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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

How thin is the border between rl and sl ?

Just came back from trips and talked to a friend. She said, you know sl is very close to rl, a friend of her passed away, 55 years old, heart failure. She was debating whether to go to the funeral or not, even though she has never met the very good friend. Then she said, you should enjoy life while you can, now.

I consider this question again, should you or should you not go to a rl funeral for an sl friend? The context is that this friends has a leadership role in her sl social network. What is the purpose of going to a funeral? If nobody goes to a funeral, who gets hurt the most? It might be the family members in rl of the person. But if its the sl friends whom rl people, children, son etc never really met in anycase - would it be sufficient for the rl family to imagine the huge numbers of sl friends?

Would they feel hurt if sl friends dont appear? A lot of sl people never mix their rl live with sl, so the family would not feel hurt. But if they were rl friends, then, I could imagine who showed up or not would be an issue.

Now from the point of view of the living ones, the focus of the group has passed away, would the group be dispersed because of it? Then, the group was attracted by the leader. The leaders function goes away with the leader. It is not a system, its a personal network.

I dont know the leader, but I could feel that the person must have some special charm or energy.

I would have liked to know the leader simply because of my friends sadness.

Is rl very close to sl? Is the border that thin? When it is very very thin, then sl would be - like a regular portion of rl - its the internal emotional aspect of rl.

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