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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Open invitation for Live Demo,

Welcome to the mini concert, if time permits with a live Master Guqin player! Come have your picture taken with us!! We will have a group photo - just like in official Chinese portraits! Then we will have the group portrait framed!!!

petting horse

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Real Life Event and SL presentation of DGM, 25April09; HuaHui Magic Cube House

Live demo location at Digital Guqin Museum, 25April09, Taiwan time, afternoon. Precise hour will be announced on the day.

HuaHui silver House

HuaHui silver house

2 Cubes with "eye"

Presentation of Digital Guqin Museum to real life Guqin Master Players will be on 25April2009, afternoon, 14h00 to 16h00, Taiwan.

All welcome!

Come to Daiyu Island!! Here.

Join in the building of the HuaHui Magic Cube House, mail your cube to me!
Instructions "how to make a cube"here

Monday, 20 April 2009

HuaHui Magic Cube House, BamBam Sachertorte, Huahui house blog by HarumiT Tammas

Japanese blog about this house by visitor HarumiT TammasHere

I was showing BamBam Sachertorte the HuaHui house at Fairy Land of Shangri La, and he said, he would make a cube for me. A real life object. And he could have his son and his sons class make some too. They would like to make some cubes.

Suddenly, the whole thing bloom into the next real life phase of HuaHui DGM house.

For the real life construction of the HuaHui Magic Cube House, please sign up here.

As I have been invited to exhibit a piece of large sculpture at a very beautiful 18th century park, semi private place. Just 5mn outside of Paris - this real venue makes the HuaHui House building work more fun. Imagine all these cubes built from everyone around the world, I will exhibit their postal envelope too, if they have pretty stamps and etc etc. A parellel "Mail Art" exhibit with all the names of the contributors. Like a fine tapestry. A no waste proposition, a total art piece, imagine a giant size scultpure made by little hands, and poof, into reality in a beatufiul garden! Every contributor will be invited to come to the opening! I hope to get people from all over the world. :)

Bambam says if I do have a venue, people would make the work. If no results in view, people have less incentive. So here is the first venue of our HuaHui Magic Cube House. Garden party and musical event in the domaine garden under a big tree here.

So, here it is.
I invite everyone to submit if they like to be part of it.
Check it out!
The sooner we have all the cubes, the sooner we could exhibit and hold our first mini concert, garden party. :)

There is no rush, but as each cube is completed and receptioned, we will see the house actually growing cube by cube. Isnt that fun?

walkerIsland, Salmaru, DGM taxi

Salmaru at Walkerisland, after this visit, its pooof all gone. No more Walkerisland

Salmaru thinks my house is fantastic!

Salmaru says its my master piece. I am glad Salmaru likes it.

Salmaru has kindly put my DGM logo onto his just-the-right taxi for me. :)

Friday, 17 April 2009

silver house, Dep,

Dep visits the silver version of Huahui magic cube. Nice... ^^ so beautiful!

Guqin info, books, biblio etc

台灣中道琴社 琴學講座之四

講 題:從德布西到楊時百到鄭珉中的一席話Debussy and the Guqin, a talk in 2007

Guqin Bibliography

I found an interesting page on a Guqin Society in Taiwan. Author: Copyright ©2006 Judy (Pei-You) Chang.
Have never been to Taiwan to look at their silk qin clubs, but this looks like a very nice place.
I hope the author does not mind my reproducing the whole page here, if they do, I will remove it immediately. The source is included below. I include it here so more people could read about it. Thank you for your kind attention.

Oct 17th, Tian Muge Silk String Qin Society 訪天穆閣絲弦琴社

Miss Zhuang Xiu-zhen (in the middle) and Mr. Liu Fu-jing at her left.

Miss Zhuang Xiu-zhen 莊秀珍 is the president of the Tian Muge Silk String Qin Society. She learned Guqin from Master Sun Yu-qin 孫毓琴. This qin society used to have gatherings twice every month at the Zi Teng Lu Tea House, and now moved to Xin Dian near Xin Dian city hall. I had the honor of attending their meeting on Oct 17th, Thanks to my friends Shan-wei and Xing-yi.

Mr. Ye Shi-qian's calligraphy.
Once there, I had a chance to play Miss Zhuang's Tang Qin 秋籟 and one of the qin made by Mr. Yei Shi-qian 葉世強. (Mr. Yei was born in Guangdong and moved to Taiwan in 1949. He is 80 years old now and has been living in solitude almost his whole life in Taiwan. His artistic works include: paintings, mixedmedia, calligraphy and qin making.) The Tang qin feels very warm and comfortable to play. It has snake belly cracks 蛇腹斷紋 but had redone the lacquer so the surface is smooth. The Yei qin has an artistic look and the sound quality is not open but restrained. It does not have shiny lacquer but an ancient look.

I heard several people's qin playing. Xing-yi played Yu Ge 漁歌 that he dapu from Wu Zhi-zhai Qinpu 五知齋琴譜. Xing-yi learned qin from Master Zhuang Xiu-zhen for 2 years and had been playing qin for 5 years. Mr. Pan commented that Xing-yi's Yu Ge is very 悲愴 (tragic) like the sorrow of swan lake. Xing-yi's shixong, Mr. Liu Fu-jing 劉富錦 played Wu Ye Wu Qiu Feng 梧葉舞秋風, very impressive. Mr. Liu learned qin from Master Zhuang the longest. He is also master in qin making. Currently Mr. Liu is supervising several qin makers in Mainland China.
Master Zhuang Xiu-zhen played the Ping Sha Luo Yan which was taught by Master Sun Yu-qin. Mr. Pan gave very high appreciation of her playing of the Pin Sha Luo Yan.

Mr. Pan Bo-shi, the standing one.
Later, Mr. Pan Bo-shi 潘栢世 gave a talk of Twenty-four Grades of Poetry 二十四詩品. He gave his explanation of the first two grades – Xiong (plentiful, magnificent) Hun (complete, all over) and Chong (rinse, infuse) Dan (light) (雄渾 沖淡) at that day. Mr. Pan is a very knowledgeable person. He is a major in Chinese medicine but he also studies Chinese philosophy and literature. He has given lessons at the Tian Muge Silk String Qin Society before on the Twenty-four Qin Situations 二十四琴況. He does not play qin but he knows how to appreciate qin very well. Mr. Pan said that all the Chinese art, such as seal, Kung-fu, tea, etc,. are related to the 24 Grades of Poetry. All the Chinese art has to be based on the deepest Chinese literature. Each grade of the 24 Grades of Poetry is literature which is the door to enter the world of Chinese art.

Chinese art and the Chinese art environment cannot be separated, such as when to listen rain? When to play guqin? etc,. It has to be in a certain situation to do certain thing in order to be beautiful.

Each two of the grades of poetry is corresponding to each other. Xiong Hun is corresponding to Chong Dan. Xian Nong 纖穠 is corresponding to Chen Zhuo 沉著 and so on and so forth. Each two phrases of each grade is also corresponding to each other. Such as the first two phrases of the first grade, 大用外腓 is based on 真體內充, meaning that the great graceful appearance is based on the true inner richness. Another two phrases, 反虛入渾 積健為雄, meaning that it has to be in a big space in order to enter the original inner truth. And the powerful energy comes from accumulating exercise. And the last four phrases of the first grade, 超以象外 得其環中, 持之非強 來之無窮 meaning that crossing over the limitation, a living thing will live forever without the limitation of time. When holding it, you don't feel it is strong but you will feel the power later when you hold it longer and longer. After Mr. Pan's explanation of the first grade, I just realized how rich the Chinese literature is.

On the wall, there are the paintings and calligraphy by Mr. Ye Shi-qian.
Mr. Liu Xing-yi is the one in the middle.

二十四詩品 Twenty-four Grades of Poetry
作者:舊題晚唐.司空圖(837--908)(Mr. Pan believes that it was not written by Si Kong Tu in Tang Dynasty, it was written in Yuang or Ming Dynasty.)


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Copyright ©2006 Judy (Pei-You) Chang

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more info on guqin from china

樂記 (本文為潘柏世老師琴學講座課程內容,版權屬於潘柏世先生與天穆閣絲弦琴社,請勿轉載。)


















「夫樂者,象成者也。」這是一句總綱:topic- sentence,他說整個樂舞就是一個「象」,《易經》裏面所謂的「象」、一個可見的象,一個把東西懸掛在那兒,讓你可以用眼睛直接把他into vision。象什麼,象一個大事情,它在過程裏面全部通過了、然後全成。所以它所象徵的、它要給我們的,是整個過程通過之後達到全部的達成,所以從開頭到中間到最後,它是都包含的。















荀子所謂「化性起偽」這四個字所要講的就是說,我們在那麼複雜的內心裏面,為什麼會傾向應該和不應該?荀子說唯有通過知識文明,如果不通過知識文明是不可能的。知識文明就是從接觸到認知、從認知到選擇,荀子認為我們的應該或是不應該是選擇來的,只有加深這個選擇的機制,然後再堅持應該或是不應該,這才成為可能,這個叫「化性起偽」。把文化與文明的力量興起來,「偽」就是文明,把文化文明的力量興起來,興起來之後做一種自己對自己的轉化,所以自己以認知跟選擇來轉化自己的喜怒哀樂,才能夠堅持一個應該跟不應該。就荀子而言,up to be 的接受跟up to be的堅持,只有通過知識是可能的;孟子之前的儒家,認為我們本來就有愛的意志,你培養它就可以了,荀子說不可能,只有在文化的紮根上來講才是可能的。



「虛一而靜」不是在講打坐,「虛」是把成見拿掉,用你已經形成的認知來面對對象,這個認知不一定是有用的,拿開,就是說,他面對這個事物的時候已經通過莊子的成心了。比如說我是一個西醫,聽到中醫說法就認為你亂搞;我是一個中醫,聽到西醫說法就認為你們都是個傻瓜,這個叫不夠虛。把已經有的知識拿開,慢慢集中、把情緒再降低,這全部都是非常笛卡兒式的,他所達到的情況就是笛卡兒所講的「clear and distinct」——真理標準。

這裏強調「物」,「致知在格物」的「物」,而「格」是去touch的意思。「心」跟「物」的分別很早,孔子常常提「心」,孟子、莊子提「心」;只有兩個人不提「心」:墨子、老子不怎麼提「心」,他們兩個不用「心」這個字眼,可是孔子、荀子、孟子、莊子都很講「心」。儒家所用的「物」在十三經裡面,無非是外物,一個外面跟你接觸的東西,我們今天只好說環境,它是不清楚的。在《易經》裏面那個「物」同時是一個「象」,比如說「易」是一個absolute substance,「易」就是以「象」作為它活動的必然性;「象」有理之象、有物之象,理之象是易的活動,物之象也是易的活動。所以它說「剛柔者,晝夜之象也」,「剛柔為理象於內,晝夜為物象於外」。乾坤是理之象、天地是物之象;坎離是理之象、水火是物之象。《易經》一定要分清楚理之象與物之象,講起來才過癮,因為它的交互很古怪。


不是最後一代文人琴 蔡德允女史
不是最後一代文人琴 蔡德允女史; r$ g- |" l' n( U4 j
by 陳耀紅
: w1 ?+ R; g6 y3 [5 R* @- n. S& o+ N4 K; ]7 w( O
+ E+ b- t8 O5 t: F延至蔡女史離世逾月,此文才見報,是因為希望她的家人能比較安靜地度過這一段心緒難以平靜的日子;然而,這文不能不寫,因為蔡德允以她在做人與琴學上的修養,在中國音樂史上應占一個位置,最少也應在香港的音樂發展軌跡上占上一席。
! w1 w6 [, }8 _1 w  蔡德允五十年代隨家人來港定居,香港獨特的社會環境,令蔡氏代表的中國傳統文人文化,得以在香港保留下來。
6 S# W) p: |% k9 u. h! a( k: v7 \$ p3 z0 P: J: d
律己嚴 潛心琴學% U+ h6 D4 w* W% Y
) V4 B/ S3 P# f$ `
  自清末積弱,由十九世紀中末期至二十世紀以還,香港皆成為內地政商文人避難所、中轉站,其中不乏落地生根者。1949年後,中國巨變,台海兩岸分離,中國被西方視為竹幕國家,及至五十年代,內地歷經反右、批孔、文革等災劫,香港得以偏安一隅,加上七十年代經濟起飛,成為中西文人薈萃之地,亦台海兩地的一個仲介地帶。不過,殖民地管治加上日益嚴重的重商傾向,香港自上世紀七、八十年代逐漸走向單一價值觀,唯金錢成就是瞻,令中國傳統文化色彩逐漸消退,取而代之是不中不西的本土文化,故亦有不少人認為香港是文化沙漠,但較確切的說法,應為中國傳統文化式微。故此,直至二十一世紀到臨,仍能在香港堅持以中國傳統道德價值、堅持中國傳統文化者,可謂是本地的一股清流,蔡德允是其一。她不單律己以嚴,不棄詩書,潛心琴學,同時以中國文人人格要求兒子與學生。- @8 v1 \5 O8 K1 H- F: r

! l I, i. f7 W/ X" d  蔡女史對中國琴學上的貢獻與她在個人在傳統道德、文學、書法等方面的修養是互為表裏的。近年中港兩地皆有文人琴、藝人琴劃分之說,蔡女史代表的便是文人琴一類。簡單而言,文人琴家以秉承傳統儒道之學為己任,而藝人琴家以琴藝為主導。由於儒道之學在五四新文化運動以後,日漸式微,近年中國琴人更不避商業行為,亦有主張古琴藝術亦須大眾化,令古琴發展出現爭議。- x0 Y1 P! A) x! D" Z

) q# w0 Y% b q! @9 `4 w  且不說得如此極端。即使是原來屬於文人琴一類的琴家,因為古琴成為中國的音樂學院課程後,亦令上述文人琴、藝人琴上的劃分出現新的變化。這可以用蔡德允的學生劉楚華追隨過的張子謙與姚丙炎二師為例。張子謙、蔡德允與姚丙炎三人皆二十世紀重要琴家,同屬清末民初的傳統文人琴學一脈相承,雖然各人在古琴學上有不同側重及彈琴風格,但三人都具備國學基礎,皆在修身上下過工夫。/ @9 v* K5 j' e3 e. `8 E3 x: ^8 p
" Y0 Z' S7 @4 }( N
' {: r! M2 R2 z. |3 e& U
$ c; q/ \/ g2 y" q  蔡、姚二人終身都不曾以琴為職業。蔡女史的琴事活動,除了自娛外,主要是詩書琴畫的雅集,授徒數量不多,而且非常選擇性。劉楚華說:「覺不適合的(學生)即使上了課的,不久(她)便會跟這學生說:『你已學得差不多,自己彈就可以了。』」3 M, w, R- W* y l! z+ B

3 z4 l, `3 E+ X, c2 D: p: w  蔡德允曾為BBC錄音及為電影配音,但只是偶一為之,目的只是巨集揚琴學。8 t" Z$ `( u; o1 I& ^0 S7 S* N

5 A, X+ T! n0 i0 N  姚丙炎先生亦然,他以會計為職業,終身都是一位業餘琴家。至於張子謙先生,在解放前亦是業餘琴家,解放後,他與蔡德允的老師沈草農同在上海音樂學院任教,變成專業,負責訓練古琴演奏家。
. g8 H- F, T I% c* R: e/ w; N
, F( _" y) H& m0 W9 t Y8 h  古琴成為內地音樂學院的科目後,令內地琴人專業化、職業化。好的方面,由於學院集采西方教學的方法,加上廣泛的中國音樂材料,故在音樂教學上得以系統化及全面;不好的方面,音樂學院不強調學生的全面修養,令國學根底較弱的學生在學習古琴時只能自行掌握中國文化傳統的精華。此外,琴學屬舊文化、士大夫文化,在內地著重工農兵、大眾文化的環境下,不斷受到衝擊。專業訓練下產生的新一代琴人,由於脫離了故有的傳統文人土壤,故與前述的文人琴家的國學基礎比較,出現極大距離,被視為新一代的藝人琴。
6 z3 C) |) b- F0 ]9 k9 b. J& u7 U. j
選徒嚴 成就出眾6 R& {, U! j+ ^' p* l7 w5 p- P
, J4 _6 s2 q$ d2 e C
6 M% A( |3 Q; N- o( N' B: Q% N" I
2 C# n" S; b4 T+ V  「在1966年以來十多年間,全中國沒有人教琴,有的也只是家學,蔡老師以一人之力在香港教琴。」劉楚華在談到蔡女史的貢獻與特點時說:「她是隱逸派,從來與世無爭,對名利甚至憎厭,藝術意志驚人,以藝術意志抵擋非藝術的干擾,保持藝術的純粹性。干擾主要來自政治與商業化,這兩方面在中國大陸特別明顯,大陸的彈琴人不能避開政治干擾,業餘的還好一些,專業琴人受的干擾甚大;改革開放後,更嚴重的干擾是市場化與商業化。但這兩方面對蔡老師都沒有影響,她從頭到尾都始終如一。」/ l; ]( v5 y* G9 [

3 i( D$ [8 g( @# S4 i) m. A& T  古琴活動是十分小眾的玩意,琴家必須能享受寂寞,才能自得其樂。蔡女史所授的一眾徒子徒孫,可說不少都秉承了她這種修養。此外,她的傳人中,剛巧既有古琴藏家,亦有彈琴人、作曲者,也有專門研究絲弦的人,組成一個相當齊備的團隊,可以很短時間內組織展覽、演出示範及講座等,因此對繼往開來的作用。雖然,這些後人基本是業餘琴人,但各有自己的學歷及修養。
6 B5 {( `1 H9 n" \$ I, q U' a1 Y9 |$ a8 a
  蔡女史律己嚴,選擇學生也嚴,學生中也不只有成就者,彈琴出色的便有劉楚華、蘇思棣,會作曲的有謝俊仁,專注研究絲弦的有黃樹志;在中國音樂研究上有成就的有張世彬,還有古琴收藏家沈興順等。她的學生中,還有像潘重規、黃繼持、胡菊人、屈志仁與榮鴻曾等學者,其中亦有外籍人士,如中文大學的Dale# u( G& _3 o# M$ Q) U
A. Craig、比利時大提琴家Georges Goormaghtigh(郭茂基);甚至有日本人,如東洋琴學研究所的稗田浩雄與伏見靖等。; S+ I2 C) U0 ^. j: z) Q& r/ y) D! w
+ ^. ^! O" W4 G8 y
' P0 R# t3 l9 h. H" z6 D5 {3 ~6 w' e: n, C0 l T: }
百年前後: F' H2 G( I& j! E

7 V; l; \+ {! X+ j& H; S3 z" V6 X   吳興蔡德允女史被譽為中國文人琴家。1905年她出生於浙江一個商人之家,父親蔡止穆經營絲綢生意,母親姚淑,是一位有學問的女性。
3 t7 O/ ~4 o9 m" K  蔡女史三歲隨父母遷滬,八歲入學,就讀母親執教的湖州旅滬公學小學部,書法學家,先由母親姚氏啟蒙,後隨二伯蔡蒙原青學北魏《張猛龍碑》等;十七歲在上海南洋女子師範學堂畢業,其後在中西女塾執教兩年,1924年進女子高等專修學校深造,二十二歲畢業,從事教學工作。 `/ \( w; V, k) N
4 ]. X; l+ U2 D* E4 ~0 P
" O6 B( r0 C5 P8 ~4 R0 `3 W2 B, n+ D- L0 T
  沈草農,泛川派琴家,曾與查阜西、張子謙合編《古琴初階》。沈先生除擅琴,亦通曉各體書法,尤愛蘭石並吟詠。其夫人陳芸仙亦能琴。返滬後,蔡德允每週皆隨沈老師學琴,亦常與其夫人陳氏切磋,如是者數年不輟。1950年,沈鴻來舉家再回港後,草農先生則仍留滬,至1972年歿,蔡德允在其十五年祭時出資印行《珍霞閣詩草初稿》及《珍霞閣詞稿》。' W" l" M; m7 s) |& e; |

* a; z3 e! d D4 q4 s% s  1953年,蔡德允返滬省親。草農先生與夫人伴其至今虞琴社參加雅集。「今虞琴社中,以常熟派吳景田先生彈奏最為悅耳,琴藝超特,指法純熟,授徒亦最多。研究音律最精者,則有吳振平先生,卓然邁眾。廣陵派張子謙先生,則閒雅和平,律嚴音正,其龍翔一操,尤擅勝場,社中同好,多從之學。」蔡女史寫道。
% e+ L) h& Q6 S' u4 p3 j
$ |5 [; i: s2 l( C3 u8 F" g. A  蔡師設帳授徒,亦與今虞琴社有關。「五十年代初,一日忽有由上海今虞琴社查阜西琴家介紹一青年來學琴,餘不能卻,嗣後又有兩位女士專誠來學,更有能琴者一人願與餘共相切磋達若干年。當時餘恒以患在好為人師為戒,後因來者日眾,乃正式教琴,數十年來頗得教學相長之樂。」蔡德允寫道。
% [- w H# Z5 f& o0 _2 V" }5 v
* P6 J; x3 X/ {- Z. q/ Y  除參與雅集與教學外,蔡德允在五十、六十年代間亦參與演出,地點多在香港大學陸佑堂、浸會大會堂與新亞書院等地。此外,國學大師錢穆成立新亞國樂會,她應聘為古琴組導師。後來大師創辦的新亞書院併入中文大學後,新亞研究所遂脫離大學,仍留在農圃道,學生成立「新亞琴社」,她應請為古琴顧問。% r$ v+ J$ v0 h4 [( V; |9 W4 |/ C0 b
; n/ D( W* T/ a9 F W
( c! G9 S. c' t. r- j" h4 E# K& n8 x8 z% N2 I
  琴學雖在其發源地有待復興,但對愛好雅樂的日本人與愛好古典音樂的西方人,有相當的吸引力。近年,在歐美亦見有古琴活動及琴社的成立,有外文的古琴互聯網網站。假以時日,中國恢復盛唐面貌後,重新找尋文化根源的國人肯定亦將聚沙成塔。$ p8 A8 L2 r9 j' a

5 u2 p# C/ H& k1 w[ 本帖最後由 張家大公子 於 2008-1-8 14:44 編輯 ]


Thursday, 16 April 2009

Kerrypet, snobby stone, scripting

some snap shots

Moonlit hotel launch event where I met a real life doctor who has a clinic in sl, treating respiratory patients.

Hanakos fancy ferris wheel, each pod is a small patch of private garden where you could lay quiet and see the sky above moving

Kerrypet came to help me resolve the linking and instant rezzing of the 3200 prim of random gift house. We fussed and fussed, very interesting. At the end, we got it to rezz, but they are not perfectly aligned this, is already a v gd result. What is sl if we have no scripting skills?

I try to explain to non-internet, non virtual world friends what it is like in the vw environment. I agree its got some great potential, its the future. But do I want to be a teacher in sl, no. Do I want to stay full time in sl, nooooooo. The charm of sl, once again and again and again, is the human element. Its like a sweet kindergarten type of environemnt where we could be silly and no one cares. But sl and make believe entire narratives restricted to sl is not so much fun. I love sl, but I love rl even more. How could I explain all this to my rl rl friends?

Suiseiki stone, the stone has very interesting conversation, it could distinquish messages from objects from real life avatars. To an object, the stone says, I am not available for chat... but in the same breath it speaks to me. hahahahha. Snobby stone.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

DGM Easter gift: Cavior Egg for Bunnyjam Egg contest

My entry for Bunnyjam Egg Fest; drink the wine and pop the caviar... my kind of egg!

Digital Guqin Museum Easter Gift : Caviar Egg

Monday, 6 April 2009

Linden Lab as a bank, why rl is so important, Aimee Mullins, Escher, VanGogh in Prim Painting = Primting

Eschers walking around topology puzzle in Primting

VanGoghs bedroom : want to buy it? And live in it? So you know how it feels like if you were VanGogh.

Eschers lizard in polygon graphics, sit on it!

Linden dollars make the SecondLife experience feel real - I imagine if LL has no real micro economy - if its all play money, I dont think so many people would be in it. It feels real. Like a tiny tiny me walking around. But, as usual I much prefer to be in the real size world. I want to see real people. Sl people are fine, and there must be very good reasons that they prefer to stay in sl. But I do miss seeing certain people in the flesh. I start to imagine, what does that person really look like? As I am a visual person, often what people say and what you feel from a direct visual input from looking at them, being near them, are two different packages of information. Usually in real life, the visual input overpowers their words. I believe I capture more from what I see - but its not really seeing as such, but having a physical presence. Some kind of aura, or vibration or some such unquantifiable input - altogether, I get an instant overall impression - no word will be able to explain and speak of this. Even buying a coat, you want to try things on, why would anyone begin to "fall in love" without having seen the real person? They are inlove with love itself. Anyone will do - give them a balloon and they could flesh out a face on the surface. :)

There is a new art gallery with unlimited prims for "primtings", basically, you would re-construct a famous painting in 3d - for example, VanGoghs room, reconstructed in prims. You could buy the room for yourself. Its a great idea, I like it, like toy houses. Then, I think why not exhibit some virtual models? Just like any object in sl... i saw reconstruction of real life sculptures into sl, like Leda and the Swan etc. Now painting in prims.

Good idea, mainly for fun! Like Clae Oldenberg's pop art objects: Giant size lipsticks, or electrical plug out of canvas - hes actually making models. Today, we have many new installation works including the top productions such as "The Cremasters" fantasy erotic real life execution for his films. He uses real athletes, and tiny waist persons. Real life phenomena of ideas carried up as far as the person could. Aimee Mullins, I like her!

I like them, this courage and generosity of exposure of unusal events. The fine execution of unusual aesthetic experiences, it makes you think, nothing is impossible.

There is so much in the world that we dont know about.

BD 11pic; twinheaded buddha "Ming"

HuaHui Mobile Music under a tree


More about being a fairy...
Never thought I would enjoy being a fairy, but, and yet, here we are, and I am looking pretty w my newbie green wings too! :)

Mobile Music at ShangriLa, Fairy installation for fashion show of Wisteria Loon by Shenlei Flasheart

A beautiful book by Shenlei for Misteria Loon, great book, glossy pages, wow. I want to have a book like this tooooooo.... :) from sl to rl. Good memories!! Nice coffee table book!

Twin headed Buddha, "Ming", oil on linen, 45cm x 55cm
Published in "Lion Fine Arts" magazine, Jan 1995

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Shenlei Flashhearts Fairies Party, Wisteria Loon

Swannjie back at the WalkerIsland: "MobileMusic no3" an installation for Guqin in a wilderness garden.

Wisteria Loon invited me to her fashion show - come come... I said is it w all this catwalk things? No no dance balls, large dance balls. Fairy fashion!

So many fairies! The ambiance is charming! Huge flowers, rabbits, leaves you could sit on. The scenario created by Shenlei Flashheart, and beautiful fairy gears by Wisteria Loon. And the party was completed with photo souvenirs of the team. Swannjiejie had no fairy outfit in her wardrobe - she put on her green wings, the Newbie wings from one year ago - somebody said she was a fairy on vacation! :) So, no vacation from being fairy in this fancy garden party. Just wings will show her "fairiness" in her. The garden with giant flowers with so many people, a very good light and airy time - this time spills over into the rl avatar. Magical.