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Thursday, 27 September 2007

luvem, Nao, Mikirin, Amemura, Body Language

As I was fooling around using the same stunt bike as Five, but couldnt turn somersauts like her! ppppffff well, in real life i would have tried and succeeded, but in sl, next time... :) though its cool to see all these flips... the bike is a freebie you could get at Amemura, outside of Sushi script and bar shop. Very nice riding w this bike.

Then I focus on trying to find the right pose and animation for the Guqin. A Seiza pose is a Japanese kneeling pose, i am sure they exist some where. But no body knows where to buy such things.

So I was hanging around in Amemura, looking at all the changes, the Sushi shop changed into a tubular 3stories high tower, with a boxing ring in the middle, nothing on third and small bar below. And snow, Christmas tree in front. Ever stylish. I like this designer, there is something chic and slick about his choices. But nobody in the shop.

So I explored more the area and found a Yutaka, very pretty one, purple w large flowers - a freebie! There was one gal standing around, so i chatted with her, and asked her if she know of Seiza poses. She said no, then disappeared after a while, she blinged me. I am of the habit now to offer friendship to people who seems friendly - she tped me to a large hall in the middle of a building, its very stylish too, gray concrete, like these humongous towers, the airy space in between. She said, look behind you. I only see there were 2 other girls with her. As i turned around, on the wall was a huge poster with many Japanese figures, the same girl in a gray kimono - sitting, kneeling, standing, standing coy, standing presentation, etc
all this for 500lindens. There was a huge poser pad on the ground. So I got on it and tried out the poses. There were no pose balls, just the pad, so the script is embedded in the pad. Amazingly Swannjie Jie started to look coy, cute, shy, demure, kneeling... and walking a Beauty Walk, Beauty stand... very Japanese... hahahah.

There were other huge pads, so I jumped on and tested them all, sexy pose, relaxing pose, young girl anime pose... some of the poses, reminds me of a certain young girl, very socialable, likes to seduce... its exactly that, Body Language. Very very good.

So I explained that I am looking for Seiza, but this Seiza has her hands hidden inside her lap... may not be useful. But I am glad to have found it... I took my guqin out to show them, and then the koto to show how to play with the music running. After a few moments, one of the girls said, I will make it for you!

Hoooo hoooo, wow. This is unexpected! So I will see in a day or two.

So far, I am sleeping better and better everyday. I enjoy doing the dishes, writing all my admin tasks down, turning the computer off to have lunch and look at some old books, the seven wonders of the world, Andersons illustrated book, old fashion magazines, feminine reviews, web sites, and I also started listening to the radio! I thought, I dont bother to watch sl tv, read sl magazines, and sl radios etc. becasue i dont even do these things in rl... on second thought, why not? So I listened to the radio,left it on all day... I only hear about disaster stories! But its all so great. I actually enjoy hearing the news, whatever news, good or bad, its an enjoyment to hear people talking about things around them...

Music clips, pose, animation... almost all the ingredients are here.

Then i think: when there is a will, there is a way.

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