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Monday, 20 June 2016

cf guqin testing today w LLY

cf guqin testing today with master player LLY, I have made a short video clip.

Very beautiful sounds,
my cf qin has been given the following traits by LLY.  All highlighted in green is completed.
The rest, refinements are still to be completed.  2 , 8, 9芳?

Of the nine virtues:
I have reached
2, Gu (Ancient) 
3, Tou (Penetrated) 
4, Jin (Quiet)
5, Run (Moist)
6, Yuan 
7, Qin (Clear)
8, Yun (Even) 
9, Fang (Fragrant) 

明 高濂的遵生八牋提到的辨琴之九德:

1, Qi (Remarkable) which means Qin (light) Song (free, not held) Cui(clear) Hua(smooth). Qin indicates that the wood is light. Song indicates that the sound is not held. Cui indicates that the sound is clear and venerable, because of the old tong wood. Hua indicates that the sound is sweet and mellow, because of the wood was grown near water.

一曰奇 輕鬆脆滑是也 輕謂材輕 鬆謂聲透 脆謂聲之清老 老桐木也 滑謂聲之澤潤 近水材也

2, Gu (Ancient) which means simple, pure yet contains the rhymes of bell and chime.

二曰古 淳淡中有金石韻也

3, Tou (Penetrated) which means an old qin where the adhesives and lacquer are dried and the sound quality is clear bright and not held.

三曰透 年雖久遠 膠漆不敗 清亮而不咽塞

4, Jin (Quiet) which means that there is no buzzing sound to influence the proper sound quality of the Qin

四曰靜 謂無(先文)飒以亂正聲

5, Run (Moist) which means that the sound quality comes out not dry and the rhythm stays longer.

五曰潤 謂發聲不燥 韻長不絕

6, Yuan (Whole) which means that the sound and rhythm stay as a whole without breaking up

六曰圓 謂聲韻渾然而不破散

7, Qin (Clear) which means that the sound of the qin comes out clearly as the sound of a big bronze Duo bell in wind.

七曰清 謂聲如風中鐸也

8, Yun (Even) which means that all the sound qualities, open string, press down string and harmonics from each of the seven strings has to be regular, steady and smooth.

八曰勻 謂七弦無三實四虛之病

9, Fang (Fragrant) which means a good qin the more its been played the better the sound quality, like a pleasant fragrance which stays long and doesn't lose it's flavor.

九曰芳 謂愈彈愈發 久無乏聲

Monday, 23 May 2016

ceramic repairs in gold - beauty of scars

wabi sabi

美少年之恋, 2 to 3 stars

director: Yang Fan 
*** for entertainment and visual interest.
** for storyline and general overall film quality - too many cliches, but overall has a rich package
Bishonen film.jpg
產地香港 香港
日本東京 2000年3月18日
德國 2001年3月8日
發行商創造社 (香港)

analysis of a film -
the making of a commercial film for entertainment and product; no pretension to be "high art, film d'auteur"

gd looking yg men, gay men, of various different family backgrd, gay bar, gay bar talks, gay clients, what the boys might run into, beating, jealousy, etc

interesting colorful settings
conservative middle class comfy home// bachelor boys home// modern contemporary star small apt// hk street scapes, all local scenes in Central//

why is shu qi in the film? her purpose is to bring in the tiny sketch/hardly a mark even, of "lesbian" sex/naughtiness - lesbian bars w non mainstream clients.  Shu Qi dressed up in male costume look.

the gay handsome guy goes up to her and said "want to fuck"  she says, "maybe, maybe"

the boss of the gay bar, the language he used is very interesting, very lively.

the mother of the young man (actually more like grandmother) crying in the bar asking the boy to come home and not do this...

love scenes of gay men

Is this a movie for gay audience?  yes, also for people who are general public.  It has enough novelty to reveal some "hidden" life styles that are not normally visible to non initiated people.

The tone of the film does not degrade any one, does not make fun of any group, does not make "voyeuristic" attraction for the viewers.  Over all a light cream puff of a film.  Interesting and entertaining.

some scenes are awkard in terms of story line.  But nobody cares, its not important, its slightly like a comic book.

film made for HK 1998, japan 2000 and 2001 in Germany?  so it had three rounds of release and is a success.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Friday, 13 May 2016

Carbon Fiber Half HunDun Guqin : tuning new strings; ongoing story

More on Carbon Fiber Guqin Half HunDun (cfHHD) : 
Start: Nov2015 -> Milestone: 13May2016 -> ongoing...

Everyday I test the cfHHD to see how the strings are doing.  Its pretty good, every 2 days it slips half a note.  Which is usual w all new strings. 
 Usually you put the strings on and let it stretch to get to a stabled tension.  After a month or so, take them all off and re-string at the new tension of the newly stretched strings.

In our case here, the body of the cf qin is also getting used to the tension of 7 strings; high stress.  The whole body will be trying to distribute the tension evenly.  Will we see any change in the skin?   If yes what and where should we strengthen, the inside the outside,  where to get rid of the extra "weight", over building?  This will all take time; aging.

Whole thing slips - means you could play by yourself, the key would be shifted down; but if you want to play in an orchestra/ with others, then your tuning must match the others.  It must be standard tuning.
Standard tuning 440hz : Zheng Diao 正調 :  
string 1:  C  65.3hz   string 2:   D  73.4hz    string 3:   F 87.5hz   string 4:    G 98.7hz   string 5:   A 109.9hz   string 6:  C 131hz     string 7:  D 147hz
My thumb has an inflammation condition after fiddling with the strings so much in such a short time, first time this happened.
Could play qin, which takes v little strength; but cant do anything -ie restringing - that requires force.
Things happen when you least expected it.