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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Romantic Freedom, Airstreams, Tents in Linz, Kassel and Venise, and yourtes as a nomadic dream for permanent homes

how could i insert photos? in blogger? it will take another few moments to read instructions, pppppfffff, the problem w internet is, its very hard on eyes to focus on a light emitting screen all the time... sl has a huge problem for me, a/ not stable, i lost some items each time after the Linden updates, objects thats been renamed, or somehow classified under a totally different title - and the original titled object became some strange unopenable object - maybe its me - well, i want to see how far i could go via intuitive user logic - also inventory, sometimes all the things i am looking for is hidden... hmmm b/ too hard on eyes... how could we figure this one out, its a hard ware issue? I use both Apple and PC, so Apple seems to be better on the eyes, sharper defiinition... but still hugely over rated in terms of a machine...


What ikea thinks a home is, and what we see in sl is basically more or less all the typologies shown here.

In rl, I would really like a customised handmade Airstream like a silver bullet which travels around but not as a roving camping car - I feel sad when I see people living out of a camping car. I saw two in the last month.

One in Kassel - i think the mans camping car has been there for at least 2 years, judging by the lawnings sagging tension and grass under his car - all dried... a permanent dead lawn. And, most of all, one evening, I actually saw someone going to and from the corner where his home is set. He had the face of Charles Bronson about to go out to "get it done" - Swannjie Jie said, hmm, well, maybe his wife threw him out of his house, he lost his job, and now, hes here... why should he be smiling and cheerful?

The other one is in Venice, it was a small car the owner is an older man, a retired man, he had his rugs out on the clothes line, and lots of plastic pans and dishes, he made a little warded off corner for himself. It didnt look like a temporary home. But it didnt look like a 2 year old settlement either.

The intentional camping, the yourte is cheerful, it looks right to be there. A most warm tent. But wait, maybe in a couple of year, what does it look like? Arent we being romantic about nomadic living? We have to see first, and then evaluate later, and if we dont like it, change change change.

In sl there are a lot of round houses, lighthouse, huts, yourtes-like towers of varying heights, all cozy cozy. A home is a cozy place. We cant call an empty cold house a home, can we?

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