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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Guqin no.2, Spa pool office

So, i quickly made Guqin no.2 - as Five said, you must save the world. Save the world? I am only a human being, not a saint. She said, this means "your world", you must focus on your world and save it, so get to it do it. You dont know how lucky you are... she is trying to cheer me up. I was so sad and pissed by the whole missing guqin thing.

And in one day, i did complete the new one, since i already knew made one. The second one is a lot faster. So i copied it and sent one to the assistant and one to sister.

Then comes the sound sampling... I listened to Guan PingHu again, it is very very good.

Met a Japanese girl, Kotorin, she is a collector of instrument. I was invited to her home, a fancy high rise apartment - just like in rl! A white grand piano, with full length pieces... 8mn, the screen says, downloading in 72sec, I looked at the watch - and a stopwatch! It took nearly 2mn to download and the piece is very well joined together though I do hear little clicks between the samplings... it is much better than the other pianos I saw. This one cost 2500. But the quality is much better than the other black ones.

Then i saw these very cute sculptie chairs, one one prim per chair. I got two. And the designer came to my flower house, we agreed its looks really good here. They are perfect, perfectly beautiful for this spa-pool office.

What do i do in a spa-pool office? Well, read books i like, listen to music, drink, receive friends - they could bring their swimming suits, or jump in with their normal clothes, nothing gets ruined or wet in sl anyway. But for ambiance, it is differnt if the person wears swim suits.

So little by little, my dream office is materialising. Why have an office just like in rl? You should have what you really want in sl.


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