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Friday, 21 September 2007

Salmaru, Saitot, Tilly, Taka, Hiroko, Five

Today, Tilly took me to see her hideout and the new Flower House thats hidden in a mushroom... with tall green grass... she said the grass is a particle effect based on an image of grass... looks good. Then i fell under the house - ooooh - into the Dungeon... get me out of here, get me out of here

Salmaru was online, since I didnt see him since the closure of Isakaya, I blinged him and he tped me to a very nice Sandbox place, he has this old style bicycle complete with squeeky wheels, and he had a plateau with 2 bowls of ramen and very beautiful fish in them. I got some ramen! Yummy. Now, thats the pleasure of sl, when things are so well done in careful detail with fun and quality craftsmenship.

Saitot came to help me put the water back into the spa tub... good neighbour is worth its weight in gold.

Marsha the one i have never met put up a futuristic look-out space ship house overnight. We chatted.

Taka is around and I am very thankful that he allows me to rezz my things on his club ground, Hiroko as well, though i didnt see them today, i was busy taking photos of the new guqin and Swannjie jie playing. SuDongPo was supposed to play, but i couldnt find hair or clothes in a short time, so, he will come later.

Finally a most enjoyable moment! I got a violin from Five! We went to the shop and we fooled around - I agree the animation is rather mechanical... little musically enjoyment type of expression - this is so important for sl, sometimes its not in the facial detail, but more importantly in the body language.

When i see avatars dancing, synchronised, even though its just a cartoon, but it gives a pleasure that mechanical wooden moves just wont do. After all, we are in sl for pleasure, so lets go for the maximum if possible?

For example, if a car doesnt drive, its not that interesting is it? A stationary hot air balloon etc. In rl we could still have some physical sensation, push the objects around, make sounds, but in sl, thats really asking us to do everything!

Much better to read a book instead.

I love the ramen, so clap clap for Salmaru, once again, his work is amazing.

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