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Sunday, 24 February 2008

web comic, He Youzhi, avatar loneliness, Sleuth, Le Limier

I began sl wanting to make a comic book out of the various scenes that i lived through in sl. So far, while i was taking the photos, I was so excited. Now, I look at all these jpegs, they are flat - how could we make it interesting for others to read?

Then we must have text. Dialogue, stories.

I interviewed the very famous Mr. He YouZhi in Shanghai, he has a special section in the Shanghai Museum, dedicated to his work. He said, I can no longer go anywhere because I am over 80 years old, and I get tired easily. I can go to Hong Kong maybe for a few days, but going on a boat to San Francisco is too far. His eyes are sparkling jewels. He said, I taught at Angouleme, they invited me. But what is there to say? I could only show them the beauty of a drawing line, but what is there to say?
For me to draw and create new works, I must have new stories. He taps his finger to his temple, whats in here, is old stuff! My head is old stuff, only younger people with new stories could create a new comic book style. Would you stay for dinner with us? (yes!!!) He said, "the road is in your lips" - this means, if you are lost, you only have to ask directions on the street. He smiled, very kindly he said, come back, again, when you have more time! I will show you my latest publications. I was so happy that he granted me the visit.

Now, I look at all the online webcomics, and remember what he said. Yes, the world is very different for the internet savvy graphic artists. They do have new stories, and different standards of social behaviors, love, courtesy... everything is different, the contexts are so different. Not only there is a cultural difference. There is notably a epoch difference, and behavior difference. People are much harder today.

He Youzhi's work is fine arts, its not popular repetitive Manga, not cartoons in the american sense. It is very well drawn, fine line drawing work, one of the most expressive. His pictures are stylised, the body sitting just right, arms, movements, everything correct. The weight, center of mass of each limb, the composition of the page. A master. Each frame could be a stand alone composition. You can admire the picture over many hours, its precious. The drawing goes with the story - to have new stories, the drawings would have to be different.

The current style in vogue around the world is not kindness, but scowling cool stances. No one smiles in todays comics. More like sharp teeth and sneering smirks and ruffled hair. From Beijing, to Tokyo to Hong Kong to Paris to NY, all the same. Its super uncool to be smiling. (Except for Hello Kitty of course!)

However, real people want kindness too!
I talked to many sl avatars, some of them told me their rl stories. Everyone needs the same things, just like in the old days, no different. But in todays social vocabulary, its much more cool - to be harsh, to be rushy, to be "unavailable", and in one click - they cut you dead - it means they are doing the cool thing, and you, you are nothing but a has-been. Dont even mention any such thing such as "loneliness" thats sooooooo uncool - because loneliness, is really, it is nothing - it is so common.

Film viewed

Sleuth 2.5*
Even though I knew Michael Caine is to be the inspector, I looked carefully and really did not see Michael Caine at all, the make up is sooooo good. The story is more on class struggles, snobbism...hinges on this. In the new version, its got a new edge of bisexual flexible moral standards that this old version is much more upright in some way. The new version where Caine played the old writer, the character is much more sympathetic. Here the Sir Lawrence is definitely a total loser, we have little sympathy for him. The old mansion doesnt look aristocratic, but mothy, playhouse for an old man. No true style, maybe in keeping with the character.

Le Limier 2.5*
Very good acting, Jude Law in a juicy role. Michael Caine is very good. The house, designers cage, is cold. Everybody needs lots of shots of whiskeys to keep warm. :) Not a moment slack. The text, dialogue is superb. Based on older movie Sleuth. Also with Caine but he was playing the younger character.

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