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Monday, 23 November 2009

CHIME conf, Tan Hwee San, HuaHui cubes, François Picard, Claire Chantrenne, ICH, China Blossoms concert, pink, fmttm, a friend?or a not-friend?

poster session installation sample wall section

MIM venue, Brussels

Brussels HuaHui cube material

HuaHui Cubes
In Brussels on the street where Enr. lives, you just walk from the subway to his house and you would have collected a whole bag of beer cans. Since I was up v early I went out to just see what happens, and exactly that! From the evidence of the beer cans i saw on the street, people drink a lot of beer and energy drinks, and also scotch mixed w cola in small tins (like energy drink) v pretty cans sometimes; By far more variety than in France, also tropical drinks. lots of coke cans in various combination, light, zero, light w lemon, classic etc etc
I dont drink soft drinks normally myself.

Chime conference nuggets

François Picard - Sorbonne prof musicologist Sinologue specialist - said to me during coffee that after investigation w his colleagues on Qin research people, I am the only one in the world who is exploring computer music using Guqin instrument and if I like I am welcome to join their seminar at the Sorbonne. I am very happy to be invited and will surely go see what they do there! François Picard often poses v clear questions and feedbacks at the end of the sessions I see how the picky points could be delicate and there is a way to go about it, not only to do with intellectual capacity, but also an art that comes with practice and wisdom I think.

London woman in charge of an music museum is interested in the DGM Virtual World work, gd.

Johannus with long half way down his back hair, said about Secondlife, that he is afraid of going into sl because he might be addicted, and lost of time, doesnt really know what it is but afraid to be drawn into it and become addicted and lost.

After hanging around listening to my oratorial speech to the people around, Gloria said. with much excitement and animated facial expression that she is very interested in sl, fascinating, she wants to try it, but she wont be going in as herself, she wants to be incognito just to visit around. Which I think is great.

A researcher-professor who wrote a book on Cui Jian the Chinese rocker listened very carefully to me and then asked but what has this to do with music? Then i explain starting from simple analogies that, the way I use VW is like an architecture model for a client, we build a three dimensional computer image model to show contextual spaces and surroundings with the advantage that you could invite the client to come and physically immerse himself in the environment. Just like all real life buildings for exemple the Museum of Musical Instrument, such a beautiful art nouveau building it now houses musical instrument collections but it could also be a restaurant or a nightclub or a spa or a fashion showroom its the infill and how we make use of the infill that determines the musical content. Its a venue created to make things happen. Experiences lived in sl is just as real as in rl, you could also imagine it a little like playing with Barbie Dolls, the simulated play acting is very real. In fact, in real life we often live with our memories because without memories there is little progress and nothing could be elaborated and be built. And the HuaHui cube wall section that I show here is a real life model going from the Virtual World to the Real World. The Virtual World is an office I export buildable items from sl to rl.

Met a woman from San Francisco, a director of a music group. She talked about early immigrants and angel island and gave me a cd, i will look into this because there are very little interest on early immigrants when they too have their own culture - they came to work and build the new world but they also have moments of play, music and enjoyment. I am glad to have her cd. I almost wanted to start speaking in KaiPing just for giving her some shocking fun - as KaiPing is almost not used ever in the cities today, its a country dialect that most immigrants in early 20s used. But this might give her the wrong impression of who I am so i save it for later at a good moment.

Frank. the organiser has come to talk to me several times during the few days, how do i find the conference and if i liked it do i find it worthwhile coming etc. This is a group of people who has studied in china, age ranging from retirement to youthful phds, they are all in Asian-Chinese music . All spks more or less gd putonghua chinese, musicologists by profession. Whats interesting is that there are people from everywhere a truly unique one and only international group. I like the liveliness and variety of this most enjoyable event.

Learnt about the ICH policy in China and what others thought about it. Tan Hwee San spoke in great details about her investigations. I appreciated her clarity and the experience w people that she clearly demonstrated, esp how to negotiate different turns in conf gatherings.

Claire Chantrenne organiser from Museum of Musical Instrument is a bona fide jewel. Such kindness and thoughtfulness no chi chi is really a person who shines. Her assistant Mathieu is also wonderful, they made it possible to show with what we had at hand, under strict limitations of circumstances of downloading software issues, such professionalism and intelligence, esthetic sensitivity to what is the purpose of poster sessions, and an overall attention to the balance of the entire group for the session, we had a very good installation all the same. Diaporama and sample wall section of the HuaHui Cube, Youtube, and live questions and answers. Sound quality of the autditorium was good, to epouse the conditions of the context, I will prepare a high quality video for next event now that the rush is over.

Met Lucca improvisation of qin who played John Coltrane on the qin and his pretty wife.
Stephen Dydo and his qin w pickup.

Beijing Opera workshops and Singing workshops added a hands on dimension to the academia analysis discourse.

China Blossom concert
Three young pretty girls on Zheng.

A concert is a visual event. The music played is delicate sweet rhythmic tunes matching the presentation of three young pretty girls with slim supple arms that rise and fall in unison waves. Yummy girls are always wonderful attractions, but the costumes are a little ambiguous - they are red cache stomach bip like tops - these backless bips tied with a thin string. Two of the girls wore black monokini top under the bips called toudou in Chinese and a third one as designed without any under garment. Because toudou was the women undergarment in china of not so long ago.

At the China Blossom concert, as a result of the toudou costume and the curves revealed - pants lose and low waist revealing the beginning of hip curves, very stylish on an elegant skinny frame. I like it as an individual style, the girls had nice bodies, however as a result of the costume, the performance is tinted in pink - pink as in erotic films. These costumes were distracting from their music.

I also think the girls enjoyed the sexy fashion statements correct to their youthful bodies, thats why they picked this cute and sexy costume.

There is room for showmanship in Chinese ancient music too, how and what, its an interesting subject.

a friend? or a not-friend?

A question, when is a friend a friend?
In answer to my question, Enr said, a friend is when you give the other your time because, time is a limited ressource.
Enr is so right. I am much more conscious of how to not waste my ressource and make better use of my time.

What is the definetion of a friend to you?
When is a friend a friend ?


A gallery in 798 is interested in exhibiting the Mobile Music work which includes travelling of the Mobile Music at different venues and musical events with Guqin live music, Chinese art song singing as I have designed with real players and with our house permanent music maker, our continuous 24hour non stop computer generated guqin music - fmttm.
fmttm = Fly me to the Moon, a computer which composes guqin tunes on the fly following a custom made algorithm an installation created in 2005 for a permanent exhibition in a sculpture park.

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