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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 63 : Festival de Guitare International de Paris

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 63 : Festival de Guitare International de Paris

26 au 29 novembre 2015.
Théâtre Adyar
4 Square Rapp 75007 Paris
Gérard Abiton, Sergio & Odair Assad, Roland Dyens, Ricardo Gallen, Duo Joncol, Stephan Schmidt, Duo Raphaella Smits et Adrien Brogna, Carles Trepat.
Concerts des 27/11 à 18h et 29/11 à 11h (nouveau)
Tarif unique 10€
Il n'est pas utile de réserver.

Guitares à suivre
Libre participation

Salon de lutherie
Entrée libre

Master class
Actif : 40€ / Auditeur : 10€ 

Les inscriptions aux Master class en tant qu'actif se font par téléphone.
Il n'est pas utile de réserver en tant qu'auditeur.

Master class Atelier (nouveau) 
Actif : 20€ / Auditeur : 10€
(Les actifs devront apporter leur propre transcription)
Les inscriptions aux Master class en tant qu'actif se font par téléphone.
Il n'est pas utile de réserver en tant qu'auditeur.

Réservations et informations : 

Par téléphone : /
Par internet : cliquez-ici

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

carbon fiber saxophone neck; trumpet the 2014 Solid Conference: Richard Isaacs's Keynote talk, "Musical Counterpoint in Wood, Bone, Metal and Carbon Fiber".
violinist interview tests
louder, volume,

Schubert String Quintet Streichquintett C-Dur - II. Adagio, Carbon Fiber Instruments

Martin Lewis on his Carbon Fiber String Instruments

carbon fiber saxophone neck
carbon fiber trumpet

Yes! The next part of my project was recording the same exercises on each bell, and utilizing a Fast Fourier Transform program called "Overtone Analyzer" to measure the differences in the tone.  In short, What I found was that, the higher the frequencies and the higher the sound pressure intensity, the greater the difference in tone.   The carbon fiber bell was the most fascinating in the the way it responded to being pushed to its upper limits. It yielded a very "bright/cutting" tone with great ease. The copper bell was much easier to keep a centered pitch at its upper limits, due to the physics involved when the air column interacts with the bell material. The other two fell between those.   Yes, the difference in tone/timbre is quite distinguishable by ear, though as mentioned, it gets easier to differentiate  between the bells as you play higher and louder.   Thanks for your interest, If you are further interested in seeing some of the results of my tests or the graphs etc. just let me know!

Legendary trumpet player Jon Barnes introduced his one-of-a-kind carbon fiber trumpet
Published on 27 Jun 2013

Legendary trumpet player Jon Barnes introduced his one-of-a-kind carbon fiber Swiss made horn. He is featured on the new US Postal stamp honoring #Miles Davis. #kubaKa and legendary #BuddyPrinceton (#JacksonBrown, #SteveMillerBand music) and others in Beverly Hills at the 6th Annual Urban Music Executives Toast at the House of Entertainment, Beverly Hills, CA last night. For photo highlights visit

deCarbo trombone, trumpet

Sunday, 8 November 2015

DIY cameras by Miroslav Tichy

DIY cameras by Miroslav Tichy

Photographer Snaps Nearly A Hundred Photos a Day With Homemade Camera

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

"李米的猜想" : the equation of love and death ***half 2009, prc, Zhou Xun:: film review

"李米的猜想" ***half 2009
周迅 邓超 张涵予 王宝强 主演电影

About the impossible non-issue of young Chinese people.
The deliquent, not-gd-at-school bunch have little issue.
Even then, some people are kind hearted, inspite of being cheated, tricked, they are still kind at heart and will continue to be polite and kind.
Hooligans, immoral slackers will always be slackers.
Police, peasants as mules for drugs
Poets who commit suicide from over dose delirious - the "hippy" type with new fancy Nike runners.
Zhou Xun the star looks almost like a porcelain doll, why did she choose to be taxi driver as a profession.  Little bit puzzling.
But overall, it is the hopeless poetics of modern day China.
A tableau of little folks lives, those with moral and those without.
Linking all these are love stories, how people go mad because of love, and love as the one and only driving, directing force in the almost meaningless lives.  Lives without engagment in anything in society.  There is only personal love.  And when that is gone, or puzzling, that is the thing that makes people tick, and kill and betray, and heart broken.

Windy, grey smoky urban centers.  The film takes place in a taxi, in a police office, in an apartment, on the road.

The dusty modern day wilderness of physical dislocation and emotional dislocation.

The taxi driver's persistent love and refusal to acknowledge a break, because she has been receiving all these love letters.
The dealer boy friend is not really a heartless thug, he has been shooting spying on her secretly and making video clips of her day to day lives.  And his current girl friend knows it.
Current girl friend is also not heartless, but she knew from that start the dealers born this way, slacker untrustworthy not due to hard core badness - but due to lack of conviction, firmness in character.  The dealer is not like the taxi driver, she persists in face of repeated hopeless failure.  He, on the other hand, just cannot carry anything out to the end properly.

So he films himself to tell her, if she becomes bored, and if its any good at all, maybe she could look at these footage, but they probably and is v likely cannot go back.

The girl friend finds it frightening as the dealer seem to have no heart, she leaves him and leaves her savings in a safty deposit box for her because as least this money is clean she said.

Dealer ends up w nobody.  He probably knows also that the taxi driver is too good for him and he doesnt want to drag her into the mud.

Taxi driver gives a monologue telling how she met him, that he was a childhood highschool friend, became lovers.  She loves / loved him.

The peasant thug, the young one wants to find his girlfriend and it will be hard, because girls as he describes -  they are so common, how could anyone find anyone in the sea of mass anonymity?

There is a scene where Zhou Xun mimicks these sweet girls.  Zhou Xun is good!

Quality of Qins : 9 virtues

The 9 virtues which distinguish the Qin quality 辨琴之九德

I had read 'the 9 virtues which distinguish the Qin quality' in Zunsheng Ba Jian by Ming dynasty Gao Lian: (According to Qin Fu 琴府 p.1747, the 9 virtues which distinguish the Qin quality was mentioned the earliest in the Song dynasty by Tian Zhi-ong. 田芝翁)

明 高濂的遵生八牋提到的辨琴之九德:

1, Qi (Remarkable) which means Qin (light) Song (free, not held) Cui(clear) Hua(smooth). Qin indicates that the wood is light. Song indicates that the sound is not held. Cui indicates that the sound is clear and venerable, because of the old tong wood. Hua indicates that the sound is sweet and mellow, because of the wood was grown near water.

一曰奇 輕鬆脆滑是也 輕謂材輕 鬆謂聲透 脆謂聲之清老 老桐木也 滑謂聲之澤潤 近水材也

2, Gu (Ancient) which means simple, pure yet contains the rhymes of bell and chime.

二曰古 淳淡中有金石韻也

3, Tou (Penetrated) which means an old qin where the adhesives and lacquer are dried and the sound quality is clear bright and not held.

三曰透 年雖久遠 膠漆不敗 清亮而不咽塞

4, Jin (Quiet) which means that there is no buzzing sound to influence the proper sound quality of the Qin

四曰靜 謂無(先文)飒以亂正聲

5, Run (Moist) which means that the sound quality comes out not dry and the rhythm stays longer.

五曰潤 謂發聲不燥 韻長不絕

6, Yuan (Whole) which means that the sound and rhythm stay as a whole without breaking up

六曰圓 謂聲韻渾然而不破散

7, Qin (Clear) which means that the sound of the qin comes out clearly as the sound of a big bronze Duo bell in wind.

七曰清 謂聲如風中鐸也

8, Yun (Even) which means that all the sound qualities, open string, press down string and harmonics from each of the seven strings has to be regular, steady and smooth.

八曰勻 謂七弦無三實四虛之病

9, Fang (Fragrant) which means a good qin the more its been played the better the sound quality, like a pleasant fragrance which stays long and doesn't lose it's flavor.

九曰芳 謂愈彈愈發 久無乏聲

Monday, 2 November 2015

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 62 : Poetic body movements of dancers, athletes, and everyday gestures. Trisha Brown

好奇藝術 Kunstkammer 62 :  Poetic body movements of dancers.  Trisha Brown

Poetic body movements of dancers, athletes, and everyday gestures
Body movements

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Airstream roof top hotel;South Africa

Rooftop camping – Cape Town, Afrique du Sud

Les caravanes Airstream sur le toit du Grand Daddy Hotel
Les caravanes Airstream sur le toit du Grand Daddy Hotel © Grand Daddy Hotel

Les hôtels sont très créatifs lorsqu’il s’agit de tirer parti du meilleur de leur toit, et notamment le Grand Daddy Hotel de Cape Town. L’hôtel a importé sept caravanes de type Airstream, rutilantes et vintage, directement des USA et a établi un camping très cosy sur son toit, où vous pourrez loger. Très original!

One fun place to stay is the Grand Daddy Hotel…but specifically check out the Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park located on top of the hotel. Yep, it is exactly how it sounds – Seven highly designed Airstream trailers are parked up on the roof for guests to stay a night or two or three…
Each trailer has hot and cold water, toilets and it is not your “daddy’s campers” at the Grand Daddy hotel. It is definitely for the traveler who has seen it all. The hotel group behind this likes to have fun and invoke humor into their boutique hotels. Each trailer has a unique design from different local designers. Some rooms are pretty whimsical, adding to the fun ambiance.

more pic

In addition to the cleverly decorated and slick Airstream trailers, the rooftop has a tented sky bar for guests, complete with couches and heaters to enjoy the nighttime sky.
The Grand Daddy is making sure guests have a cozy place to watch all the World Cup action this summer (but remember when you is winter there.) Think comfy couches, a fully stocked bar, and big screens.