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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Digital Guqin in sl, 2

Now that the first HunDun guqin has been working, I thought of what sort of sitting should work best in sl... sl is not rl, there is really no need of chairs or acoustics or anything like that. All this silk string and flexi movements of tassles are all - make believe - for the purist, the best Guqin is one that has NO strings - because the music is in your heart. Rah rah rah

I still want to make the silk string - very silky strings. And the seats, must be the right seats.

Either it is totally sl conditions - experimental working within limits of 3D virtual world. Or, we could go for rl antique revival conditions, or contemporary conditions as a life style type of enjoyment.

Today, I tried to put a huge sitting ball for the Guqin player... like a small hill and i linked the ball to the guqin... error! When I decided that I dont like it that much, I had to carefully re-linked everything! all the pieces that took me so long to put together! I must learn to link and unlink better... whew... luckily, it was a simple thing. No linking to any Guqin, it is just not worth all the hassle when its time to delink!

I checked my friend John Thompsons excellent site again, and saw a Swedish specialist, Professor Cecilia Lindqvist who wrote a book on the Qin in Swedish which won the best non-fiction work award! There is a photo of her smiling in a chair on one of the blocks... hmmm, Swann wants to invite her to be guest of honour when the Digital Guqin House is ready.

Cecilia Lindqvist studied with Guan PingHu and Wang Di. Since I have already met all four of the official students of the Master, it adds an interest to me to know that there is a link here!

Now, coming to the question of avatars, shall I make Avatars of Qin players in the line of artistic interpretation? This means, should i make for example the Guqin masters, who are still living in their real image? For the ancients, we could always do what we want, who from year 600ad is going to argue with me?

Then, enlarging the possibilities why not have everybody who wants to play take a picture? It is very nice to have all kinds of avatars to play the guqin, like Neko cats, Gothique Princess, Baseball players, super hunks, everybody!

Now I want to put together a library of Qin books for this Digital Guqin House.

Should they be available for consultation only in sl? Will there be an infraction of copy right if I put them in sl?


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