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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Un-Birthday Cards - Unique - Hand Made, post marked from Paris - Promotional Offer

I have made some special unique handmade postcard

I have started to send Un-Birthday cards, made one for my mother, and one for Swannjie Jies mother and some for friends.

Un-birthday cards are greetings, just like Birthdays, but there are many more Un-birthdays, so its much more convenient to send an Un-birthday card.

These cards will be advertised in a new Un-Birthday Card website and direct purchase is possible via PayPal.

Promotional offer for 5 euros each.
Email:, ask for: "Un-Birthday card"

Like a telegram service, people could order any message they want, and I hand write the message, and compose a post card size collage - which will be sent off with a beautiful stamp from Paris.


There are also Promotional offer cards in Secondlife, these are 2.US$ (PayPal) or 500 linden $
email:, ask for "PostCard from sl-rl"


Monday, 29 October 2007

Milner, Soybean, Saitot, Five, Esprite

Milner was busy with a client, but cool guy that he is, he receptioned my poster and ice cream cone, and in two seconds placed them in a neat little place. Cool guy. His shop is retro style everything, including a dance floor next door... and a girl came in a motorcycle chick. I propose my postal service to her. She said, no nobody i want to send a post card to, but i have this one guy whom i want to tell him to Fuck off. Do you do that? I said, well, if thats the way you show your love, why not? Different strokes for different folks. And I am serious, who would you other sending a postcard from Paris using a postal service to tell him to f-off, must be an ex-... or soon to be ex- but not quite want to be ex-

Soybean thinks the service very cheap for real life.

Five thinks its nice idea.

Esprite likes the dark poster.

Saitot wants to see if its going to be successful. (I just want to sell one to her!!!) :)

Now, the experiment is on its way.


Sunday, 28 October 2007

mariage, divorce, baby avatars

Someone said to me today, the computer is so poor in information, that is a terrible thing to be stuck to it day after day.

I went to see some shops, two friends, who had English lessons in sl and then sl baseball practice afterward -

I met this young avatar, he said hes 19 years old, married and will be divorced soon because his sl wife doesnt log on much for a while recently - he will divorce.

I said what does this mean, mariage in sl, what does divorce mean?
at 19 you hardly know in real life what this means, how come he thinks he wants to live this in sl?

And he wants to buy a baby avatar! But he has no money, he asked me if i had any money in sl...

Why would anyone want to waste rl time in sl when real life is so full of stimulus already?

It is very bad for people who has no resources in rl to think that they could do everything in sl, as if it is the real thing. It isnt. It is just sad.

Sl could be a testing ground before real life events take place - but i think it is a waste to live your love in sl first and not in real life.

It is such a waste.
I told him, that at 19, he should go out and enjoy learn, make some money doing little jobs - and not imagine he could make a big buck and succeed through sl. There is no such thing.

You must succeed in rl, and then carry out what you learnt in sl. Not the other way around.

Those who succeed in sl is becasue they are very strong in rl already.

Sl is just a mini world, tiny tiny tiny economies.

The wonderful things you see in sl, the beautiful outfits that takes hours to do and are sold as freebies, zero lindens - these are great gifts from already successful, talented people from rl.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

email versus postcard ^^

While I was trying to tell people about this tiny tiny tiny gift of a postcard from sl to rl, I am always surprised how difficult it is to tell people about a new way of seeing old technology.

Some people say, people use E-mail these days, people dont use post cards...

In business, certainly email is unbeatable ... but a hand written letter, a small picture, a beautiful stamp... a post card is a small object, on it an even smaller object - a beautiful image chosen carefully.

A hand written note is not the same as an email!
It is like a quickie fast food hamburger can never replace a bowl of handmade noodles!

No comparison! Their function are not the same.

But, its like talking to a wall - tires me after a while.

I was at a funeral yesterday - to understand how people function you must spend time with them - then you know where are their "walls". Somebody i will miss.

Funerals are not for the dead, like all gatherings, its for the living.

Taka helped me translate the ad into Japanese, it looks really good!
Five took a photo of me and made the ad... hoooo.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
They really helped me cross the bridge when I come to the river!

Hanako, Dai came over, they liked the idea and will put my poster at their shop. ^^

Salmaru invented a snoring, napping mode of sleep. Stomach moves up and down, I feel sleepy just looking at these happy napping avatars. :)

That is the charm of intelligent design in sl, humour and zest for life, even in sleep. :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Digital HunDun Guqin in real time, Digital Guqin Museum, Swannjie Postal Service - Micro Mail Art -

Swannjie Postal Service ::

Try a Swannjie Post Card today, your love is only one card away!


Swannjie Postal Service :: $2 US (PayPal) or 500 lindens

Send a post card with beautiful stamp from Paris to anywhere in the world with a hand written message.

IM Swann Jie directly and tell her your message, and where to send the card.


What service am I offering ?

A small fun post card from Paris with a post mark and beautiful stamp, with a special hand written message for joyful occasions. Put a smile on someones face, by giving them a good memory, an authentic souvenir from Paris.

$2 US, or 500 lindens, for a limited time offer.

Thank you cards, Birthday Greetings, Post Card to say Hello, Valentines Day card, Post-a-Secret, or any greetings for any occasion, from Second Life to real life. Door to door via International Snail mail.

Who am I ?

Limited time offer


Want to know more?

Money made will be used to create the Digital Guqin Museum in SecondLife

Details :

Swannjie Postal Service ::

Purchase a Post card today, and put a smile on somebody's face !

IM Swann Jie directly and tell her your message, and where to send the card.


If you would like to see a live demonstration of the Digital Guqin instrument, please IM Swannjie, or Swannjie Jie, they will be happy to show you the Digital Guqin instrument and play for you in real time.


Swann Jies Triple scoop ice-cream card givers :

Triple scoop card giver no.1
Club Fabulous Tokyo, Nimue (71, 94, 73)

Triple scoop card giver no.2
Digital Guqin Mushroom spa house, Nimue (8, 15, 76)

Triple scoop card giver no.3
Green Peony Digital Guqin House, Nimue (11, 13, 105)


If you want help in transmitting your message, I could also help you word it with text and image - a free service - in English, French or Chinese.


Try a Swannjie Post Card today, your love is only one card away!


Monday, 22 October 2007

use of sl, Esprite Xavier, metaverse,

What is the use of sl
People are coming out with books on the topic.

1// for business purpose - virtual world, practical, cheaper visuals presentations, possible to convene people
2// for social purpose - making friends, but these friends are limited to sl arena
they dont cross over in rl - because there might be developments in rl, and when rl shakes, everything is disturbed... its too dangerous.
3// for rl money purpose, then this is like tier fee size incomes, quite a few makes enough money to be successful in sl but not enough to live in rl - they always keep their day time job. And to make the tier fee balance, they must use almost all of the free time to cultivate the sl business. Relative to their rl input-output, its economically not competitive.

Only "miracle" was the land people, people sell "land" - because there is a real good behind this, they are selling memories on the server, therefore, more players comes in.

Lots of poor artists are creators - they make fun, charming things for playing. But the ones who make money are the "memory" owners - because this is real goods

Now, in what way should we use sl - so it gets out of the puppetry play? Puppetry play includes all role playing games, including all forms of romantic adventures, sex or no sex. Often sex is involved as this part has a greater interdiction in rl, that is why you see so much sex themes in sl. Just like on the internet.

Why would people opt for sl when rl is already so rich and full detailed, and no limits? (The limit is only relative to each individuals courage or willingness to take risks.) In sl there is a limit that is inbuilt, its the sl limit. hahahahhah

What else is sl good for?

Esprite Xavier came to listen to the guqin because i had wanted to have a case to put the instrumetn in, a display case.

Then he talked about wanting to be artist of metaverse!

What a great idea, thats what sl to rl means, artist of the metaverse. From reality to virtual reality to augmented reality.

I will send him a postcard, from sl to rl... first postcard to be sent.

He makes beautiful csi weapons.

Five announced a terrible news to me today. So i received this in sl, and in rl another terrible news. A good friend of mine passed away. She was very ill.

Since a while ago, I have come to understand that people dont stay around forever
you never know who is going to go. I am not particularly sad, its just that, that is life. Things come and go. Sl loses its attractiveness and its time to go. If we have to live forever its not such a blessed thing either.

One thing I know, if sl is limited to sl, then only certain population will remain - and they will benefit from this rich mix of visuals, sights and sounds. As for the other, rl is so rich and no fuss, all ready to go, why not more or rl?

An rl person repeats what they do in sl, how else do you expect them to behave? They may behave a little better or a little worst, a little more daring, less afraid - but essentially they work with what they have. :)

Saturday, 20 October 2007

:) Radio QinQin, WillowMoon, KotorinMoon, Five, Salmaru

WillowMoon came to visit and we checked the Radio QinQin, yes it works! And I played WuWenGuangs Plum Blossom Album, yesterday i played our 24/7 Fly me to the Moon software, I will put in different kinds of music. Radio QinQin will have more than Digital Guqin music, simply because while i am broadcasting, i enjoy a variety of music. So, dear listeners, you will be getting some Guqin music but not all the time. Sometimes when we are in a car driving for hours and hours, its nice to hear a variety of music. Now that i started to broadcast Digital Guqin music, I begin to think of listening from another angle. How to make it interesting, non stop interesting?

Kotorin will organise a video shooting project

Atos is the fashion expert, she knows where to get gals nice clothes

Five will arrange the concert details, and technical advisor, she also arranged to have the flowers housed on Five Daisies land.

Ikune is the genius scripter for the HunDun guqin instrument and global sl visionnary through his own baseball projects

Kan, Luvem, both did excellent animation for the guqin player

Saitot is all around support... always there! technical, human whatever, never fail.

Tilly designed the mushroom spa, a favorite quiet place for me.

Salmaru gave me a cute taxi today... i am so charmed by this Taxi. It came with a chauffeur. I stand in the back, like a very important person, and the chauffeur driving... hahahah... comes in 6 colors. Its a mini taxi, and has the sound put put put.

I took WillowMoon through the same Mushroom Spa Club house to Love Hotel bike tour. She was quite amused. The tour ends at the Ocean front which is always nice.

So great.

Now, I am really happy about everything starting to work.

So, for the first time since two months, i decided to sleep in!

Haahahah, very rare - but i decided i want to just sleep in, got back into bed and didnt wake up til noon... very unusual - so nice.

So good so good

Friday, 19 October 2007

Digital Guqin, the people you meet

I dont really know how to call my set up in sl. I want to set up a group, I am surprised that most members are non-Chinese. :)
What does this mean? We are all out siders looking in. Real Chinese people are interested in something else. Sl is about getting out of our usual selves.

In rl, its clear, its a research-creation center. In sl, its a microcosm of people, all kinds of people that i never think would come across in my life.

The starting point was, if people say sl has a steep learning curve - so i decided to go to NO classes. I would just go around intuitively and ask, ask ask. See how much people can stand being asked, and see how much they enjoy being asked. People need other people.

So far, yes, i did not go to any classes. And i have to convince people to help me get different tasks done, from scripting, to animation, to getting clothes, hair, helping poeple who are depressed - what is depressed poeple like? They feel that their life is not moving forward, they want to have people to listen to them, to accompany them a little, and not feel so alone. So, online this could be done.

Within this set up, actually, i hate shopping, but others loves shopping, so isnt it wonderful that one could complement another? I often thought, what could i do in return - of course you could pay people, in our world, paying cash is one of the most convenient way of reciprocating goods transferred, service rendered so on so forth. Suppose people dont really want to be paid? Since sl is like low monetary values, you can buy a nice skirt for 50linden which is like 20cents us

What do people appreciate the most in sl? Social, friendship, sharing of some nice moments, and jokes. You dont need to be physically present to enjoy a joke... and a lot of jokes on sl is situational. The setting creates such opportunities. For example, at the beginning of my sl life, i IMed a new friend from a small wine bar, hello - I said, would you like to come visit this bar? He said, yeah. I blinged him, and what happens, its a teenager who loves bat mobiles, he came into this dainty wine bar, in this monster car... of course nothing gets broken in sl, but it still makes me laugh. We cannot prepare everything ahead of time, like in rl.

Later on, some friends fall away, others get developed. But I no longer meet newbies, simply because, for some reason they just dont appear around me anymore. Which reminds me of a writer, she said - you are who you are and becasue who you are you will come across certain kinds of things - who you meet, who you come across is in a large part determined by your own character.

Is this true in sl... ? We will see.

Happiness, Radio QinQin, Fur Cape, long black hair, love hotel, Story of Oh

Since yesterday, I got this long silky black hair, hooo, am so happy. Finally, i dont have to keep on thinking do i wear the ash-blonde crocus, or the Yarrow Fire double braid, or the Plum Blossom with white ribbons... etc etc.

Black, silky long, hair - thats like my own hair... its unbeatable! I quickly bought some for Swannjie Jie too... hahaahha

Now, everybody who seen us all says, we have such beautiful hair! I dont look like a newbie at all, sophistication, rah rah rah.

Radio QinQin works! I am so happy all this is working, never i imagine i could set up a 3D website with all this music, interactivity and unlimited number of visiters! Random and invited - I am just so happy with this platform. Of course there are many limitations too... but so far, its beyond what i could have imagined 3 months ago.

Kotorin gave me a fur collar, wow, it looks very chic in the formal fancy retro look. 200 prims for this fur collar!

Now, this morning, I visited Story of Oh's place again.

I invited Five to come for a bike ride. We started from the Mushroom spa club house - which is my office and home. Saitot made it so its the anchor point of her shop... she made a special gate way that opens from my house all the way down to the water front. So i could ride up and down without any blocking. This is a touch of genius because behind the mushroom house is the flower house, then the Twin Tower castle
the flow is very beautiful.

So we rode down, passing the new open air shopping mall, down through the second, third tier land, and side ways along a fence, then into Story of Oh's sex bed shop.

Story of Oh has invented a sex shoe, all the animations are embedded in the shoe, no need for beds anymore. On top of this, she has a 9 room sex hotel, provided for free for any visitors. Inside, these 9 rooms are all special themed, like teepee, under sea world, Dungeon, etc etc. We explored these rooms, they are fathomed walls, no need for keys, just walk right in. Its fantastic these rooms are full of life and imagination. A human size bird cage, all guilded, we rode with our bikes inside
hahahah. Both girls on bikes trapped in the golden bird cage! I took lots of pictures - to get out, well, just open the bird cage door, like a normal sain person.

I love her love hotel. Its so fantasy rich, she must be a warm person with a large appetite for sense of joy. This love hotel is nothing like those morose awful places, those escort clubs... hard and mean. Story of Oh's love hotel is an adult play ground, very rich and intelligent use of sl build properties.

Such a fun visit. I am impressed by her zest.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Guqin environment, A King and his romantic wishes

Next, the avatars have clothing - could be improved but thats fine now... concert formal nice clothing -

Next, a Guqin playing environment, a club house of a sort
was going to use the Mushroom spa club as it is nice but...
cant rezz my stringed instrument for lack of prim! Cant put the thing down!

So I need a larger piece of land
One that allows me to rezz my instrument - big - also one without so much lag - as Ikune pointed out, to play smoothly, the SIM must have little lag for best effect.

Next, a Chinese garden

Next, a bamboo garden with sitting places

Next, teapot etc, cookies, drinks, little servants, little avatars, sitting stools


But what about the sl avatars? The puppet masters behind the sl scene?

What if i never get to see the masters? And I only see puppets? From one puppet to another puppet?

I met this avatar a couple of days ago at Everwind - he was dressed as a King.
He wanted to show me his dancing place, and in very short time, he asked me if had ever had sl sex.

And he said, its no fun to have two avatars controlled by himself, one to the other. Like left hand doing it to the right hand. He has pleasure doing it with another avatar.

But, he said, its more fun, if you get to know the avatar first, talk a lot first.

And then, as he was sitting in the Mushroom spa, he took off all his clothes!

I said, the "play-at-romance" in rl is not my interest, so, I dont have time to do it in sl.

Whats not attractive to you rl, would it be interesting to do in sl?

And in a few minutes, he was gone.

This reminds me of what someone said about the Flower Childs in the 60s, we are in sl somewhat like the Hippy epoque, dreams of having freedom, ideal. Multiple Loves. Exciting sex with international partners - but the people know already that sex all alone is not interesting, they also dream of having free romance.

The skin of face is modelled after himself he said, not a handsome man.

He has a rl wife and an sl wife. rl wife doesnt know about sl wife. He does not want to meet his sl wife, ever.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Guqin, sneak-mode mushroom spa, Shoutcast

Today, I put in the long 20mn piece plus the 8mn piece, and they both played one after the other. Five said, wow, after this, no flute no Tiny Piano can compete. Hahahahah.
Well, I will make one Baby Qin to wear with me everywhere! The Tiny Piano is such a pleasure to have, why not make a Baby Qin? I made one in real life, so why not one in sl?

Suddenly I see how this might work, and to let dust settle, I took the afternoon off. Swannjie jie really wants to see this movie - so we shut everything down and went to the Bibliotheque Nationale mk2. Its a movie about a long ago forgotten time, some moment around pre-Homer time. This man grew up with a pig! And etc etc. There are some funny twists to the story. But yes, i would not have seen it if Swannjie jie hadnt insisted. But i didnt fall asleep, so it must not have been that bad. I saw that this years grand prize for Festival de Cannes is a Japanese film by a woman director. I saw a couple of her films previously. They are lyrical bitter sweet stories - and this one will be the same.

So I got home and look, will continue tomorrow. Need time to let dust settle.

I am very glad that Ikune had finished the script in time. hoooooo
Five will start a ShoutCast idea... To make a streaming broadcasting radio station, internet radio. For now I will name it Radio QinQin - mainly streaming Pale Ink and Zebrafish as these two works are non-stop non repetitive work, and would be perfect for Radio QinQin.

Other than that, suddenly i want to listen to all my vinyl disks, so i took out the turntable, and hooked up everything. Scratch scratch scratch, there are little crackling noises... The sounds of imperfection but i like it!

I broke the mushroom house beyond repair says Tilly, but i needed to remove all the redundent pieces to have more prims. As is, i can not rezz my guqin in the mushroom spa if i use the fully strung one, so that would be very inconvenient.

I will try to remove more elements still. Once i figure out how to make it transparent from the inside and invisible from the outside. We feel calm and protected, with a comfortable sense of privacy when you are inside such a "sneak-mode" house.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Guqin models

As Guqin music is very slow and not necessary everyone can stand to listen to a lot of it... a lot of people say it puts them to sleep. But equally a large number love the sound. So, since each track - i want it entire, each track may just take one instrument. :)


Now adjusting the good environement, the proper sitting space and posture

I replace each item little by little - just to see what each function means... :)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Bird Songs and Crickets

I liked the flower house with bird songs and cricket sounds... but, if its a non stop hooo hooo hooo, owls, repetitive, loud sounds... now that i want to hear the guqin sounds this studio suddenly became so noisy that i just want to exterminate all these electronic insects!

So, big hunt, where the hell do the sounds come from? I asked the creator - no no no you cant removed them... its built in... i dont believe this.

So Saitot came to inspect my house, we found them, under the carpet... a slew of crickets, red beetles, owls, everything you can think of, at least 12 sounds... all embedded in the pod of the flower.

So I yanked them out, shut the script up with stop sound script. Hmmm after all this, i still hear one little cricket somewhere... but where the hell is this cricket hiding?

Hmmm. Tilly should know, she made it !

She better tell me, or else, I am going to drop a huge water bomb in her grass hideout.... there arent you afraid?

Second thing - monster grass, it just grew up like so much foam that became a sea of grass... spawning from two blue thing. So we killed the blue things and grass died.

What else?

Thursday, 11 October 2007

InuYasha, Esp

InuYasha, true to his words, the strings are strung perfectly! A very beautiful piece of precision work. Now that is done.

I wait for the Ikune, will his script be at the top too? We must wait and see... As genius programmer, he says - I want to see hahahahah

Esp is a young girl, I think, I dont know. But I like her and has asked her to make some seiza pose cushions for my Digital Guqin club members, they are gifts. Just like the Jallie scarf that Five found for me, and the Tiny Piano that Parappa showed me at Izakaya.

Now, I must set up the rest of the show... so everyone coming in will get a mini chance at being Guqin player - through their avatar, or through the avatar that I prepared for them. They get to be BoYa Timeless, or ZiQi Timeless... BoYa and ZiQi in the story were two men. Here, somehow I feel that ZiQi cannot be a man, ZiQi must have been a woman. So, BoYa sounds like a mans name, and ZiQi, must be a woman with a name like that. Even if he were really a man, this man must be somewhat, soft, like ZiQi. Who was the player? One was a player the other a listener. When the listener died, the player destroyed his Guqin and never played again. The ancients unit of duration is a life time - or thats what they say in books. However, I do believe there are many other systems but the scribe was being nice and diplomatic, he never mentioned the details. You only have to read Dream of the Red Chambers, and you will see, why shoudl the Ancients be such a block of wood? They also kiss and sleep with whoever they want... if situation permits... men and women with many partners too. Hahhahahah.

Here in sl, no need for such hysterical drama.
Play, five minutes, 10 minutes, go home to your rl and sleep well. hahahahahah.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Strings, Inuyasha

Last step to the HunDun Guqin, putting the strings on. I tried for several hours, made the tiny 1mm diameter strings - but putting them on to look equal distanced and correct - well there must be some technical useful guides... so practice for making such things, anyway, by eye, it was very impossible!

I also am in a rush, so I had to call Inuyasha to help. He was so kind, took some time off and what a pro. Wow, the strings are perfectly aligned... i will learn to do it too but not right now. Right now, no time...

Ikune came too, he was in a rush unlike his normal self, impatient somehow. He said i must always use the same tools to cut the sound files, becasue his method of finetuning, adjusting requires the same constant tool... anyway. Good. I chopped up Chopins Waltz for a dog for him to use, as it is quick paced as per request. Hmmm

Anyway, I am glad everybody came online and i was able to move everything one step forward. I am almost at the point of fed up. All this is ... pppppfffff

But i am so excited when i saw the instrument strung up, it looks soooooo gooooood.
I will be very happy when its done.

People who have a tight rl life, use sl for relaxation, amusement, a little amourette
etc. They dont want to ruin that little bubble of peace - they wont want to cross rl + sl because once that happens, no more sl, its just plain rl... no more haven, no more special niche. :) As for the ones with no real rl, they also go to sl, there they live the impossible dream... like going to the movies. Sl cannot cross over into rl, because its an unrealisable dream.

Then there are the ones who want to use sl to spring board into a more interesting rl
sl is a step towards rl, like talking. Everytime you talk about your dreams, you are one step further to making it come true. So sl is a preliminary sketch for the bigger things to come.

You could also use sl as an alternate to rl, becasue sl has no physical presences, all are symbols, so, with words people could imagine a lot of things, fill in the blank with their favorite details - but facing reality, you simply cannot build up much of a dream - no more prince charming, belle etc. Takes a lot more work! But can people enjoy romance in sl? I thought some people do, and why not?

I am just fed up now. I am beginning to be bored of everything, rl and sl, what ever l...

Sunday, 7 October 2007


For some unknown reason, I feel loved today. :)
I decided to stop this sl thing today, to take a break because I was starting to get a headache from looking at the computer screen. The last time I had such a headache was when I was doing the "charrette" for my thesis.

I took out my mini bike, the one I didnt want to ride, but now, there is no other one - since someone stole my full size bike - Swannjie jie pumped up the wheels and off we went.

At the Vincennes park, there were sooooo many people, a lot of kids. Some kids fell off their bikes etc etc. They were all looking at my mini bike... hahaha. One kid said oooh, a tiny bike... in fact, this bike is quite good, I was wrong to judge it so harshly. I was prejudiced, because it was a freebie from my bank - a nice Japanese folding mini bike, very cute. In fact, its pretty good. I could ride up hills with it! I had changed the seat to my old leather bike seat from my racing bike.

Sun was out, air was good, and my heart was pumping!!! Such a short ride and already i was out of breath... I am ruining my health by sitting infront of the computer all day!!! thats very bad.

Maybe I will install a riding bike with screen, then i am exercising at the same time?

How can we do away with the screen?

I feel loved, i dont know why, but I do. This came suddenly, and I felt it somehow, something warm came over me. Everything was softer.

Then, we had a very nice dinner.
I have so much things to complete, and I dont want to rush things.
but, I feel loved, somehow.
Isnt this strange?

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Model one, photo shoot, virtual class, shopping specialist

I still havent installed the Model One, becasue it seems like a lot of problems with it disappearing once you move it. Elk has lost 3 radios already but he said it works really well. But each time he has to buy another one, at 500lindens - the price of a hot air balloon!!!

Went to a virtual class, a University class in Japan, I am a special visitor. Its quite interesting to meet all the students. They were afraid to speak in English but the teacher said to me, she is really happy. Because the students told her that, they want to build a nice house to show Swann!!! Swann said she wanted to make a house to start a club and sell whiskey so they could attain the end of making 2000lindens by end of Feb. They received seed money of 1000linden from the teacher. :)

Also met Atos, a specialist in fashion she is a real shopper. She showed me this one place very interesting way to enter - through riding in a white shell car, then, ploop
dropped into a lotto number machine. While all these numbers are falling about in a snowy white landscape, she showed me a treasure chest. There is a fantastic dress inside, a gift! This whole process is magical. Not a shopping event, but a huge present of a sort. The landmark is Urasima, Clock Island 99, 109, 125
There is something special about getting a free dress in this way. Its as if its not only a dress, but some kind of new identity. Franck Mueller dress.

Then, lots of cloth changing to shoot various combination of outfits, very tiring. But finally Five got a suit together that is really her, with a blue sweater around her waist, blue skirt, paisley stocking and ice heels, and smoky blue makeup - this outfit makes the blue lipstick seem like a fashion touch and not a health issue. Very good. It is her.

Sl is much more fun when the sl merges at some point into rl. Such as the case with the University virtual class.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

artist, tags, RFID, mobile phone, food for reception, rare books

What is an artist?

I went to see a show at an Abbaye Maubuisson... the reception was very well done. Some of the best things and efforts have been put inside. We were around 15 guests, and the whole table was luxurious. Champagne, wine, white wine, many juices, king crab on avocado hor d'oeuvres, bbq chicken mini kebabs, rare roast beef w tiny tomatos, tiny tiny sandwiches, mousse, little chocolates - the director spared no expenses in the is reception! One of the best put together I have seen, and in this beautiful airy castle like space/ an abbaye. Nobody threw themselves at the food, it was munched daintily... I had two glasses of champagne and lots of various food - I tasted EVERYTHING, hahaha. And talked to some Russians, French and Polish people. Beautiful day! I congratulated the organiser and she was beaming and said, we will do it again soon! Sure enough, the next one is on 12 October, rare book. Hmmm, I will go. Yes.

What was the show, mainly a telephone tag reading system. You take your mobile phone and take a photo of secret code taggings, and it reads a message for you. Could be a message, an image or whatever. Mobile france. The artist has a large range of work installed everywhere on the grounds of this 13century Abbaye. Very nice setting, beautiful, very well realised. So what is an artist. An artist is someone who has a range of skills, and knowledge and center of interest and he/she expresses them through an interface thats readable by the viewers, sometimes, it could be readable just for herself and that is enough. Then, what is the artist from the artist point of view? There are basically the "professional artist", and the "inner artist". Everyone, artist or non-artist have both "layers". A non-artist may accept the outer layer requirements and adapt the size of the inner layers, whereas an artist adapts the outer layer to customise to the inner layer. Who is a "real artist" and who is not an "artist"? Its not necessary to give a finite answer, each professional corp, group, social society, income tax control, everyone... can answer this according to the specific criteria.

If you think you are an artist and your opinion is sufficient then, thats fine too. If you need others to give you feedback, that is also good.
If you need more than the group around you to give feedback, that is good.
If you need the world to give you feedback, that is good.

Its all good.
Only difficult thing is that if you are an artist and you require others to give you credibility, then, its a little more heavy. :)

I just think about all this after having seen the show. Not to say what I saw was not artist work, but I review what is an artist, every now and then.

Because I realised, if you dont really feel like doing something, in art, it is useless to do it.

A friend said his travelogue (he travels a lot) doesnt seem to interest anybody, thats why he stopped writing it. Then, I think, a travelogue is first and foremost for himself, if he doesnt enjoy doing it for himself, then he should do something else. Its a better use of his time.

Why all this is related? I dont know. Or maybe i know but no need to say... hahahahaha

Monday, 1 October 2007

UCPA, Suki's Tiny Piano, Long Hair, House of Blades,

Went to UCPA sportive lake and park because it was sunny and just to get away from sl. I want to have all the various pieces of the DigitalGuqin project straighten themselves out unconsciously - so usually, I just let it sit. Let making bread, let it rise by itself. :) I remember when I was little, when I had to recite a poem in front of the class. I would read it a few times before going to sleep, and miraculously next day, I would know it by heart!

So, this is similar. Letting things "mijoter" - like a tagine... hahahaha

When I came back, after a very good walk with Swannjie jie, I saw lots of people at the park. Many little children riding bikes ... they are so small, coming up to my knees... i said hello to one, who had a helmet and was brooding... probably he really didnt want to come to the park and have to ride this bike... I said, Hello, he raised his head, at first brooding, then immediately a big smile! Because, I am a total stranger. The smile on his face radiated and lit up everything, Swannjie Jie said, hey, why do you go around saying Hello to everyone? This is not Secondlife you know, people dont do that. Then he spread out his arms, a la Titanic, turning his face up, and ran a few little steps with this rigid pose - immitating her in sl - rushing forward in circles and bumping into me, like a blind fly - as the Chinese say - ... Hello Hello...

Then today, I tried to take more photos, but somehow I just did not feel like working today. Shopping in sl is just as tiresome as in rl, its a lot of work. And taking down the flower houses and relocating, adjusting the color of the petals, linking delinking... suddenly, its like WORK. So instead, I just took out the stunt bike and decided to take a day off, I rode my bike on the beach, Elk has to comb through his land, because somethings gone wrong, his rental boxes doesnt work! Annoying thing for a business venture. It nice to have no objects on a beach, I rode around and into the water - this water is like a tinted volume, no splashing noise - just the water tints the body a little to show the level of the water. I stayed on my bike in water up to my neck... and then I went off to visit my own places to see what changes there are. I went to the new Izakaya, and ooooooh, I found a tiny piano sitting on the counter. Parappa the bar man said, its a gift from a client. I asked him at least ...N times, whats Sukis last name? No answer. So I searched, there was 100+ sukis... Hmmm. Then I ran down the list, actually only maybe about 4 has any additional information and one last one, there was actually a photo of someone in a kimono - I think, someone who makes such a cute nice object must care about sl enough to put in more information? And its The Suki! Hhahahah, now I have this cute little black tiny grand piano, a toy, just like I wanted. And the two tracks on it were written by Suki herself - Salmaru said, like a Steinway!!! Oooh, a tiny tiny palm size Steinway which plays beautiful comfort music. A very holiday type of tune, slightly melancholic, the type of music you hear when people are riding on old bicycles through a nice shaded tree in the country side with their cat in the basket plus some apples and cheesecakes... a nice leisurely airy sunday afternooon with friends. Reminds me of Alessio, for the Dura films... melancholic, pretty, soft, dreamy and far away. The beginning of a romantic interest... light and airy. This reminds me of a friends son, he is only 13 and he composed a series of short melodies. Its exactly this type of music. Also,like patisserie for a Miyazaki animation film, sweet, and innocent. Sweet and Dreamy.

Since I cant do much work, I decide to send both Swann jie and Swannjie Jie to the gals hair place. They need long long black hair to complete the look, and by chance the two chairs with the long long hair are free! So they are now sitting facing each other, Swannjie Jie with the toy piano in her lap listening to these two tracks of leisurely charming music while Swann Jie - she has some kind of animation stuck on her (maybe from dancing the Japanese dance that Kotorin put a spell on her) she is dancing on the stool!

Kotorin wants to play Japanese dance, so I took her to the House of Blades, i like to have tea at House of Blades, just sitting there, has quite an ambiance. As usual there are samurai talking about their weapons in no time. We had a performance by Kotorins sister, very nice geisha dancing. When Kotorin wants to play dancing, I thought this is what she needed, a venue to show off her skills. :) And it looks really correct in situ. So the samurai are actually UK students, they are talking shop talk, and I presented Kotorin to them. So the dance ends very quickly.

Not the right ambiance anymore. All gone. Hmmm

I like talking to the samurais, they have real things to say - they are not just playing pretending to be samurai, they talk about building flashy CSI weapons - thats a knowhow isnt it? A knowhow which crosses from sl to rl. I am not so fond of playing pretending this or that, there is no cross over. To play pretending roles play games, you have to erase the rl from sl. That is a feature that I am not so interested in. Similarly , Dungeon and dragons. Dungeon and dragons are interesting if you create something, like a special shield anti-weapon or whatever. But just pretending to be feeries and chasing, hunting, killing monsters... :(

I cannot relate to this, at least for today, maybe tomorrow will be different?