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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mesrine, W

Mesrine 3* Vincent Cassel

Very interesting actor, sexy, cruel, and gentle at the same time. Violent, we dont always feel negative towards this Mesrine character, but I feel very sorry for the characters wife. No one deserves this mad man - and as for the girlfriend role played by de France. She also looked and behaves in character. Just seems so point less to be in the outlaw world. Mesrine is probably mad from birth. This is what the movie seem to say.

W 1* about GW Bush

a movie i really wanted to see to understand the W Bush phenomenon, but i fell asleep after 5 minutes and woke up near the end. Came home and continued on my computer for a few hours. W, the movie, puts me to sleep.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Blindness, Coluche, Vicky...

Blindness 2.5* Julienne Moore...

A film which has lofty philosophical goals, but i cant believe as an only surviving seeing eye person, who is intelligent, caring etc cannot use intelligence to outsmart the mad bully gang with a single gun... all the rest is about seeing and new ways of seeing, and reviewing old worlds with a new appreciation... lack of confidence once blind people have their eyes opened again - actor and actresses are very good. The way its shot, its almost like someone invited into a living room trying to catch all the things going on without knowing what is the focus, so we run from tiramisu, whipping cream to off the cuff exchanges of conversations just like everyday happenings... we dont know for sure which moment is THE MOMENT in our lives.

Interesting esthetic movie, but the story line and details needs a lot of suspension of disbelieve from the audience.

Thunder in the Tropics 2.5* Ben Stiller

Big muscles in his arms, with such a lean face... is it real? :)
The story line is incredible but a lot of laughs - comedy is not easy to do!
I didnt recognize Tom Cruise was the one playing this big fat... makes me think make-up is so sophisticated, if we dont look carefully in life, we are fooled left and right...
The child drug lord actor did a good job. (A real life parallel does exist, i read about it a long time ago... but what happened to him? Might be a good story here too)

Vicky, Christina... 3* Woody Allen film w his muses
Penelope is a great actress dialogue is funny, sophisticated people in sophisticated world. New generation who has the luxury to explore feelings, food, wine, body, sex, art - things ordinary middle class folks could only imagine by sharing on screen from the 9 to 5 world.

Forget about middle class etc, even among the leisure class, how much of this is an everyday reality of anyone?

Is this a concentrated sample of a contemporary 30 something class with time and money?

Entertaining and sophisticated - most of us little movie going folks look on with envy and amazement - those characters in the film should enjoy themselves while they can. Love, experimental, new rage of our age doesnt come easily. :)

Coluche 2* By Antoine De Caunes

De Caunes is one of my favorite comic tv personalities - smart, sharp, handsome, and charming... on the cover of a news weekly, he has grown a beard - an old mature man in view.

This movie is so crass... I dont know the Coluche in the 80s but this movie shows a fat slob crude jokes. It is everything i dislike, i only went to see it because its a De Caunes film. Historically, Coluche was a candidate for the presidency... there must be some background, that I must have to be French to understand the importance of this person.

In anycase, lacking the reality parallel, all i see is a fat slob and rough necks and utility oriented politicians... De Caune as the daily Canal+ news anchor comedian can do everything man must feel a need to show this Coluche, his Coluche as he was a man from behind the scenes and infront of the scenes. There are reasons that I can not begin to even search for.

As a film, its really so so. Because the important contrasting reality part from life is missing for me.

Blindness, Coluche, Vicky...

Blindness 2.5