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Monday, 14 June 2010

Travel with the 花 魁 HuaHui, First MobileMusic House!

花 魁 HuaHui Pixel Cube : MobileMusic sculpture house and Dome, Patronage and Adopt-a-Cube!

HuaHui from Cubes to Mobile Music Sculpture House - lets see the world together!

Project launched at

How to join Patronage to the HuaHui Cube MobileMusic house project by Adopting a cube:

Online payment:
Direct payment: Paypal
email: swannjie at gmail dot com
Virtual World Linden$:
IM Swann Jie directly in sl

花 魁 HuaHui Pixel Cubes

花 魁 HuaHui Pixel Cube Wall

花 魁 HuaHui MobileMusic House

Picture no 1 : 花 魁 HuaHui MobileMusic House w a small car

Picture no 2 : Bolognano Italy, Museum of Joseph Beuys Plantation
Bolognano Italy, Video and Music Festival

Picture no 3 : Flushing, New York City

Picture no 4 : Prepared Aluminum cans

Picture no 5 : Sample of Cube faces after pre-production ready for assemblage into a cube

Picture no 6 : Sample Certificate of a parallel Dome building project, with a closeup of a unique Brick unit.
(Facsimile of Certificate of the MobileMusic House will be ready as soon as possible.)

Picture no 7: Wall section of the MobileMusic house with cubes

Picture no 8 a : Sample of a finished cube with 2d barcode of a URL on a house. Using your Mobile phone you take a picture of the tag (scanning the tag with your phone) you will be sent to the specific URL.

How do I capture 2d barcode tags? Point and click with the tag properly placed in view finder of your phone.
The tag will linked to the URL directly.

There are Private Windows to the World Cubes, and Club Cubes.
Private Windows to the World Cubes displays the Adopters chosen URL.
Club Cubes have given group URLs.

The close up of unique cubes with individual URL tags will be on each personal Certificate which will be sent via personal email.
Group Club Cubes will have one Certificate per Cube with names of the adopters on blog.

Picture no 8 b : Closeup of a cube

Picture no 9 : Adopt a cube poster

Picture no 10 : upcoming... Youtube of the Adopt-a-Cube!
Please find Pictures uploaded here:
Lets build an Eco-aluminum MobileMusic house together, Picture no1

The house will travel to Museums and sites for exhibition and events.
The MobileMusic House has been invited to exhibit at Museum of Joseph Beuys at Bolognano, Italy. Location here. Picture no2

The building of the first house begins from New York City. Picture no3 Flushing ny map (precise location studio picture will be uploaded asap)

I assemble the material, and pre-production here and bring the material (aluminum skin repurposed and prepared from drink cans) to finalise the assemblage in Europe, because the first exhibition venue is in Bolognano, Italy. Picture no4 ,

Picture of the preparation here: Picture no5

Target funding:

To get sponsorhip total of 5200us$ (4000euros) or to get 200 Adoptions of a cube
Each Adoption of a private Cube = 26us$
or One Dollar/one Euro participations for a Club Cube

Single creatively based aim:

To bring people onto the MobileMusic house, and lets travel together around the world in the MobileMusic house.
I bring my house with our URLs and show it to the world.
A video and blog updates of the building of the house and events will be made so everybody could be in the story.

Strangers are invited to be part of an international interactive artwork by contributing to the building of a MobileMusic house by adopting the modular units one cube at a time, or several cubes at a time, or part of a cube starting at One Dollar/One Euro. Each adoption is a form of sponsorship.

A certificate of membership of the MobileMusic House. (Will be ready as soon as available)
Sample fascimili of membership of a parallel Dome House here: Picture no6

The close up of unique cubes with individual URL tags will be on each personal Certificate which will be sent via personal email.
Group Club Cubes will have one Certificate per Cube with names of the adopters on blog.

Sample wall of Mobile Music house : Picture no7

Personal picture of the Cube is on the certificate.

If people adopt over 10 cubes, they get a replica of a real life Cube. Picture no 8 a + b

More details:

In my project, Adopters gets a permanent link to their URL through the MobileMusic house from their personal Identity Tag.
The identity tag is visitable through mobilephone surfing technology.

In the Adopt-a-cube MobileMusic house project, people adopt a real life cube to display their URL via 2dbarcode on the cube (normal analogique page which becomes online when a mobilephone takes a picture of the URL) see poster: Picture no 9: How Adopt a cube works

A 60sec Youtube video will be available shortly. (Picture no 10: still of upcoming Youtube)

Adopt a cube!
Private Window Cube;

For 20euros per Adoption of a cube; you get a private url tag on a real life cube.
Certificate of membership of the house with picture of personal unique cube and tag
Use paypal; send payment directly to
or IM Swann Jie in sl, pay in Linden$ 6500linden$

Club Cubes are available at One Dollar/One Euro per share of a Club Cube.
There are 26 shares per Cube.
Club cubes have individual URL, and a club Tag on a real life cube.
Payment via paypal directly to
or IM Swann Jie in sl, pay : 500linden$

Thanks for your kind consideration and please join the building of the house, Adopt a cube today!!

I would be more than happy to clarify any other points, please ask me!
Thank you.

Shuen-git /sl Swann Jie

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