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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Life 2.0 the movie, Real Life motion capture for sl avatar, Anton Bogdanovych (shaqq Korobase SL)

Life 2.0 the movie

Real life motion capture + software to control the avatar in sl.

Anton Bogdanovych
(known as shaqq Korobase in SL), very very interesting.

"At the moment it's just able to control the avatar walking direction," Bogdanovych allows, "but in the future we will enable full control of the avatar with the suit (e.g. every move of every part of the body of the person wearing the suit will be translated onto the avatar.) So one would be able to dance just by dancing in the suit, play sports, build things with hands, etc. You can see it as an advanced Wii console, where there is no hand held device and the entire body is the console."

Saturday, 24 July 2010

2 HuaHui Cubes from Taiwan, Kaoshiung, Prof Lai Hui-Ling

Cubes from Prof.Lai Hui Ling of Taiwan, Kaoshiung, I-Shou University

Inner Package

Outer Package

Very nice green and blue cubes! So happy to receive this package. Triple layer protection!!
Beautiful, arrived after three months at sea and 6 months of selective drinking to arrive at just the intended self expression!! :)

Story of the Taiwan HuaHui Cubes
translation a letter



Since last years Guqin Conference, that day when we went to Sun-Moon Lake, I said I would send you some Aluminum cubes to France for you. I have been thinking about this, but I dont normally drink canned drinks, because I wanted to collect aluminum cans, so I tried to drink some Black Wheat Juice, it took a long time but i finished one dozen cans. As I was going to cut it up and assemble to send to France, a friend said, you send this through thousands of miles to France, shouldnt you send some Taiwanese cans, special cans with local colors? So, I thought of I should send "Taiwan Beer can". Hence, I bought another dozen, but I dont drink alcohol, so I had to go around and ask people to drink this. Most of my friends dont drink alcohol, in a nutshell, I searched for a long time, finally I got the required number of cans to make two cubes. Then, I asked my assistants to assemble so I could send to France. After all this run of things, plus the University has lots of odd and ends to take care of, already one year passed. Finally, a few days ago, I sent them off via water/land way to France, you should receive it in a months time! Please watch out for the package! At least, I have completed this task that I had been thinking of all this time! I wish you all the best and all goes well!

Taiwan, I-Shou University, Lai Hui Ling

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fun day : In 20years

An online fun thing to do to yourself...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Life in a Day

Life in a Day

on 24 July 2010, video call: Youtube participation -> Sundance Film festival

Saturday, 17 July 2010

HuaHui Snow Globe

HuaHui Snow Globe, ice and snow construction

HuaHui Snow Globe, ice and snow construction

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

4th International Free Forum at Bolognano, Italy by Lucrezia de Domizio Durini ; art collections

Took photos mainly on the road, the main space shot video. More images coming!

Model of a building at Lucerne, approximately the finished size from the front of HuaHui sculpture house.

One small units visiting Bolognano
4th International Free Forum at Bolognano, Italy

We drove 2 days to arrive at Bolognano from Paris, to attend the 4th International Free Forum at Bolognano, Italy; headed by Lucrezia de Durini.
On the way we stopped at Lucerne, and saw the cleanly clipped Switzerland, green, with little wooden chalets all along dotted on the hill side.

Then we arrived at Pescara, then, Bolognano! Looks exactly as the web site has shown.

The Underground museum is very beautiful, soft diffused lighting from two ends and a sloping staircase gently brings you up and out onto the terrace, and down below to a cool place where concerts and video events took place.

There were approximately 140 guests. Happening performance, Piano, video with ceremonial opening and closing fanfare from the town.


Poster w Beuys Portrait as background

At the end, we had a chance to see the private museum of Joseph Beuys, a very interesting place where we could see up close the various funnitures, photographs, objects, books; all very well displayed.

We also visited a house dedicated to the Zari Family, A house of art, where the house is filled with art objects of all media, and many many designer objects. There was a very cute little fig tree in the garden.

At the very end, we visited the Museum dedicated to Buby Durini where we saw his motocycle, and many many photos lining up the walls. I also like this part, because in the two rooms, the first had lots of people pictures and the second had lots of books and grape vines crawling across the little windows of the stone cottage. The set up and scale is intimate, and it has to do w people, time and places.

The schedule over three days were stuffed to the rim. We had also fancy dinners at a restaurant with its house winery facing fields of grapes w v arty wine reserves w Beuys portrait displays in the cellar; and another fancy dinner at the Hotel Regis, with a final concluding firework.

Pictures coming soon!

It was very hot and dry, we were glad to retreat to the underground museum to listen to some live performances and arty videos.

All in all quite an impressive program its formal and mixed with personal touches - Lucrezia even did some folk dancing for us at Art of Cooking session - a la country side tradition celebrating food and the good earth - this is how I saw it.

Then we visited all the art installations made for this occasion, they each has a metal plaque with name and title of artist works.

There were some photos of high fashion shoots - v stylised pictures of Lucrezia as model amongst historic photos of Joseph Beuys inside the historical private museum. I think this is intersting the mix of personal history with "ART" history.

I like this mix, we should all surround ourselves with objects and works of our own liking. Because this would help remind us of our aspirations, of where we want to be.

The HuaHui MobileMusic sculpture/house has been invited to be exhibited at the Museum of Joseph Beuys Plantation. Next!