to Dunkerque to see what "trading" means to the lives of the factory which was forced to close.

Police comes after her, during a community event, where little kids did a v nice flash dancing number. She was taken by the police, locked in the car, while her kids and factory friends came to her support they surrounded the police truck/car, blocked the guys who followed in his fancy racer, attacked him physically, and pushed him out of the way and he had to run away, chased him out of the scenery.

And we see Karin Viard, a smile broke through her face, she started to laugh.
End of film.

The chain of pearls which did not hang straight overall

This is a comedy afterall, not realistic, the little scenes that the movie is composed of are realistic, but the overall story line and belivableness of the events are not so - its almost like a movie wanting to be a comic book. But it would not really work, because, comic book representations would miss the live aspect of the little scenes. The compressed sequences of exaggerated key actions are what comic books are famously gd for, but here, the gem is in the detail of each action, not in the storyline itself. So it wouldnt have worked. Its a strange film w nice individual scenes but hangs crooked and forced as an overall film work.

The central story line is build on one after another highly implausible premise. Even though each scene is well played and has a richness and accuracy in detail independantly - but marred by the awkward unnatural overall stringing of pearls itself, as a necklace of a film: it turns this into a small film of amusement to charm audiences for a laugh.

Very Gd Details in each scene:
ie scenes in the cocktail reception at home, Karin had to serve fancy caterer food to the guests, and meanwhile her daughter calls to say she wants to have a tattoo on her body if its ok. She just roughly said "NO", and no discussion... while rattling the tray to be nice to the guests. Viard is a v gd actrice, this is the reality of a working mom whos first concern is her children. Its her family, her children which come first. Mountains of money means nothing if this part is not set right - she tells her boss to read a story to his son.

The little boy is really cute, he has an angel face with accompanied unconscious naughtiness - the face in an Italian Renaissance painting.

The choice of the boy actor, his cute angelic appearance is very important. In reality, big moneyed person usually do not necessarily have angelic faced kids, if this kid was a little less beautiful and natural, the whole film ambiance would swerve towards a less comedic drift; imagine a kid, ordinary, crying, sad faced (as you see in a lot of families where the parent only gives moneyed gifts but not time) there will be no place for Viards cheerfulness to begin. She would have to play a more slow paced, patient type of figure facing a sour faced child.

The children at the beginning talks about the mothers suicide amongst friends, each kid expresses what they think, what they saw, they dont agree w suicide even though times are tough and the daughter says she understands that a mom could sometimes break down too... there is a healthy exchange shown here, that problems could be talked about from the adult world to the childrens world, each one comprehends the situation at their level. Even though Viard just came back from the hospital, she had to organise a housefull of kids to make sphaghetti dinner - for everyone. The reality of a working mom, there is no break, no rest. You just get back on the horse immediately after the fall.

The "boss", the money animal, he sees a mannequin, a young girl, innocent looking, invites her to venice - but rushed around jumps off the Gondola to go back to watch the trading on his computer. He has no time for romance - unlike what the girl expected even though she is already in the world of blasé luxury wear modelling. He bought her a deep blue satin baby doll underwear. To her, its nice gift, but to him, he watches the dressing up of the live doll for him to play together. He did not really see her as a person with her needs. Hes not the old folky 007 sexy fighter who cared enough to romance her - even a tiny bit, even for the duration of a wkend trip. Acting is v gd, his love making is rough, coerced near raping, he did not care for her willing or not. He covered her mouth w his palm to not hear what she had to say. No break for him too, hes on the go, every hour means another 60,000euro, depending on a tiny fraction of a cent, but over a million, profit is profit. He must keep on the ball.

Forced story pushers:
Viard wears a short skirt w a side slit when doing vaccuuming - hmm, I think few house cleaner could afford to wear clothes like this to do house chores - do you see in any other film that cleaning ladies wears such clothes? She was costumed to suggest a role where we could also believe that - yes, he might, just might also consider her to be in the picture beyond the cleaning lady role.

The "boss" meets the ex/still ongoing -flame; he cries, she still comes to help him chase down the fleeting Viard w his son. She gives advice, never let the "femme menage" spk to you like this - even though he is on friendly terms w Viard through the daily living experiences and kindly in bed sympathies exchanged; but due to practical, and social conventions, he stiffens to become the "boss", buttressed by the girlfriend, no softness here. So he calls the police and started the chase. (When a normal phone call with kinder voice would have resolved the whole mystery, but we need action, so onto the next scene...)

Everything fits, maybe stuffed fit, or forced fit.
Still very gd w many authentic details, alive and kicking with Viard, the "Ball and Wave" woman. Charming all the way.

Would Cédric make a film less sweet in the future? It would be v gd when he does.

Maybe his necklace is a loaded necklace, string up everything and go go go. All the beautiful and scratched beads all strung together to fit into 2hrs.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Angele et Tony ***

Angele et Tony ***

A very fine film on a love story Northern coast of fishing port village in France. The film is shot w little dialogue, v minimum of narration.

The film opens with an unlikely pair, gd looking tough gal - she has problem w spelling therefore not intellectual type - meets Tony through small ad. We think these two dont go together - hes maybe too old, fat, and shes young and gd looking, energetic, uninhibited in sex. She traded sex for an action figure toy - a toy for her son. Later we find out that she had been in prison, maybe for killing her ex-husband. Tony for some reason is reticent about her, he helps her, but keeps a distance. When he finds out that she had been in prison and maybe cannot keep custody of her son, he brings her to a bridal shop for a dress. Now, that is love, isnt it? Coming to resolve major problems when needed?

We dont know exactly whats eating Tony, it might have to do with guilt with his fathers death at sea? He seemed to know where to look for the body... but we dont know if he actually killed his own father too? But we could understand why he would understand Angele's problem.

The movie slowly develops to a point that Tony's mom is being friendly to Angele, and they are off to church. Everybody came to the Mairie, a small group of friends. Thats nice isnt it?

Then Angeles son asked Tony if it hurts when crabs pinch you? Tony brings the bride and kid to the seaside to check it out.

Angele looks sweeter, more relaxed and prettier, she has become totally another person.

And the magic; Angele looks good with Tony, they look like a plausible couple in the end.

Through 90mn, we see a transformation of the relationship of two people. Very subtly with little words.

We also see the everyday local life of ordinary French seaside fishing folks.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Winter's Bone***

Winter's Bone ***
Director: Debra Granik. With: Jennifer Lawrence, Shelley Waggener, Garret Dillahunt

A very tough to watch movie, the whole film is full of "not very pretty" characters. This movie makes True Grit look like entertainment. The story is of a whole village, macho, lost in the mountain, methane dealing people - everyone in town is in the business - and how unspoken secrets of the "trash" level created tension. All I see is white trash, white trash, white trash... but maybe it really isnt, its mountain people. Reminds me of redneck folks w the banjo playing in the movie Deliverance.

I wouldnt want to go there, I would be afraid of the law taken into their own hand type of rules in such a place. What is very unsettling is that the women are the ones who carries out the tough and dirty chores, bashing unwanted intruders (oh no none of the men touched her, it was I who did the bashing!) And the women goes into the lake, chainsawed the hands off - to help the girl to prove that the father is dead so she could keep the house and carry on with her life - thats the condition and context and thats what they could do for her.

The girl character is courageous and well acted, the brother and little sister are both good kids.

This movie makes me not want to go to any lost mountain town.
I cannot imagine having to live in such tough way of life.

There are chinese movies on village people, mountain people, but usually they are gentle and kind - and in reality they are too. I am so surprised to see these mountain people, and I would not want to get myself into such a context. There will be no getting through to them.

Margaret Cho said on her show that she had driven through the mid-West, the very racist, red neck country and did shows. I imagine these villages might be ones that she mentioned and that she had passed through. I appreciate the difficulties of doing talk shows as an Asian minority in US.

Watching this film shows me the bottom layer of USA - the layer that has little coverage because the people in the film are so unlikable.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Festival de Cannes: Atelier 2011
Huang Weikai - Now is the Future of the Past - from China is one of the chosen film maker, there are 15 global participants!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011



director: Icíar Bollaín
actors: Gael García Bernal, Luis Tosar, Carlos Aduvir

A movie within a movie with documentary camera shooting parallel reality.
The director shows a team of US film maker in Bolivia shooting a historical story of how Christians and Christopher Columbus has exploited, killed native Indians, force them to convert to Christianity. The actors are also revolting against the govenment in real life, they want to take everything from the people, even the rain (local water source has been locked by the govenment) The documentary shoots the going ons in the film shooting event. And we are shown the movie making, the documentary footage, and the overall scene of the big picture. Memorable movie, though there are strange places here and there.

A movie with historical conscious, it tells the story of the oppressed - because our world continues in this way. The rich controls and exploits the poor. All changes for the better are made at great costs.

Its a very fine movie with much more than general entertainment in mind.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Largo Winch 2**, Sans identité**half

A director friend once told me, she gets all these films and to find out whether it would "work" in the market, she gives them to her secretary to view. If she likes it then it might be marketable. She never gives these films to "film critic/reviewers" to give feedback. She wanted only the ordinary persons feedback.

So here I am I go see two general public film - are they actually entertaining? Wby are they made if not for entertainment?

I also think, what is the life of a movie actor/actress? All this time spent to rehearse, make connections, and dinner, etc etc. For the time they have left over, do they actually get any time to think for themselves? Each profession has its own perks and hardship. Acting is an exciting profession, but aside from talent and luck, money, it is a demanding type of work.

Largo Winch 2 **,

Movie made from a comic book - complicated plot, Birmanie as background, exotic drug lord type of setting, wild jungle lots of jeeps and shooting and under the table money, wet thin cotton shirt jump in pool scenes, cute baby, handsome rich idealistic idol yg guy, evil father old chap whos gone crazy, intrique, finally, everything is fine again. Sharon stone appears in every scene w a different sexy vamp outfit, spike heels shoes, and bad acting. She seems to play a kind of strange sex pin up person, v funny posture and not attractive. Cool like, but not so cool; the Largo character is handsome, the indigene gal v pretty, but very stereo typical - as most comic books are. But here, v boring movie. Sky diving fight is interesting but not believable unlike the James Bond sky diving fight which takes your breath away. This one, we think, a lot of slow down dragged out frames to make all this in the sky movements possible, in fact, its probably a huge fan blowing and people pretend to be sky diving? Comic effect.

Sans identité**half

Thriller, tight paced, and as the movie goes along, we realise more and more details - which makes the film less "smart plot", because the story teller was with holding information right from the beginning, you could never figure this one out! But it keeps our attention until both guy and gal get their new Canadian passport (why should it be Canadian? Why didnt they make it American? Very strange message hidden here!)

Poudre, gloire & beauté (War Paint)***

Poudre, gloire & beauté *** (Arte channel)
sequences: Loïc Prigent.

based on the book "War Paint: Madame Helena Rubinstein and Miss Elizabeth Arden, Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry" by Lindy Woodhead

Very interesting documentary w many stylish footage and story well told.
Helena Rubinstein looks regal in the film and Arden elitist. I think I like Rubinstein's vigor in life - Arden also tough lady. Rubinstein collected art, Picasso made sketches of for her portrait which she didnt like! :) True Artists are not service providers, thats why the portrait is not flattering in the way she likes it. Almost all painters have in their life to paint clients who did not appreciate the way they were seen. Isnt this funny? But if she had, this portrait would have been one of the most important work in her collection, I think.
I liked the sketches, v expressive. Rubinstein was a star.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

La Permission de minuit ***

La Permission de minuit ***

Something strangely "real" in this movie. Many many details thats almost like a documentary, and all the scenario, sets very realistic - as if you were really in somebodies home. The Emmanuelle Devos character, a doctor is at once tough and soft and warm just right to the point. The Linden doctor character is very warm, his eyes plays the scenes. The young boy w the UV sensitive sickness, his first love etc all very natural and performed v well. Dialogue is succint, no standard formula speech.

I feel that I have shared in different peoples lives, the things that they take care of. For example, the doc tells his patient, you dont answer the phone when you are peeing! but its my mother... yeah, especially its your mother, they could hear you and its not nice; and wash your hands, not jsut he two fingers you used, but the whole hand... etc like a father talking to a son.

many subtle points, but , only 4 people in the cinema.

such a film gets made is evidence that people do care about cinema here in France.
I like it v much, the music is also fine. Retro.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

1480 houses w tags

1470 items in front of my eyes

1 mickey mouse
2 oldest owl kakapo
3 chris ware
4 airstream
5 tiny house
6 sky lodge in a ball
7 sphere home
8 cube house
9 camping car
10 hotair balloon
11 movie
12 final cut pro
13 soy milk machine
14 sketch book
15 peking duck
16 optic mouse w track ball
17 marble igloo
18 delicate igloo
19 giant balls
20 movie pass
21 coffee machine
22 typewriter
23 agenda for banks
24 stamps
25 guqin
26 tea party
27 ice cream
28 whisky
29 cognac
30 red wine
31 gas station clock
32 simpson belt w nic nac
33 almond cookies
34 umbrella holder
35 water bottle
36 bus
37 airplane ticket
38 aluminum suitcase
39 child size doll
40 barbie doll
41 ceramic mug for coffee
42 tiny teapot for pu erh
43 mixing bowl
44 swimming suit
45 swimming antifog goggles
46 pink glazed soup bowl
47 nail scissors
48 long black paper scissors
49 couturier cloth scissors
50 crap scissors
51 champagne glasses
52 double milk heater
53 huahui cubes
54 huakui ballball
55 cardboard tiles
56 plier stapler
57 red 60s sofa
58 guqin in a black case
59 guqin models
60 masks on the wall
61 hermetic Norwegian pot
62 oven in inox
63 square glass jam Italian jars
64 round inox sugar bowls café style
65 dried lemons
66 body ball
67 paint brushes
68 glass beaker
69 bull bull
70 platta
71 bone cushion
72 lucky red tiger cushion
73 lucky tiger stripe tiger hidden in a sausage cushion
74 green suede coat
75 blue jean cotton dress coat
76 white stool w black gothic cushion
77 irregular style light green ceramic mug
78 Nokia 5510 blue phone
79 Nokia E71 smart phone
80 iphone G3 super thin white
81 iphone G3 ordinary black
82 black mesh waist pouch
83 Canon scanner
84 Sony Vaio pc
85 Apple G4
86 Sony Vaio pc no2
87 Toshiba
88 Xo Olpc purple+yellow logo
89 Tamayo plant
90 Folding tray on small table w toile design
91 Chinese stool
92 Chinese short square coffee table
93 Little red note book
94 Tang statuette w riding lady
95 tiny double expresso coffee maker
96 swing around on handle campfire style coffee maker
97 2 horses water pipe ceramic figurine
98 2 60s french ceramic trout on ice block
99 one oil painting w red background and green figure w grids
100 one twin headed Buddha oilpainting
101 one green teapot w metal lid
102 6 orange boxes w label on handle
103 4 red boxes w label on handle
104 one bear furry cd holder
105 one canary furry cd holder in a plastic microwave dish
106 20 silver color large paper clips
107 many pairs of sun glasses
108 one pair of 3D movie viewing glasses
109 many mini dv tapes recorded
110 tivoli red radio
111 one can of ink cartridge – at least 100 cartridge inside blue
112 one aviator watch w three dials
113 one box of wumei throat candies
114 one cardreader
115 2 hot water bottles under Sony Vaio
116 one transparent blue carnet
117 one long plastic case full of pink ribbons
118 one small white plastic case full of stationary pens etc
119 one green BN style reading lamp
120 one black ultra strong halogene desk lamp, square black
121 two square box for picture frames
122 one Perrier water glass
123 6 american elegant style teacup pink in hard plastic
124 6 metal bowls
125 4 thin Japanese noodle soup bowls thin
126 one camping enamel bowl w white specks on colbalt blue base
127 matching soup spoon
128 hotpot w grill in centre
129 croque monsieur machine
130 oval tea bin
131 vichy candy box
132 wicker stool
133 sfr modem
134 black flat telephone
135 dental floss
136 basketball mouse
137 many unanswered letters
138 sportsac pouch
139 sportsac briefcase red
140 sportsac briefcase blue
141 strip pattern suitcase
142 pump for body ball
143 thin wood fruit basket w candies
144 glass aperitif bowl
145 milk canister candy jar
146 five plastic containers w dried fruit, sugar, cereal, candies
147 tea
148 saladier
149 white mixing bowl
150 platter dusty rose color
151 green avocado dishes
152 movies the game
153 quqin handbook in cloth case
154 wine box shelving
155 coffee grinder Peugeot 60s
156 hand made cups
157 stamp collection
158 spools of industrial thread green, orange
159 hat felt baby blue
160 shipping strapping weave large panier pink and white
161 desk w modernist leather handle
162 dictionaries
163 wicker folding chairs
164 printer
165 pink shelves
166 poems of Tang dynasty 300
167 rocking chair maquette
168 glass head Buddha
169 fishing bate in a little round box w string
170 fan
171 bonsai tree outside the window
172 lavender plant outside the window
173 green frog egg shaped
174 blue thermos
175 red thermos
176 slow cooker white
177 wok copper and inox
178 fruit bowl copper
179 toaster
180 po chai wan
181 slippers
182 beefeater bag for ice cream
183 metal round bar
184 rum
185 nu er hong
186 shaker
187 lemon liqueur
188 bubblegum machine
189 keys
190 giant size fly eye sunglasses
191 horseback riding hard hat
192 white fedora w pink ribbon
193 hot pink fedora w black ribbon
194 wine glasses
195 martini glasses
196 sake
197 black glutinous rice wine
198 ice wine
199 flash light
200 pu erh tea in gold nugget
201 christal liqueur glasses
202 pink wine glasses
203 large pink glasses from 40s
204 knitted metal tubing
205 african string instrument
206 suede backpack
207 umbrella
208 book bag
209 gache pas ta vie postcard
210 name tag
211 wicker tray
212 mixer for potage
213 wood bread box – round massive
214 expresso coffee maker orange
215 telephones on the shelve – transparent, one pink one white
216 plum vinegar
217 xiwu vinegar artisanat
218 30 fountain pen w ultra fine points
219 plume pen w different nibs
220 ink stone from Qing dynasty
221 Chinese table
222 Ming chair
223 Qing chair
224 Bear holding a tray
225 Red saladier w serving fork and spoon
226 Reading glasses in slim tubes
227 Red 60s square spoon and forks
228 Table drill
229 Folders
230 Rhodoid transparencies
231 Paper
232 Acetate sheets
233 Photo paper
234 Dvd
235 Kleenex
236 Mustard seeds
237 Lentil beans
238 Black beans
239 Soybeans
240 Seaweeds
241 Oil filter for soup
242 Rice cookies puffed round
243 Oil lamp for camping
244 Penny stove for camping
245 Android
246 Altoid candies
247 Large sun umbrella 1meter dia
248 Inks
249 Paints
250 Paper glue
251 Leather glue
252 Simple wood leg round coffee table
253 Rabbit head pepper grinder
254 Teddy bear honey can tiny
255 Rubber gloves
256 Mushrooms monkey head type
257 Sugar bean seed for planting
258 Holland sugar flat bean for planting
259 Black tiny beans from Taiwan for planting
260 Red stone ware dishes
261 Folding holders w drafting tools
262 Rolls of paper
263 Old obsolete slides from Roger
264 Pen nibs government writing sales
265 Acrylic oblong handmade tray
266 Red large plexi glass tray
267 Black Russian enamel round tray
268 Color copper cable wires
269 Woolen slippers
270 Black tight sweater
271 Black biking pants
272 Black glossy Mary Jane shoes
273 Black semi satin leather walking golf style shoes
274 Black army boots
275 Black salamander sandles
276 Gold salamander sandles
277 Silver salamander sandles
278 Red eleastic short boots
279 Gold running shoes
280 Gold and yellow fur Reebok running shoes
281 Logitech track ball mouse gray
282 Logitech track ball mouse white
283 Tiny pocket thermos
284 Kurusawa book on kappa oil
285 Wishes Lies and Dreams
286 Kafka dvd
287 Silver fountain pen
288 Clips w snake body
289 Name cards
290 Dusting brush
291 Army google holder and googles
292 Seal skin change purse
293 Spoons from airline
294 Long chopsticks
295 Short chopsticks
296 Ivory color white chopsticks
297 Lego sink
298 Needle pack
299 Leather needle holder
300 Oyster serving dish
301 Handmade chess set in acrylic
302 Moulinette
303 Mushroom desk lamp
304 Pot scrubber
305 Green snake body lamp
306 Overhead light bulb
307 Mask lamp shade
308 Carved mirror
309 Cheese grater
310 Oil vinegar soy sauce
311 Flour
312 Tiny cook book
313 Transformer
314 Adapter
315 Extension cords
316 Coffee filter in paper
317 Coffee filter in glass
318 Coffee filter in metal
319 Cheese
320 Epoxy glue
321 Leather document holder
322 Vacuum cleaner
323 Screw driver
324 Plier
325 Chinese large scissors
326 Medium scissors
327 Nail clipper
328 Tiny black scissors
329 Plant scissors pink
330 Crab scissors pink
331 Magic markers all sorts
332 Paris map book
333 Acrylic rod ruler
334 Architect scale
335 Wood file holder
336 Hangers
337 Scrapbook empty
338 Phone book
339 Guqin large hand scroll
340 Sound folk
341 Score
342 Scarf
343 Fur hat
344 Curtains
345 Asperagus dish hand painted
346 Asperagus dish white
347 Small empire style coffee cups
348 Back massage hooks one
349 Italian poem book
350 Vietnamese puppets (water puppets)
351 Painting rock display
352 Swimming card
353 Palette for pc
354 Small slow cooker
355 Keys
356 Fur coat
357 Wool coat
358 Silver trench coat
359 Light silver leather coat
360 Dark nickel silver leather windbreaker style coat
361 Horse pony black jacket
362 Pink skii jacket
363 White down jacket
364 Long silver down jacket totally detachable
365 Cashmere sweaters
366 Long boots gold heels
367 White glossy sabot
368 Black sandals w flower
369 Paravent
370 Red carry on samsonite
371 Cherry blossom carryon
372 Money white red carryon
373 Black suitcase
374 Backpack rolling trolley case
375 Silver backpack rolling trolly case
376 Sponge boots gray
377 Sponge boots black
378 Sponge boots green
379 Puma sock boot
380 Purple heels
381 Pink louis heels
382 Red long boots
383 Sheer tennis black
384 Black casquette
385 Green hood
386 Green jacket
387 White windbreaker
388 Red silk denim jacket
389 Linen pants
390 Pyjamas w airstream
391 Books
392 Bracelets
393 Loose change
394 Shoes
395 Cantalope heels
396 Long green coat w leather collar
397 Long trench blue
398 White sheer curtains
399 Soup
400 Milk
401 Ice cream
402 Pizza
403 Sorbet
404 Cheese
405 Onion
406 Beef
407 More cheese
408 Butter
409 Egg
410 Herbs
411 Vegetable
412 Leeks
413 Potatoes
414 Toilet paper
415 Hand towel
416 Washing machine
417 Shampoo
418 Soap
419 Henna
420 Pine flakes
421 Detergents
422 Toothpaste
423 Face cloth
424 Bubu stool chestnut
425 Reading glasses Harry Potter style
426 Comic books mickey mouse
427 Comic books isnogood
428 Comic books graphic novels
429 Jean dubuffet
430 Beatles
431 Zingaroo
432 Tarkovsky
433 National Lapoon
434 Italian classic film
435 HHH
436 HuaKui eu nu
437 Chocolate
438 Christal ball
439 Florine necklace
440 Old money
441 Old tickets
442 Cermaic figurines pillows
443 Ginseng tea
444 Cutting boards
445 Knives
446 Laguiolle
447 Chickpea
448 Rock sugar
449 Brown sugar cubes
450 Mazina
451 Peanut butter
452 Jam
453 Honey
454 Beer
455 Water jug from 60s south of france
456 Green copper wire mesh hanging
457 White titanium paint
458 Water color
459 Gouache
460 Oil paint
461 Wood panel
462 Cardboard
463 Socks
464 Ribbons fine metal mesh
465 Ribbon w measure markings
466 Unsticky scotch tape fine
467 Sticky scotch tape large
468 Metal aluminium scotch
469 Strapping tape
470 Canvas tape
471 Cloth tape
472 Gold metal tape
473 Elastic rubber hair band
474 Swimming cap
475 Bathing brush
476 See through swim suit for suntan
477 Suits of all styles
478 Long socks
479 Undies
480 Olive oil
481 Lipstick
482 Gloves
483 Nails
484 Screws
485 Pins
486 Highlighters
487 Ink injection syringe
488 Paper towels
489 Leather pieces for anti slip of guqin
490 Chinese planter display furniture
491 Acova
492 Gui yuen
493 Pamplemousse black
494 Measuring tape for key chain
495 Handwash water bottle
496 Cookie jar w spoons and knife
497 Radio receiver Italian lessons
498 Flash light w magnet
499 Small book binder
500 Comb
501 Pink lady apple
502 Navel orange
503 Norwegian salmon
504 French beef
505 Humous
506 Blood sausage
507 Italian wine
508 French baguette
509 Viennoise baguette
510 Black forest ham
511 Sweet butter
512 Potage
513 Pork bbq
514 Dauphinois potato
515 Frying pan
516 Tea brewing electric pearl shaped pot
517 Cherry jam
518 Elderly abuse
519 Snow flake serviettes
520 Garage
521 Cold
522 Chinese torture
523 Casino
524 Email
525 Too much time on their hands
526 Old people young people under one roof
527 Dead people can come back to visit the living on earth easily
528 But nobody want them to visit
529 Michael Rogges paranormal site
530 Dorian Gray
531 Proust
532 Li Po
533 Malcolm Gladwell
534 High speed train
535 High speed camera slow motion
536 Final cut pro
537 Animation
538 Music
539 Home made movies
540 Centre pompidou
541 Black swann
542 Oscar
543 Potato chips
544 True grit
545 Ai
546 Tender ferns sautéed
547 Oysters fat
548 Foie gras
549 Pain poilaine
550 Cherry gracia icecream
551 Sushi
552 Rice ball
553 Sake and seaweed rice balls
554 Sea urchins
555 Books
556 Napoleon
557 Russian ice
558 Overcoats
559 Horses
560 Zebra
561 Lions
562 Cubs
563 Dogs
564 Rabbits
565 Guinea fowl
566 Pig feet
567 Black
568 Assimil
569 Kermit chair
570 Folding inox chair
571 Director chair
572 Tulip chair
573 Taipan chair
574 Bamboo chair
575 Tea house
576 Bed
577 Chinese bed
578 Sheer chinoiserie cloth
579 Tarlatten
580 Comic books w dirty pics
581 Luxury old albums of Jules Verne
582 Fashion magazine w collette as editor
583 Vhs tapes
584 Dvd
585 Cdrom
586 Cd
587 Cassette tapes
588 Learn to spk putonghua
589 Beginners manuel
590 Bus tickets
591 Income tax returns
592 Rent
593 Social security
594 Health insurance
595 Turnstile
596 Bus stop poster
597 Large planter in wicker basket form on streets
598 Monoprix
599 Franprix
600 Ed
601 La vie Claire
602 Kiosk
603 Royalpalace
604 Dias
605 Water side coffee shops
606 Park
607 Totem poles
608 Theatre
609 Sncf
610 Ink pot
611 Ink colors for tshirt
612 Dye for fabrics
613 Drill bits for stone
614 Drill bits for metal
615 Disc saw
616 Angle grinder
617 Rivet gun
618 Rivets
619 Glue
620 Velcro orange
621 Table saw
622 Chopper saw
623 Sander paper
624 Staple gun
625 Measuring tape in paper
626 Bricorama
627 Library
628 Gypsy vendors
629 Fish stall
630 Vegetable stand
631 Grapes
632 Passion fruit
633 Salade
634 Books telerama
635 Cinelive
636 Registration for events
637 Writing a letter
638 Writing a statement bilingual
639 Facebook updates
640 Clean up facebook
641 Vacuum the floor w the little maquette debris
642 Balloon shrinking from the maquette
643 Buckling pieces
644 Earth
645 Ivy
646 Grass
647 Sunlight
648 Phone call
649 Antony
650 Bourg la Reine
651 Ugc
652 Coke
653 How to be humanly interesting and not be too demanding ?
654 Intermittant figurant
655 Life in the real
656 Teacher
657 Professor
658 Art critic
659 Film maker
660 Irresponsible people
661 Fragile egos
662 Weak people
663 Brutal
664 Ramming straight ahead
665 Secondlife model
666 Secondlife friend
667 Contagious
668 Mathematic
669 Geometric
670 Bead
671 Jewellery
672 Igloo
673 Marble
674 Serpentine
675 Brittle
676 Hard
677 Translucide
678 Star
679 Jin lou yi – clothes of jade
680 Friends
681 Family
682 Murders
683 Alcoolism
684 Rich folks and poor folks
685 Alone in a five star hotel
686 Sleeping on my couch
687 Visiting
688 Taiwan white wedding
689 Looking through shenzhen
690 Noodles
691 Peanuts
692 Peanut butter filled smarties in chocolate icecream
693 Tiramisu
694 Green tea icecream and red bean
695 Mochi
696 More beauty, natural beauty
697 Cher
698 Nudity
699 Swann and nudity and oscar
700 The kings speech
701 Belgian chocolate
702 Mysterious letter
703 Gainsbourg and chopin
704 Classic music
705 Ballet
706 Body
707 Old age
708 When is old age old age?
709 Body and spirit are old is when old age commence
710 Old folk home
711 Garden vegetable
712 painting in ink
713 coffin
714 silver dollar
715 out and beyond the door
716 something to do
717 fur
718 cats
719 dogs
720 babies
721 gas station radio
722 yi xing teapot
723 kermit chair
724 candles
725 vancouver
726 tree branches
727 mauve color hair
728 mop
729 carrot top
730 up do hair
731 ball gown
732 cheong sam
733 silver necklace
734 teddy bear
735 rose
736 peony green
737 peony rose
738 peony white
739 plum blossom
740 plum wine
741 little girl voice
742 rough boosy guy
743 wine in silver hermetic bag w faucet
744 wine in transparent plastic bag
745 wine in a carton
746 horizontal stripes on a puffy dress
747 the way we were
748 robots in tin plates
749 robots w programming
750 robots with human look
751 dancing kabuki robot
752 curry
753 phone ring old fashion
754 drinks: old fashion
755 fashion victim
756 victim of siblings
757 siblings of another generation
758 generating objects
759 object oriented programming
760 programming pleasure for a kid
761 kids are developed
762 development has to do w stimulation
763 stimulation triggers action
764 action film
765 comedy
766 musical
767 roadmovie
768 deadman
769 pirates
770 modern pirate at sea
771 seafood
772 large shark
773 shark flesh w soysauce
774 aioli
775 bulots
776 salmon
777 sardine
778 bbq
779 skate wings
780 quails
781 shooting quail hunts
782 a man in full
783 airplane, jets
784 sugar in gasoline tank
785 tank by salmaru
786 salmaru everyday goods
787 fly swatter
788 swatting fat
789 rock musician
790 musicians pride
791 pride of apple
792 apple pie
793 pies w cherries
794 cream of mushroom soup
795 tomato soup
796 green tomato
797 deep purple tomato
798 deep purple carrots
799 carrots turnip potage
800 onion based potage
801 grated cheese in potage
802 salt and pepper and bay seeds
803 silents
804 dead silence
805 a working man
806 two dozen shaving blades
807 one young son
808 one beautiful intelligent wife
809 old and tired
810 young handsome husband
811 comic book collectionner
812 vacuum cleaner
813 shelves for books
814 Chinese bed needs fixing
815 Floosy girl
816 Dumped
817 Kissed
818 Tell
819 Sadness
820 Shame
821 Shoes for photos
822 Green heels w incrusted shells
823 V nice photo opportunities
824 Connectors
825 Mavens
826 Salesman
827 How to be a connector?
828 You must connect without any consideration
829 No judgement
830 This is a ballball of connection
831 Hilda
832 Business woman
833 Simon
834 Jim
835 Jenny
836 Sandra
837 Christine
838 YinKing
839 Pei : the architect
840 Pei: the qin player
841 Pei: the sharpie doggie
842 PeiPei: the movie star
843 Double dots
844 Tina Ti
845 Kate Winslet
846 Cate Blanchet
847 What a wonderful world
848 Hawaiian singer
849 Shanghai
850 Beijing
851 Canton
852 Hong Kong
853 Tokyo
854 Brussels
855 San francisco
856 Shenzhen
857 Paris
858 Baltard
859 Belleville
860 Porte d’ivry
861 Paris store
862 Grand epicerie parisienne
863 Bhv
864 Galerie de France
865 Cow depot
866 Jockey club
867 Fo tan
868 House of tang
869 Washing machine
870 Potato slicer
871 Quick bake
872 Shake and bake
873 Cheesecake
874 Toronto
875 Ellis
876 High park
877 Mayfair
878 House of marble
879 House of card
880 Tiny house
881 Pink marble
882 Vienna
883 Sienna
884 Verona
885 Romeo and juliette
886 Swann
887 Swannjiejie
888 Swann the doll
889 Mathematician
890 Adopter
891 Oscar wilde
892 Bernard shaw
893 Do people keep the spirit even after death?
894 How come the dead comes back talking just like when they are living?
895 Why do they keep the same way of speech when their context has changed?
896 Eggs
897 Easter egg hunt
898 Skiing
899 Cross country skiing
900 Skii jacket black
901 Pants
902 Wooden skiis
903 Wooden snow shoes
904 Rackett
905 I want a house
906 Eight o’clock
907 Eco Bati mat
908 Night club foire
909 Smoothie
910 Smoothness in human relationships
911 Trucks
912 pink Cadillac model
913 airstream bullet
914 grey silver car
915 almond cookies
916 radio announcer
917 kings speech and speech making
918 reading voice”
919 enounciation precisions
920 painting details
921 what is life for you?
922 Bonsai
923 Tiny bonsai from Taiwan
924 Chestnut tree growing in flower pot
925 Beans in flower pots
926 Gardens and plum tree
927 Tennis lessons
928 Tennis rackets
929 Broken blossoms
930 Apple orchard
931 Horses unbroken
932 Wild zebra
933 Lions let loose
934 O swimming and holding hands
935 Wim Wender
936 Chan chan
937 Big sweet ball in the sky
938 Plug in and receive milk and honey
939 Lemon drops
940 Rasberry and cream
941 Black cherries
942 Peking duck
943 Crepes
944 Drunken shrimps
945 Live drunken shrimps
946 Drunken crabs
947 Rice balls w wu mei
948 Paella
949 Moule
950 Squid
951 Passion fruit w lemon juice salade
952 Ferns and dried fish
953 Da di fish and broccoli
954 Spirale notebook tiny
955 Square hole punchers
956 Jin lou yi sample of a funeral attire
957 Marble squares
958 CT1 super glue for marble
959 Zorb ball for walking
960 Boots for walking
961 A gogo girl
962 Music a go go
963 Iggy pop
964 Les feuilles mortes
965 Champagnes
966 Pink champagnes
967 Foie gras
968 Fig jam
969 Jump off the roof
970 Jump down the sky scraper and fly
971 Hanako
972 Precision cube making
973 Aquito
974 Jewellery maker
975 Engineer
976 Japanese friends
977 Tokyo tv
978 New Tang People tv
979 Garage band
980 Garage house
981 Window
982 Stairs
983 Bath tub
984 Kitchen
985 Couch
986 Salon
987 Servants quarter
988 Washing area
989 Garbage area
990 Old storage
991 Walk in closet
992 Garden
993 Big tree
994 Very very big tree
995 Leaders voice
996 Everyone their own leader
997 Ailing chang
998 Finally ends
999 New man and woman
1000 13 billion dollar separation fee
1001 mud
1002 muddy shoes
1003 boots
1004 wellington boots
1005 philosophy summer course
1006 what is philosophy?
1007 Film making
1008 Story telling
1009 What is the novel form of today?
1010 Facebook update novel
1011 Twitter novel
1012 Xo olpc
1013 Earth quake
1014 Tibet tangka painting
1015 Timor coffee
1016 Mango juice by rolling fruit on a tree trunk
1017 Drink w a straw
1018 Surfing
1019 Sea
1020 Sailing
1021 Boating
1022 Boating shoes
1023 Deauville
1024 Fish market
1025 Eating in a restaurant
1026 Always the same
1027 Always limited in the same rules
1028 Changing a rule
1029 Changing a small rule and see the difference?
1030 Build a marble tiny house
1031 Flys eye
1032 Jim hunter
1033 Williamson
1034 Betty
1035 Gaylord
1036 Buck
1037 Buck ball
1038 Buck dymaxion car
1039 In which we could see…
1040 Earth
1041 Air
1042 Wind
1043 Fire
1044 Smoke
1045 Steam
1046 Liquid
1047 Mist
1048 Leaves
1049 Flower blossoming
1050 Shrinking
1051 Shrink wrap all fruits
1052 Let the insects make jewellery
1053 Gold dust
1054 Dust balls
1055 Mail box
1056 High rise
1057 Nice home
1058 Difficulties
1059 Red beans necklace
1060 Sprouts
1061 Pomelo
1062 Black tomato w salt
1063 Growing tiny egg plants
1064 Round courgettes
1065 Silky dresses
1066 Cocktail party
1067 Anchovy
1068 Riding horses
1069 Saddle
1070 Shields
1071 Kebab
1072 Black
1073 White
1074 Asian
1075 Golden Asian
1076 Maya
1077 Peruvian
1078 Mexican
1079 Argentinian
1080 Wood worker
1081 Marble cutter
1082 Super glue
1083 One fine day
1084 Clone
1085 Pregnancy
1086 Oldest mother
1087 Octuplet mother
1088 Oprah
1089 Clutter
1090 Is clutter a problem for you?
1091 Masks from bottles
1092 Etienne
1093 The calm and kind, loyal one
1094 The irritable one
1095 The blocked one
1096 The genteel want to be
1097 Who are you?
1098 The maniac one
1099 The graphist
1100 The sentimental one
1101 The romantic one
1102 The characterial artistic one
1103 Looking in the mirror
1104 Who am I?
1105 The careful librarian
1106 The socialite
1107 The one always afraid
1108 The greedy one
1109 The insecure
1110 The angry
1111 The unappreciated one
1112 The new man
1113 The new woman
1114 The old guy
1115 The old gal
1116 The tea vendor
1117 The tea factory owner
1118 The jewellery maker
1119 The jealous one
1120 The millionaire
1121 The cook
1122 The English
1123 The French
1124 The Indonesian
1125 The cute Indonesian grandma
1126 The western house of culture in Beijing
1127 The know it all historian
1128 The Jewish wife
1129 The accoutant
1130 The stuffy enclosed one
1131 The shy one
1132 The fearful one
1133 The generous one
1134 The careful one
1135 The hardworking one
1136 The sexy one
1137 The childish one
1138 The pure one
1139 The lost one
1140 The young one
1141 The misunderstood one
1142 The wanna be cute one
1143 The character designer
1144 The Pucca girl
1145 Movie maker
1146 Old film maker w old stories
1147 Where is the new?
1148 Skii sun glasses
1149 Tight sweaters for sports
1150 Tight pants for bike
1151 Pockets everywhere
1152 Getting ready for something to happen
1153 Prepare all toys
1154 Games
1155 Adult games
1156 Fear
1157 Wet walls
1158 Flushed
1159 Kowloon
1160 Hong Kong
1161 Island for expats
1162 Weight on head
1163 More patisserie
1164 Cordon Bleu
1165 Wedding cakes
1166 Sugar art
1167 Chocolate and whisky
1168 Tea and scones
1169 High tea
1170 Sandwiches
1171 Coffee
1172 Documentaries
1173 Energetic people
1174 Where is the carrot?
1175 Is the carrot worth it?
1176 Pig w a carrot in front?
1177 The road is long and hard
1178 The long and winding road
1179 Brian Eno
1180 Starlets
1181 Bai ling
1182 Dancers
1183 Actress
1184 Actor
1185 Peeing
1186 Pooing
1187 Sweating
1188 Cleaning lady
1189 Clint
1190 Sean Connery
1191 Castra
1192 Jane Russel
1193 Marilyn Monroe
1194 Blonde
1195 Red head
1196 Silky black hair
1197 Mae West
1198 Anna Mae Wong
1199 Tang Dynasty
1200 Song Dynasty
1201 Ming Dynasty
1202 Han Dynasty
1203 China in the 30s
1204 Contemporary china 80s
1205 China today, 2mar2011
1206 Sculpture parks in China
1207 How to show your wealth?
1208 Abandonned architecture
1209 Abandonned houses
1210 Wire
1211 Leather
1212 Jade
1213 Gold thread
1214 Gold thread esthetic surgery
1215 Netting under skin for face lifting
1216 Gong Li
1217 Acrobats dancing swan lake
1218 Cartoon in titanic
1219 Mikey mouse
1220 Paper cutting
1221 Leather purse in form of a foot ball
1222 Lucrezia
1223 Concrete like silk
1224 Sun flower seed ceramic sculpture
1225 Happiness
1226 Princess
1227 Swann lake
1228 Tea house
1229 Tai chi
1230 Maria
1231 Christopher
1232 Jean louis
1233 Canary
1234 Isabelle
1235 Anna
1236 Cecilia
1237 Yf
1238 Karen
1239 Yuan
1240 Mary Leung
1241 Ching Yat
1242 Eva
1243 Kassel
1244 Venise
1245 Bolognano
1246 Vienna
1247 Guilin
1248 Taipei
1249 Tainan
1250 Nanjing
1251 Hangzhou
1252 Poland
1253 Jessye Norman
1254 Vanessa Paradis
1255 Kenzaboro Oe
1256 Flea market
1257 Garage sale
1258 Army swim rubber google
1259 Lego block
1260 Singing scales
1261 Lamp
1262 Oil
1263 Wheat field
1264 Wheat field circle
1265 Sound waves making circles
1266 Hard disc
1267 300dpi
1268 huakui
1269 picnic
1270 pasta maker
1271 la la la
1272 handmade books
1273 blog
1274 vibration
1275 ufo
1276 low sound frequencies
1277 long frequencies
1278 max msp
1279 instrument
1280 transparent qin
1281 encrusted gold motifs
1282 bobby mcferrin
1283 lama island
1284 sea water
1285 geology park
1286 hexagon stone piles
1287 acupuncture
1288 xiwu vinegar
1289 xiwu wine
1290 chinese medicine
1291 beef jerky
1292 soup filled dumplings
1293 honey fruit
1294 pomme de lait
1295 shanghai women
1296 peanut butter and banana sandwich
1297 cheez whiz and salade dressing sandwich
1298 tuna fish and cheddar
1299 caesar salade
1300 blue cheese on ramaine lettuce
1301 hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream
1302 hot cherry pie and green tea ice cream
1303 nippy old cheddar on pie
1304 hot kidney pie
1305 sirloin steak w home fries
1306 baked potato w sour cream
1307 baked beans and frankfurter
1308 frankfurter w cheese
1309 raw clam
1310 clamato
1311 parsley cream soup
1312 licorne tapestry
1313 aubusson red
1314 punch
1315 rum
1316 mao tai
1317 vodka w bison grass
1318 civet lapin
1319 cow chitterling noodle
1320 lamb chitterling soup
1321 buffet
1322 ring watch
1323 data usb climbing hook
1324 moose usb
1325 snowflake usb
1326 italian ice
1327 lido
1328 lido grand boulevard
1329 Changchun
1330 Usine de film amateur
1331 Michael Gondry
1332 Gerard Georges
1333 Putonghua
1334 Tang poetry recited
1335 Li Po
1336 KB
1337 Bordeaux
1338 Soulac sur mer
1339 Little house
1340 Chariot for luggage
1341 Little suitcase
1342 Little plastic transparent case
1343 Lacquer box
1344 Playing poker cards
1345 White lamb skin bag
1346 White lamb skin room
1347 Balls
1348 Weather
1349 Chaos
1350 Traffic
1351 Long sleeve apron
1352 Jean apron dress
1353 Gilet
1354 Photographer veste
1355 Video camera
1356 Still camera
1357 Opera voice
1358 Fountain pen
1359 Sketch book
1360 Phone case
1361 Water proof purse
1362 Divers material
1363 Box for id cards
1364 Passport
1365 Login in password
1366 Stand up comic
1367 Arielle
1368 Klaus Kinski
1369 Prita
1370 Gerard
1371 Credit card
1372 High speed Slow motion camera
1373 Listening
1374 How to listen with your body
1375 Drums
1376 Jello sculptures
1377 Ice sculpture
1378 Kyoto
1379 Sushi metal
1380 Story of O
1381 Ostrich chariot
1382 Around the world in 80 days
1383 Hot air balloons
1384 Geodesic domes
1385 Movie pass
1386 Royal palace
1387 Clubs
1388 Rubber suit
1389 Intellectual games
1390 Pink movies
1391 Purple and yellow décor
1392 Glossy black
1393 Calligraphy
1394 Desk top publishing
1395 Fonts
1396 Printers
1397 Jeans
1398 Sweaters
1399 Hoodie
1400 Satisfaction
1401 Are you satisfy?
1402 Silver aluminium pouch
1403 Heat conservation architecture
1404 Tree houses
1405 Tramway
1406 Karlsruhe bath house
1407 Lake
1408 Good water
1409 Pardon
1410 Le je ne sais quoi
1411 Immaterial
1412 Spiritual
1413 Reincarnation
1414 Trauma
1415 Teacher
1416 Theoretical texts
1417 Practice w hands
1418 Cumulative art
1419 Listener
1420 Respondant
1421 Echo
1422 To kill an image
1423 Don’t criticise, just do your own thing
1424 Instructions for changing your life for the better
1425 Umbrella and raincoats
1426 Stars
1427 Connectors without judgement
1428 Published author
1429 Secondary culture, sub culture
1430 Counter culture
1431 Haute couture
1432 Kindness
1433 Tender loving care
1434 Sweet corn
1435 Long long bean
1436 Long long time ago, there was
1437 I am
1438 Motor running
1439 Painting portraits
1440 Present
1441 Peace
1442 Health
1443 Mother
1444 Sister
1445 Brother
1446 Cousin
1447 Ex-husband
1448 Ex-friends
1449 Pardon
1450 Forget
1451 Moravia
1452 Film critic
1453 Cannes film festival
1454 Event
1455 Tv coverage
1456 Good food
1457 Sea air
1458 Make a memory reminder of your target
1459 Surround yourself with things you like
1460 Clean house
1461 Vacuum dust
1462 Don’t leave useless ugly things lying around
1463 Make sure you do a full days work for yourself
1464 Realise yourself
1465 You are your own sculpture
1466 If in doubt do more verifications
1467 No work will be wasted
1468 What happened to all the friends who disappeared?
1469 Is it possible to keep track of everyone?
1470 What happens when people call you and you don’t want to answer?
1471 Time management
1472 The most precious resource you have is time
1473 Because it is non-replenishable
1474 Two more
1475 One more
1476 Extra in waiting
1477 Love
1478 Au jour le jour
1479 Little by little
1480 We must win