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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Belleville Tokyo **half, La Dernière Piste ***

Belleville Tokyo **half,
contemporary french love story

Complicated emotional turmoil that is "very French" - meaning very open minded encompassing type of love, appreciation of "poetic" flirtings of a man and a "too worried to hurt a lover sensibility". Story of a woman pregnant w her guys child, but the guy doesnt want it, not really. But he only shows this in an off side way for example, "you look monsterous, like a whale"; dropping her off in the middle of nowhere in the snow on the way to a holiday in the middle of a common dispute (even though he returned 30secs later); worst, pretending that hes gone on a film review trip in Tokyo, when he actually only went to the China town Belleville to make fake foreign phone call via satellite calling card service - while he has rented a new apartment w an old flame. Old flames says to the gal, "oh, you are much stronger than what he says, hes afraid to hurt you. Its wonderful, he writes these fantastic poetry, I love it, he needs me for now, but only for now, he also needs you. He wouldnt part w you! I am just temporary, its wonderful, magnificent. ". This seems like scenes very wishful thinking from a screen writer. If the old flame were as open as all this, there should be signs thats softer, and from the man especially, he would have made sure that she wouldnt have seen him casually taking coffee at a cafe that she would come across easily etc etc.
Too cheap, too fast, too silly a plot.

La Dernière Piste ***

contemporary Western w social consciousness, and perhaps, soul

A western with three families going somewhere looking for a better life in the gold rush time. They came across an Indian, quickly tied him up try to torture him, call him names, try to kill him. But he doesnt seem to care that much. When one of the men is dying. He sang a prayer song for his soul. He seemed much more civilised than these fearful men. As he has nothing on him, the group figured that he knew how to survive, since water is going down. They will also die if they cant find more water.

They came across a body of water, the hunter-guy said its alcaline not drinkable. I thought, ha, what they needed was a water cone! These fresh water distilling device!!

Anyway, in the end, we see the Indian standing afar. And the group deciding, voting whether to kill him or follow him to find a way to survive.

The hunter-guide-bandit said, the story was written right from the beginning. We have no other way, he is the only one who knows the land.

The director seem to lean towards uprighting the wrong that the invaders (the white folks) have done to the Indians. The girl with the brains offered to repair the Indians mocasin, shoe, because she said, she wants him to owe her something.
This is very good and sharp script; they did not do it out of kindness. Their goodness is based on survival and bartering of good deeds as money of exchange - its mercantile, not spiritual. It is entirely another civilisation, another mind set.

This also reminds me of Napoleon going to Siberia.

Both groups are out to conquer, with the intention to be the number one boss.
Because from where they used to be, there were pigs, warmth, food, companionship, so...

what was the purpose of venturing beyond their genteel, civilised world with sewing needles and high building? If they decided to venture beyond their wonderful world not in friendship, what was the purpose?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Snub Truncated Icosahedron, Double-Snubbed Truncated Icosahedron : HuaHui BallBall

Snub Truncated Icosahedron : HuaHui BallBall walk-in sculpture, 3 meter diameter

I see in almost all the pictures of a "Snub Truncated Icosahedron", it is basically a football with the pentagons and hexagons shapes separated by rows of triangles.

Here the BallBall is separated by rows of cubes.

What would be a proper mathematical name for the BallBall?

Would "Snub Truncated Icosahedron" be correct? Separated by cubes and not triangles, actually a cube is composed of two triangles!

Therefore, if "snub" means single row of triangles, then "double triangles=cube" would be a "Double-Snubbed Truncated Icosahedron = HuaHui BallBall"!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Brighton Rocks ***, Blitz **

Brighton Rocks ***half,
gangster, intrique

Very beautiful movie, w many layers of human issues. Gangsters are not all bad, they just try to do their job. The naive one, the thug, the loser hooligans, the tea house respectable lady who shows that she has seen everything and know what men like; the big boss, the handsome thug who is could hearted, the naive girl and bleak life ahead, the drunken father, negotiations of marrying a minor, sordid stories, ways to murder people. Helen Mirren is always interesting, in this movie she changed costumes many times and in some scenes, like a very sheer white blouse - with provocative black bra showing through - sweeping up glass bits on the floor of her tea room/fancy restaurant after a riot. Red red lipstick, in a fancy hotel. At the beginning of the movie, I thought she played the role of a madame! :) But no, just a business woman who has seen a lot of things.

Blitz **
cops, drug addict cops, glamourous black model like drug addict cop, violent cops, white trash thug murdering cops...
end of story

Friday, 24 June 2011

FabLab day

Red Fruit Breakfast Table
FabLab Fun: Adruino gadget for writing words w led light.


Went to FabLab conference today, I finally found a group of people...

The founder: MIT professor was up close with his talk about the FabLab, how to start one, how much it would cost for a complete full fledge one - approx. 60,000us$. At our own small work group the cost of the lowest My Own FabLab cost 3000euros! Thats very good, not much!

They admire the Chinese knockoff machines for 3D printing, and 3D scanners! Thats what he recommends! Those Chinese, hmm, pretty good machines!! He said.

To make 3D scanners, you could also adapt from a microsoft Kinect, for 150euros!!

Met many people really nice day today!
I am so glad to have come to the conference!!

What I really want is -
1// a 3D scanner of real life object
2// a software for exporting secondlife objects in .stl file so it could be printed, manufactured in real life, physical object.

The first could be had with Kinect
The second will need investigations - maybe someone has already made such a software!

Le Chat du Rabbin, the film 2D ***, Omar m'a tuer***, Blue Valentine***half

Le Chat du Rabbin, the film 2D ***
cartoon film

Very very nice, we see lots of Jewish humour, race, religious difference, and the talking cat is sooooo soooo smart and love lorn in an adorable silly ass way. All the characters are lovable, there is no character thats shallow and not deserving of our sympathy. The prince in the desert orders people to cut others heads off, lots of blood shed. And he says, no you shall not leave right away. We will finish desert, have coffee and you could leave tomorrow morning at ease. (This means, nothing of consequences has happened. The prince is princely!!) The girl talks like a young girl, she cajoles her father, mon petit papa... very cute and lovelly. The Russian artist in love with his black girl, very human, warm. She gets up naked - as in nature, nothing lewd in her natural self. All fits so well, the story is intelligent; the scenario, background drawing all correct and beautiful! None of the artificial sweetness we find in Disney (even though I often like it a lot too; nor the sweetness of childrens books in French luxury albums - these I often like very much too!) In this cartoon film, there is blood shed, broken dreams, daring, diplomatic negotiations in religious conversations... human and reality. Its life. It has something like "Fiddler on the Roof" in it.

And lastly the song: a man sings, oh, I hope my mistress never gets married, never have any children... refrain, same thing, several times. Its the cat singing, his love lorn hope for his mistress, that she belongs to him and him forever!

Omar m'a tuer***
drama after real life story

Very well researched and filmed w a v gd actor and actors. Its a political move too because it is to raise awareness of injustice that should be rectified. Its a positive attempt to help reverse an unjust decision based on a rigid judicial system. Why did they refuse to verify the DNA match test? On what ground could the court refuse?

Blue Valentine***half
romantic drama

Very nice, many natural details everybody very gd. A joy to watch. I didnt think it was a good movie from the title, but it is, it definitely has something new in this movie. People are not flat cardboard figures, everything has a reason, a before and an after. Why people cannot stand certain traits in others, how one thing which was good and light hearted becomes a heavy burden : when a man who is always innocent, child like at the beginning is charming and lightens the girls life becomes a dead weight because he never grows up and life moves on. She has had enough, up to her ears with "child like" man. She needs a man, not a child. This theme repeats itself many times. His innocence protected her, nurtured her at the beginning but now, she is a mother, she has had it. Life changes. Could he get better? We dont know, but in the shadow he goes away. In an Asian movie, the woman would be able to stand this easily, so the man is a child at heart and whats so bad about that? As long as he is loyal to her and the family and loves her always - except maybe his job, social position is too low for her. But she didnt seem to mind that from the beginning... its rather strange why she cant stand him in such a violent way. Maybe in the movie it did not show his low self image - it was hinted by the argument in the car when she crossed her ex-bf (who was also the father of her child most likely). It is only hinted. She is very lovable, he is less so but still lovable. A very gd singer with his own style. Every detail is authentic and set, the secondary characters are all very good. The doctor - even as doctor traditionally is always portrayed as "unblemished" respectable guys especially in an office setting - but here, he too is trying to use her without investing any emotions on his part. If he had courted her, he would have been successful. But we dont know much about him. From the movie, he seem to take her as a "commodity" for company purpose which is no fun for her. The source of her sadness. If the man is accomplished in his profession, he is not innocent. He only spends time for distraction. The one who is in touch w his true self, emotionally and at ease w himself (when not compared to another guy) could amuse his companion but in the end once he comes in contact w others, he becomes weak. Weak in character, shown when he makes a scene at her work, when hes drunk already in the morning. The conversation goes cross intention, cross purposed, then we know, they are not going to make it through - not much longer... end is near.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Gianni and his women**half, Pourquoi tu pleures?**half, Beginners **half, L'affaire Rachel Singer***

Gianni and his women**half,
A cordon bleu soft kind hearted retired men, trying to re-start his motor by being attractive to women and sort of half fails, and half succeeds, dragged by his mother to her mansion to turn on /off adjust tv; in the end the mother sells the house to a friend on "viager" - he gets nothing. She buys 150euro champagne and leaves half open in the fridge etc. Very beautiful italian decors, ordinary home, fancy home. All beautiful with a sense of style of 70s, 80s, 90s everything works well together.

Pourquoi tu pleures?**half
A young man about to get marry in 4 days, he horses around w a girl (seems to be a student in medicine?) and the bride never shows her face (she has a cats face!) and all the various members of family, a new apartment full of leaky pipes, and the bride to be makes love on the spurge of the moment rolling in this 4 inches of water w the groom to be. He mulls over, and runs to the girl friends house, makes love. And he cries; she ask why are you crying? He said, because he will be getting marry soon? yes? with whom? do you know this woman? yes. do you love her? yes. When i think of this, i think, why it isnt you that I will be marry to? it could be you. She pushes him away and said, what the hell are you doing here! He cries. etc etc. I dont know why such messiness exists. But all along the film this flousy head man i see someone in the style of this man in real life. Dont know why anyone would get into a story w someone like this? Anyway, this is romantic french young men? I dont understand their logic neither in the head nor in the heart. Thank you no thank you.

Beginners **half
The director wants to tell the story of a gay man married to a hetero woman - his parents - for 50 years and then decided to come out. At age 76 he puts an announcement that he wants to be hooked up. Very strange, because the profession of this man is art museum director - his position needs no advertisement to look for a partner does he? Anyway, there are many unsmooth points in the story. But the director insists insists on the points - gay, gay uncertainties, woman trying to fix gay, multi partner multi boyfriend gays, always possibility to have a partner - the ex-bf of the father hits on the son who is evidently gay but is in love w a troubled airy, pretty, cool, actress. For some reason the couple doesnt work due to uncertainty of the man (narrator) because he is in his heart gay. etc etc Goes on and on. No end in sight.

L'affaire Rachel Singer***
Quick paced spy flick, very gd actor actresses. Clean quick, snappy, efficient.

L'AMOUR A SES RAISONS ***, The Prodigies **half, UNE SEPARATION***half,

The first half has pretty women and some funny parts, charming. The second part with Robert de Niro and Monica Bellucchi is much more interesting. Mainly Monica Bellucchi is so sexy and charnel and very very yummy and nice. De Niro is not convincing as a professor, he seem too stressed out w too many lines on his face to play this character. Hes more like neurotic retired cop - nothing "professorial" about him, no intellectual vibes coming. But still the two somehow makes it quite watchable.

The Prodigies **half
Animation, 3D, the characters look like clay dough modeling, simulated real movie. Somehow, yes, its a great deal of work, lots of effort. Story is v trite and not convincing. Thin. Good try.

story v well planned, everything works. Everybody has difficulties, random acts, errors, human emotional explosions leading to tragedy. Religion, reality. Very gentle and handsome men and women all bind in a strife situation.

Thursday, 16 June 2011



Very well made, story has intricate relations and the film maker took time to tell each persons story, even comic book characters has time to "grow up" and learn to be better. :) Many different sets in different countries, beautiful mansions. The film takes care to make things work. Which is a lot more than many of these action-packed comic book to film flicks.

Story is set in an esthetic retro 60s scenario, white leather jumpsuits w wide belts and low cleavage; mini skirt princess line w laces and ago go style knee high boot, sock and shoes... roundish tv w Kennedy (at that time, tvs were no longer roundish, or were they? but looks very stylish!) Very interesting details - eye candy plus story, full service for a film, entertaining.

Immensely watchable.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

London Boulevard **half, Kung Fu Panda2 ***, Limitless ***

London Boulevard **half

very stylish movie, story is forced. Not logical in many details.
A mix between "Blow up" and "Clock Work Orange". Very beautiful camera work.

Kung Fu Panda ***

I was looking forward to this flick, but the story is a let down. However it is still a very entertaining Chinese content animation.

Limitless ***

Interesting plot, also parts are not logical. Especially the ending, so easily? You could get this super drug and get a super antidote for 2million dollars? I am impressed by the actor though. He looked thoroughly like a moneyless writer at the beginning, and little by little became very glossy and handsome. He was handsome and lovelly at the beginning and handsome and mannequin slick at the end. Just makes me think, yes, in some cases, clothing really makes a big difference.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fast and Furious ***

Fast and Furious no5 ***

Action cop/robber, robber friending cop, cop turned robber story w many beautiful cars

Live action, cute girls, muscle men guys. Dialogue is clear. Why who does what, like a comic book, everything is clearly delivered.
Sometimes when I see these big muscle guys, I think, could they bend over? Do they have room to bend over? Wouldnt the big muscles be blocking the way forearm to upper arm etc? :)
I didnt think I would enjoy this movie, but I did! Not a moment of dead air.

three 4 leaf clovers

not two, but three 4 leaf clovers!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

4 leaf clover found under Horse chestnut bonsai!

Automatic growth under the Horsechestnut bonsai. I notice the Horsechestnut trees around our house has brown spots - so I quickly removed it from infront of the window, just in case the disease would spread in the air to the bonsai. Hope it will not catch the tree disease.

Not one, but TWO four leaves clover!