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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Old culture, new culture. "Demain et tous les autres jours 2017"***half


"Well, I've always felt the sadness and weight of the Chinese culture and history. I say this only from a personal, sensory perspective. I've been told I'm an old soul, which of course, I take with a grain of salt. It's possible somehow some form of energy was passed onto me as a child. " 

Chinese culture is definitely an old culture - we see it everywhere.
A friend of mine teaches children in America - online - from china how to write poems in Chinese.  She herself is a poet trained in translations in NYC, funny thing is these children write poems that are kind of adult simply because of the Chinese language of the ready made words/phrases. (=Cheng Yu)
And the sentiment expressed somehow is not "child" innocence but kind of older person w self reflection queries.  I will find an example to show you later

So i thought, their parents wrote it for them ... but probably not afterall.  Anyway not v child like to me.

I saw a French movie called "Demain et tous les autres jours"***half 
 Demain et tous les autres jours est un film réalisé par Noémie Lvovsky avec Luce Rodriguez, Noémie Lvovsky ...2017  

It opens with a yg girl called into the teachers office w her mom, she holds her moms hand tightly.  Teacher asked, your daughter seem to not play w other childrens... she wants to know whats happening at home by just chatting; the mother answered but she was more worried about her usage of a sentence, the yg girl reassures her mother that yes she could say that that way.  Teacher understood that its the child who is morally supporting her mom who seemed a bit neurotic.  Then we see how it is at home, little girl buys the food, cooks it as best as she can, and somehow the mother set fire to the apartment etc.  We see the girl at school recess time, she sits by herself, does not play w the others... etc
near the end of the film, a v beautiful yg woman dresses simply neat and clean goes to see her mom at retirement home.  The older lady does not recognise her daughter, but she chats w her kindly.  Then after the visit the yg girls takes leave.  Always w clear wide eyes.

A country w old culture is able to make such a film, somebody somehow got money together to make such a film and its shown in regular cinema, not big box office, but it gets gd critique.
In new countries like america or hk where commercial films depend on many factors such as profitable or not etc, such a film will be much harder to be made.

Old countries have ties, new countries are based on escaping from old countries, new immigrants are the most energetic.  They want to make something of themselves given such a big opportunity all around.  The can-do society.

I saw a lot of footage on the singer Dimash, and hes from a kind of Asian culture.  Peoples commentaries say from India says, wow, his family is just like ours, same values same way of behavior between parent and sons etc etc
That is why he is not really your new Michael Jackson, not the same drive behind popstardom.  I think Michael Jackson had a much tougher time growing up the treatment of his father towards him as money tree etc.  Dimash family spoils him - says his grandmother/mother, he gets everything done for him.... etc Hes the treasure the diamond of the family.  His parents gave up their cultural head job to help him w the back end of the singing work.  etc etc

Thats the diff between old culture and new culture.

【Shenzhen Concert Full 】Dimash Kudaibergen Димаш Құдайбергенов D-Dynasty 2018.05.19【Fancam】

Monday, 28 December 2020

【Shenzhen Concert Full 】Dimash Kudaibergen Димаш Құдайбергенов D-Dynasty 2018.05.19【Fancam】

【Shenzhen Concert Full 】Dimash Kudaibergen Димаш Құдайбергенов D-Dynasty 2018.05.19【Fancam】

so well made, he addresses adolescents, love from the star to all... v special
He talks to the kids - sweet love, from one to all... wow, whats not to love about him?
1:37:30 - 1:38:35 v asian touching heart strings here...

Saturday, 26 December 2020

Dimash - beautiful voice and look



Dimash Kudaibergen - the most beautiful woman on Earth... I have two of them! + (Subtitles)

- spks about Kazahks tradition, sings softly to all.  Beautiful voice, beautiful look.

Dimash Kudaibergen: "Everyone hangs out except me..."

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Easy Threed x 4 //upgrade to ordinary nozzle?

upgrade to ordinary nozzle?

Easythreed X1 Mini 3D Printer, Unboxing, First Look, First Print


power needed?

x1 = is 30watts, time code 6:01

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Dimash portraits

Cecilia Linqvists book in Secondlife 2009 // MobileMusic in ink painting 2009 // MobileMusic 10% France 2019 // guqin prototypes in Shan atelier 2014 // Love at First Sight 2019// Carbon Fiber guqin Half Hundun 2016 // Carbon fiber guqin The Who 2017 - ongoing -

1   "Qin" Cecilia Linqvists book in Secondlife 2009 // 
2   "MobileMusic" presentation at Music Instrument museum, Belgium //
3   "MobileMusic" House in ink painting 2009 // 
4   "MobileMusic 10%" France 2019 // 
5   "xyz Guqin" prototypes in Master Shan ZhiYuan atelier 2014 // 
6   "Love at First Sight", Quebec 2019 // covid - projected to be a later date

7   "Carbon Fiber guqin - Half Hundun" 2016
8   "Carbon Fiber guqin - The WHO"... on going

stay tuned


Saturday, 5 December 2020

EasyThreed x1 upgrade to E3d // Hot end and extruder fitment //Cetus

Option use Cura

Cura 4.6 through direct USB connection

Hot end and extruder fitment

 kapton tape
A better tape for electronics
I do a lot of work with electronics assembly and disassembly, rewiring, and removing and adding components. Kapton tape (generically known as polyimide tape) is a cool tool in these cases and better than regular black electrical tape for a number of reasons:
It is heat resistant. You can put a soldering iron on Kapton tape and it will not melt. In fact, numerous flexible circuits are made with copper on a Kapton substrate where the components are soldered directly to the copper.
Cetus printer... interesting  heating block is like pro version of EasyThreedx1


direct drive is easier to print flexible filament

bowden tube is gd for cleaning clogs

how to install direct drive


The upgrade by Spanish youtuber, it extrudes, but seems like x axis has not enough power to move...

video does not show it functioning beyond extrusion.  Looking forward to the final working state.

EasyThreed x1 upgrade to E3d

upgrades easytreed x1

Artillery sidewinder x1 OFERTA





artillery genius oferta