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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Kinetic sculpture Arthur Ganson, Jill Bolte Taylor, Johnny Lee

wow, just the type of things i like, a walking wishbone that walks on a tiny wire machine....hahahah. Superb!
Beautiful, poetic and light as air, precise... i wished i had made them... :)

A neuroscientist - Jill Bolte Taylor - talks about her Nirvana, I am so impressed by the analytical way she told us her experience. She shows us a real human brain from a physical object to the inside of the wiring! Many people I know had coma experience and came back, yet few lived to tell of the experience in this detail. I am so thankful of the generosity of the scientist.

Whiteboard, 3D, Johnny Lee, super-duper geek! 5 gold stars!

Notebook :: "Digital Guqin sl-rl 2008"

"Digital Guqin sl-rl 2008"
:: a notebook on the adventures of conception and building of Digital Guqin Museum Project from sl - rl, 2008.


sl Swannjiejie

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Shopping is good, you get something new, new things coming in... :)

Travelling is a kind of shopping too... you see and hear new things, change context, see how others do things and organise their lives.

When I look at my old things at home, its really like "skins". (Sometimes people call clothing "skins", or graphic design of a blog; online games) in fact, the make up of a character - tattoo - stocking - dresses - these are all just different layers of "skins".

Change your skins, change yourself. Change houses... friends...

Shopping helps create a new you!

Friday, 23 May 2008

hunting tent, manufacturer of tents, relief tentsR

hunting tent

all kinds of mobile shelters for different purposes, if we gather up all the tents thats everywhere in stock... how to get them to the earthquake center?

do people want to sleep in a giant size tent, for say 100 people, or they prefer 4 people tents, 2 people tents?

Or any tents, is better than no tent, of course.

What about bedding material, ground sheets, sleeping bags... etc

This is a catastrophy and how do we organise for this massive relief?

Fabrication of tents

relief tents


wedding photo, before and after the quake

hunting tent

hunting tent

all kinds of mobile shelters for different purposes, if we gather up all the tents thats everywhere in stock... how to get them to the earthquake center?

do people want to sleep in a giant size tent, for say 100 people, or they prefer 4 people tents, 2 people tents?

Or any tents, is better than no tent, of course.

What about bedding material, ground sheets, sleeping bags... etc

This is a catastrophy and how do we organise for this massive relief?

tents, popup tents, yourte, mobile housing, cardboard houses, earthquake relief

The earth quake disaster in Sechuan has problems with housing the homeless,
what do you think of providing tents (pop up, or yourtes? local made)
right now it seems there is some corruption issues of what happened to the supplies already...

and there was a Japanese architect - Shigeru Ban - who did cardboard tube housing for the kobe earthquake desaster for re-location of homes...

right now, immediately tents are the most quick, 2, 3 sec pop up tents, like for the homeless (sdf) ? by Decathlon?
do you think there is some things to be done here?

it is an emergency case...


Fred Forest WebNet Museum in Secondlife

Web Net Museum
Fred Forest in Secondlife

Visit! click!

Rule no.ONE, Asian children

When you go to China for whatever project, Rule number one :

到內地工作必須有對口單位接待,並作出具體安排,不然,即使 __ 人手和 __ 器材俱備,__ 行動也不易成事.

An Asian advice to American parents (quoted from an Asian blog), book written by Korean girls, best seller:

Asian love to buy houses."help your children, tell them honestly, if financial situation is unstable, in the long run, it will affect your happiness. And Education does not garantee a high income, but if you must enter an high quality academic circle, in a good social environment and achieve a stable income, you must work hard and do well at school."
"Help your children find a way, dont tell them again, if you like it, do whatever you want."


Good sensible advice, however, this creates a uni-vision combat zone, a battle to death situation. But competition makes a stronger player too.

Now, if the Asians are in a majority Asian environment, would they still be as strict as this?
We are afraid our houses will fly away.

Nabokov subletted other people houses - then moved to a hotel, full service.

Is it good to force a child who has no talent at school work to insist?

What is true luxury ?


Le Conte de Noel,

Le Conte de Noel,3* 3hrs

Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastrioianni, and others
Very rich picture of a family full of feuding problems, every character from the fat father - old froggy dad to loving matron Deneuve to precious pearl Chiara, sobby Elizabeth nervous wreck having to speak to a psychiatrist friend (I just dont like this type of melancholic mean people) and everybody hates brother Henri, alcoholic painter brother, empty fun loving headed brother, Jewish girlfriend, professor know it all husband of the melancholic one... young twin boys, a young son with mental breakdown episodes, the mother having cancer... a very rich tapestry of life, how things just flow and all the human subtleties. Every character has a full bloom role to play - down to the young boy twins. Families are a place of warmth, and also much turmoil. This is not a simple mannered torture nga nga film, its delicate, well defined.

I would buy a DVD of this movie when it comes out.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chinese Documentary Films :: 2 books, Born May 68, Anshe Chung report, Aisingiro TaiYang

Anshe Chung office, interview. (In Chinese, with pictures)

Interesting person.

Aisingiro Taiyang. DiaoYu Island. (photo, landmark to come)
Interesting person.

film viewed:

Born May 68, 3*

with beautiful Laetia Casta
The movie is 3hr long - but not at all slow. Epic about youthful generation in 68, the hippies, the sons and daughters, homosexuality, AIDs, divorce, traumatism from going to the war, Iranian family values versus white caucasian, country folks and city folks, lucky ones and fate, cancer, death, some girls are sexier than others, just because its free love doesnt mean a gal has to sleep with anybody, lesbian, no maternity, free choice for abortion... etc etc. Very good, rich, and balanced.

Maybe this is a sample of a documenatary-drama. :)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

making friends in sl, whats in the air in real time?

It is funny about "offering friendship" - the new entry in New World Notes of sl - when sl gets as complicated as in rl without any worthwhile advantages - i wonder why people even bother to be in sl.

In sl the world is already so rudimentary - visual sense, and lack of touch, smell and taste etc. so much poorer than in rl... if everyone slaps on all the bindings from rl... sl is getting worst and worst when the social norm is getting smaller and smaller and mean spirited.

Maybe this is a reality too in rl ? Its not a question of rl or sl, its in the air, in real time?

Monday, 19 May 2008

rl architecture into sl arhitecture, use fire escape plans

how to replica a real bldg into sl bldg. Gd guide

frimer, the nephew in hot water, and the bearer of "bad vibes"

I realized that in time of urgency and trouble, when people gives you booze, and wine, and chatter... these are frimers.

I see how its totally useless for this young man. Instead of going to stand up on his own feet, he putters around - its been one and a half month, and goes on and on with the frimer - who is an uncle of his. This uncle, in retirement age... drinks champagne, yaks it up. What will this do for the not-so-young nephew? I think its poison. I dont want to see this.

He is already old, a old geaser retired. What does it cost him to drink his way out ? On the other hand, who wants to be responsible for real advice? Drinking your way out is the smart solution. But as for the nephew, I fear for him. The longer he stays their playing this bloat up game, the worst it is for him. He has already lost important time.

I dont want to see this.
Much more, much more bad times to come for him, and I dont want to be there.

I have spoken and nobody wants to hear it, to them, its just "bad vibes".

Of course i will stop.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

cannes 2008

a friend just left for Cannes. I understand how difficult it is for actors and producers. He told a joke: whats the difference between a coconut and a producer? Well, you can get a drink out of a coconut. :)

I visited a friends apt, she asked me if i would like to help her rent it to some people. Its big, everything is dark (it was at night.) and large dirty hallway carpets, its looks gloomy. I didnt say that to her. But, it needs an entire renovation! She seem to not see this aspect. Her last name is that of an aristocrate.
Feel sad looking at this apt, such a big apt, and so run down. I wouldnt want to live in such a place. The ambiance is that of going down hill.

Cannes also, I have no feeling for it this year. :) I also read that there is no Chinese film in competition this year. Wonder why.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


27dresses 1* (not worth wasting your time)

What a bad movie, cliche, no detail, false sentiments, the male lead has a most awful unsexy voice, the main lead is so sweet and pretty next to Tess (the flousy blond sister) who could be a nice contrast, but everything is off scale, maybe there is one solid message the director wanted to say, the older sister didnt have to take care of everyone, the younger one had a hard time too... booo hooo hooo... maybe the director is in the position like the younger sister, its a message to her real life older sister? Cant see why this is about the only dialogue thats not stale dish rehashed quick and easy, tasteless. The 27 dresses are not even shown up close, no fashion detail, the writer is not convincing... Everything is just so cheap and off the shelf. Its amazing that its even showing in a cinema!!

Why do i write about this stupid movie? Well, to show you that for some reason, some things distributed are really terrible. How did they get the money to make it to begin with? :) That is the interesting question.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

"Hello", bai lings blog

Discovered Bai Ling has a blog, she sends it via blackberry, just a snapshot, or a few words, with pics of herself. I like her blog, its herself, she shares her life. Thats great. Much better than the dancing flighty people i have met - she shows an intelligence thats without complications. Cheerful, and no heavy intellectualism. Shes good. Suddenly whether she is well dressed or worst dressed or nipple slip or whatever, its not important. She is alive.

Monday, 5 May 2008

L'un contre l'autre , les Citronniers, story telling, sl role playing, auto sufficiency in sl

It is funny to read how other people tell about an event that you were part of.
I read Five March's blog sl lessons.
Reminds me that everybody sees things from their own perspective, because that is the angle which gives meaning to their context. The context is the show that they set up, and the event with meaning is the cherry.
So, if you want to give meaning beyond any context. You must do-it-yourself.
Others can only do it from their focus, for their own usefulness, their own perspective.

Next, i would like to make some Chinese clothes.
Now, where could i get a sample template? Could it be done entirely in sl, without recourse to a text book in rl?

Is the learning entirely in sl possible? So far, i have not yet consulted the available books in rl, because I want to stay in sl to acquire sl knowledge.

Who would be willing to spend time to chat and show etc. and what could I offer in return in sl? sl money? rl time? rl friendship?
What are the elements of sl and how self sufficient can this world be.

It is becoming a role playing game. Because true living is best done in rl. :)

Movies seen:

L'un contre l'autre : german film : 3*
about a policeman who is about to get a promotion, but wants to not-get-it. He suffers beating from his wife, his children are on his side... but for some strange reason, he reveals his "secret" to a competitor, who plays a turn and kicks him out of the team, takes over his post...

as he returns to his home, promotion removed (as had wished secretly) his wife beats him again - he suddenly strikes back, beats his wife back (unexpectedly). In the end, both fell down on the carpet ... trying to recover from this exasperated situation...

This movie has received great admiration from critics and viewers. Subject is unusual, and i am trying to understand what are all the details... it feels realistic and human. But I dont understand who this policeman is. The wife, i could understand she is a classic person who wants to see life move upwards, but the man, i dont understand. A sensitive person is not necessarily someone who wants to be a loser...
Or, his sensitivity, his capacity for tolerance of outrageous actions, to cover for the other could only be visible in face of great violence?
Like, to show power, you must have resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the capacity to absorb is shown?
Why do people give this film such a great rating?
What do they see in this movie?

Les citronniers 2.5*

about a woman standing up to the Minister of Defense - her new neighbour - who comes onto her garden steals the lemons, and orders the trees to be chopped down so no bad guys could hide there.
One handsome guy in a coffeee shop with a very sculptural face - a middle east persons face - the other details are fine.
hmmm. Not likely, i am not convinced of this movie. Anybody else would have just taken a compensation package and leave.
If i were the minister of defense, i probably would have ordered her trees cleared too. It is not a suspicion of danger of bad guys hiding, its real.
And its only a few lemon trees, there are tons of lemon trees elsewhere. Why make all this fuss. Take the compensation package and move on.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

ciao, stephano by Gianni Zanas

Ciao Stephano 3*
director: Gianni Zanas
Italian film, human touches everywhere. Warm. Good details.

Rec 2*
Horror film. Spanish.

Iron Man 2.5*
very nice robots. Marvel comic book into movie. Nice graphics.