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Monday, 17 September 2018

indigo vegetal dye from yilan, taiwan.

indigo blue ~ fish scale pattern ~ vegetal dye from YiLan Taiwan . Beautiful day ~ but forgot to take pics.  Next time!

How long could you keep a vat of dye? 6 months or so, you could add fructose for ph balance - details here

Thursday, 13 September 2018

蓝染絲 indigo shiboro tie dye on silk shirt made at e-textile summer camp 2017.

蓝染絲 indigo shiboro tie dye on silk shirt made at e-textile summer camp 2017, France.

Industrial tie dye using shiboro method - demonstrated by french specialist who learnt it from Japanese traditional craftsmen - I made at e-textile summer camp 2017.  France

Ready to wear qipao from Friendship store, arts and crafts - in Beijing 1984

Indigo tie dye - worn 2018

vintage chinese qipao, industrial print

Indigo Dye Workshop

Indigo Dye Workshop

Teacher: Meichi
Location: Li-han Studio
In Taiwan, there are few kinds of Indigo used for dyeing. There are 馬藍 (ma-ai) and 木藍 (ki-ai) as most common kinds. 翡藍 is used in Korea and Japan, and it has greenish blue than 馬藍. Meichi is growing 馬藍 (ma-ai) and she makes her own indigo paste out of it. We used 馬藍 (ma-ai) bath from her in this workshop.
This is what she uses to make her indigo bath. Indigo leaves soaking in water for 30 hours. Then take out the water and your indigo paste is ready. For 10-20 kg of indigo paste, she adds 100 L water, 300-500 g sugar (syrup or honey, this is to feed the fermentation process for the indigo) and 200 ml of sake (rice wine, liquor). Depending on the color you can add more sugar (200 gr.). She then adds Supernatant of ash water (from coles, black wood, or NaOH = chemical version of ashes) to keep the bath in high pH. The bath should be pH12 and she adjusts this by adding ash water or sake. Mix this pot every day for 5 minutes for the next 3 to 7 days. Then your indigo vat is ready.
Indigo paste and the ash water
Fold the fabric (cotton, linen, natural fiber fabric) into a square piece and bind it with wooden stick and thread or rubber band. Dip it into Indigo bath for 3 min. Open up each fold in the bath so the indigo liquid goes into the details of the fabric folds.

After the 3 minutes, take out the fabric from Indigo bath and open every fold to air them. When the indigo dye is exposed to air (oxygen) it turns its color from yellow to blue.
Repeat this process for 5 times. In professional dying, they will repeat this for 15 times.

Even though we fold it in the same way and dyed the same amount of time, it all came out differently.
After using the indigo bath before finishing the work, you need to air the bath by mixing it with long wooden stick. we did this for 5min or so, and as Meichi finalizes the mixing process, you can see the “bubble flower” in the middle. The next time you use the bath, you scoop out the bubble with a sieve. You can use this to dye with a brush. In old days, this was used as a blue color by painters.
Here is another version of indigo making:

Saturday, 1 September 2018

On the Track of Robert van Gulik - a documentary - director Rob Romboult

On the Track of Robert van Gulik : director Rob Romboult

On the trailer, we see beautiful nostalgic latino music and very "looking back" type of images - with vintage flow of texts - very interesting.  It goes soft on the Chineseness of the subject.  But the full length film is different - the music is even better - and of course it is guqin slow interior spiritual music - beautiful long tones similar to human voices.

I have read most of Robert van Gulik's books except the paper back detective novels.  I had seen the covers of these books - they seemed like pulp fiction with an esoteric twist to me.  Especially when I looked at the quality of the cover drawings - always like a copy of someone who doesnt know how to draw well but did manage to finish with great passion.  Someone who is so passionate about "copying" old graphic styles of the Chinese drawings but could only manage a kind of rough blocking in all the pieces but the brush work are very rough and no variations in the lines.  Just like a foreigners calligraphy for Chinese brush work - both writing and drawing - awkward but great passion and much pride in the finished product.  Actually this is not so bad at all!    These are fun illustrations and not fine art work - very fitting for detective novels.  That is why I have never read them.

note:  At 1:07:14, a researcher reported she found the original drawings - they were drawn on tracing papers - like architects transparent drawings - tracings from other books, images which he adapted for his own use.  See, that is why the lines were like school boy drawings because they were traced - not brush work.  Joy of making drawings piecing images together.

However; I soon discovered his body of research scholarly works in guqin and wood block prints.  This throws an entirely new light on his pulp fiction covers.  It adds a kind of amateur charm to them.  So I read a couple of these detective novels too.  What was amazing was the introduction to the background of the detective novels was as thick as the novel itself!  The introduction was about the judicial system in china and how a criminal is put to the test to see whether hes guilty or not.  This part is also more interesting than the novel itself.  

Then I think; how could anyone have so much time to do these things and on top of all this is a full time diplomat!!  He must be someone a bit like Renoir; who is also a diplomat; and master painter.  And apparently he also negotiated well for the business of painting too.

Then; I think maybe diplomat jobs in those days were a special kind of position?  You dont have to do /cannot do/ will not be realistically qualify for the job - its not at all the same kind of job like today where we all have to go do entrance exams to enter the government positions but they depend on entirely other type of knowledge, qualities,  contextual conditions and expertise?  He was also every now and then - a spy!  Not surprising but people today have to be trained to be spy - what a wonderful life; you can do so many things be in so many roles.

While some diplomat stays diplomat there are other diplomats too - and they use their time to study erotic sex life of ancient chinese people?  And write detective novels - make special curious bonsai so on so forth.

I am so happy to see more references and sources of his work; and more of other peoples work on his work.

This film adds visual attractiveness, giving life through moving images to the grand master of interestingness - Master van Gulik.

More coming after reviewing the film, am v excited to view the film but want to view it slowly.  First I listen to the sound track without seeing the film; then I will watch it a second time.
I will have to watch it again - v rich informative film.

On the Track of Robert van Gulik

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A writer of ancient Chinese detective novels, sexual life in ancient China, a spy, a member of the Chinese literati, Robert van Gulik's story reads like no other sinologist that has ever lived. @onthetrackofrobertvangulik London Youlan Qin Society 倫敦幽蘭琴社 @Marius Marre 

You can watch the full film for free at:

Friday, 31 August 2018

Robots in Nature 2018 - Shuengit Chow

Robots, cubes - Modular units to a walk in sculptureBuilding blocks towards a walk-in sculpture. 

"Day Dreaming" robot, a walk-in sculpture for "Shelter in the ", Korea 2018

Mobile Music 10% model : Taiwan, Mapu Park 2009
Modular cubes - made of recycled aluminum skins from drink cans - for building a small mobile music house

Previous works

5 robots   

Thursday, 9 August 2018

"Dogman" Matteo Garrone 2018 ****

Date de sortie 11 juillet 2018 (1h 42min)
Genres PolicierDrame
Nationalité Italien
"Dogman" Matteo Garrone 2018 ****
Saw "Dogman", great film by Matteo Garrone - who made " Gomorrah " in 2008. As the film opens it reminds me of Gomorrah, very powerful w much delicatesse. How the director shows the dogman's character through his relations with animals and the ruthless exboxer. As the film goes on, I especially noticed the men's faces. V sculpted real life - hard, courageous, life unfolding w everyday challenges and the sea side town half fallen down. Reminds me of great Italian movies w Sophia Loren. Though there is no female lead in the film. Blood sweat friendship - a tale of men's lives. As for "Gomorrah" even after ten years, I still have a very vivid memory of the film - a truly powerful master piece. "Dogman" is in the same vein, story is smaller but equally powerful. The name "Dogman" is quite smart - what kind of man is a "Dogman"? Somebody who loves dogs, who are like dogs? Who works w dogs?

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Joueurs 2017 / dir Marie Monge

"Joueurs" director Marie Monge; 2017.
Romantic french film about a young girl falling in love w a handsome wrong type of troubled thuggy gambling guy. He died. 
Shes finally has closure with him/ his "love". 
Set in the back ground scenario is a whirlwind explanation of the gambling habits of Asian communities how people lost their homes, businesses due to the addiction. Everything quick paced ending w a melancholic song sung by Barbara. The song is good; but I find the visual slightly too long for the ending. Could have had the whole song but the visuals could have been less static. 
Stacy Martin is v pretty in real life as on screen; she did a v gd job. 
Tahar Rahim was just right as the male lead who presented himself as trouble right from the start. 
I enjoyed watching it but would have liked to have more background on the gambling references, as this part was the foundation of the sorrow of the love story. 
Also the illegal drag car race. 

These belong to the same type of underground "things" movie goers might want to know.
Saw myself in a first movie work, I like it. 
Amazing movie making process. 
You spend one week doing it; and its cut and sound tracks put in, rhythm of camera movements, alignment w narration. In the end, everybody is so happy to see the outcome. 
Excited to have been part of it. I even saw my name at the end of credit ! Happy!

I played a gambler in the film. 
In the movie you only see a person sitting but while shooting I had a whole sketch doing a bunch of other things. Many other actors all had other things and these are all settled into a flowing picture with stories; backgrounds; information and great music. 


Saturday, 4 August 2018

Lucie Duvert radio drama

"La Marcheuse"
La Marcheuse
Date de sortie 3 février 2016 (1h 20min)
Genres DrameThriller
Nationalité Français