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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Ice Strawberry, Russian film

Swann met ice strawberry in Linz, Ice Strawberry took a photo of Swannbb - people were very excited about exporting sl to rl. People walked on the street, so many avatars in rl! I even got an exported chocolate glaze donut, and real linden dollars. Free clothings. The whole set up was called Second City. Most important thing is that everybody had great fun! Adult and children alike! Berlin in sl. All the rl avatars told me that since they came into sl, they havent slept.

Then, in Venice, at the Biennale de Venise, in the Chinese pavillion, swann saw the installations, very interesting. Weapons made of kitchen knives and colorful sweaters wrapped in wash basins - I think. Very creative, in such a challenging site. Very beautiful and reference to the everyday. There was a video of a Girls Virgin Garden, a girl dancing in the nude in a long shot, she is enjoying herself, and chirping in bird talks to birds.

Very fitting from all points of view, in such a difficult space - because, its already filled with huge oil drums, full!!! only space left was the ceiling and in between the barrows!

Very successful.

More later.

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