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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Private Window to the World cubes : list : Certificate of Membership of the HuaHui MobileMusic House

Sample Certificate of membership of the HuaHui MobileMusic House

HuaHui MobileMusic House :: Photo of HuaHui Pixel no.000x

Adoption price
One cube = 20 euros; (26US$) (=6,500Linden$)
Two cubes = 40 euros; (52US$) (=13,000Linden$)
Three cubes = 60 euros (76US$) (=19,500Linden$)

The adopter will receive a certificate with a photo of the real cube via postal service.
Adoption of over 10 cubes will receive a signed replica cube via postal service.
All adopters has a choice of submitting a url of their own choosing, and I will put the url into 2D bar codes, so anyone visiting the real house could use their mobile phone to access their url. Adopters could update their own url as they like.

Payment methods:
PayPal, send me a message for more detail. contact:
Linden dollars in Virtual World of Secondlife
IM, pay: Swann Jie

3345 HuaHui Cubes, a Project from the Virtual World to the Real World
Cube number : : Name of Adopter : : Certificate of Adoption & Photo of cube : : Date

1. Etienne, France :: 25April2010,
2. Maria, Austria :: 18April2010
3. Fleche Xeno, Oregon, US :: 27Apr2010
4. Miranor Kraus, Japan :: 27Apr2010

5. Tania Mouraud, France, 28Apr2010,

6. Yooma Mayo, Japan, 28Apr2010,
7. Hamlet Au, USA, 28Apr2010,
8. Leonel Morgado, Portugal, 28Apr2010,
9. Jeannie and Jimmy Scott, USA, 28Apr2010,
10. WangXiang Tuxing, France, 28Apr2010,
11. Ayiki Takakura, Belgium, 29Apr2010,
12. Lai Hui Ling, Taiwan, 30Apr2010
13. Prita Suharyo, Indonesia, 30Apr2010
14. Somine Liu, Korea-Paris, 30Apr2010,
15. Saito, Tokyo,30Apr2010
16. Juni L Yeung, Toronto, Canada, 30Apr2010,
17. Aw Gregan, France, 1may2010;
18. WangXiang Tuxing, France, 1may2010,
19. Hilda Ma, HongKong,1May2010
20. Hilda Ma, HongKong,1May2010
= = =

21. Hilda Ma, HongKong, 1May2010,
22. Hilda Ma, HongKong, 1May2010,
23. Hilda Ma, HongKong, 1May2010,
24. Hilda Ma, HongKong, 1May2010,
25. Julien Durand, Paris, France, 1May2010,
26. Don Chow, Vancouver-Tokyo, Japan, 2May2010,
27. Darknekro, Roubaix, France, 3May2010,
28. Henry, NYC, US, 4May2010
29. Prof Lai Hui Ling, I-Shou University, Taiwan (arrive via postal service)
30. Artistide Despres, Amsterdam, Netherland, 5May2010,
31. In Yan, Tokyo, Japan, 5May2010,
32. Prof Gary Zabel, University of Massachusetts at Boston, 6May2010
33. CoreSl, HK-Polytechnic University, Department of Applied Social Sciences, 7May2010,
34. Prof Marie-Paule MacDonald, University of Waterloo, Department of Architecture. 7May2010,
35. Dep Avro, Kobe, Japan, 7May2010,
36. Pyewacket, Melbourne, Australia, 7May2010
37. Esme Qunhua, Vermont, US and Entropy Hax, Nottingham, UK, 7May2010,
38. Rob Harrison, US, 7May2010,
39. lizsolo, Newfoundland, Canada, 7May2010
40. Teksah Pinazzo, Toronto, Canada, 8May2010,
41. Bonvibre Gans, University of Buffalo, Department of Mathematics, US 12May2010
42. Sophie Kasei, Paris, France, 16May2010
43. Jesse D Thompson, US, recent graduate of the Gwen Frostic School of Fine Arts, Digital Artist living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA; 17May2010.
44. VIRTLANTIS, Free Language Learning Empowered by Oxford School for English, School in rl, Netherlands, 17May2010,,
45. Oxford School for English, Real Life Language School, Goeppingen, Germany, 17May2010,
46. Engredients, eLearning Ingredients Solutions, School in Real Life, Netherlands, 17May2010,
47. Newt Reich, NewYork, US, 20May2010,
48. Colette Souchal, Paris, France, 21May2010
49. Wotthe Dickins, University of Brighton, UK, Master Arts Digital Media Arts, 24May2010
50. Armelle Aoun, Gagny, France, 2June2010
51. Maelis Durand, Paris, France, 2June2010
52. kickstarter 1 14June2010 : Dr. Allen Partridge, Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania, Department of Communication Media, url: Virtually Human Investigations, Firmament (203, 103, 29)
53. Kickstarter 2 sm 14June2010
54. Kickstarter 3 sm
55. Kickstarter 4 sm
56. Kickstarter 5 sm
57. Kickstarter 6 HM
58. Kickstarter 7 JC 27June2010
59. Don Chow, Tokyo, Japan, 6July2010;
60. Patricia Zari, Switzerland, 8June2011 Alexandria
61. Patricia Zari, Switzerland, 8June2011 Frederico
62. Patricia Zari, Switzerland, 6July2010
63. Patricia Zari, Switzerland, 6July2010
64. SHAN Zeng, HangZhou/Berlin, 29Oct2010
65. Christopher Evans, London, England, 6Dec2010
66. Christopher Evans, London, England, 6Dec2010

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