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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Berlin in sl, happy together

I met the guy who created sl Berlin, he said since he started - entirely financed by the group of friends - he hasnt really slept. And I believe him. Sl is that mesmerising for someone coming into it, and if you gather a group of friends to collectively create together, this energy is what makes it so powerful. Not so much due to sl, but the being together making something -

reminds me of people who told me about the Cultural Revolution in China, people who passed through it as a child have very good memories of being part of it, its a kind of freedom.

I read the artist statement at Venise biennale, the women artists born in the 60s all seem to have a similar lightness - its a special moment in history where it is kind of freedom, free for all, being together and sharing things. The artist told of their memories of happiness light as air. And it is visible from their video. A garden of Eden, girls nude talking bird talks to real birds... very light using amost nothing but a video, a natural park, no clothes.

Also a Luxembourg presentation, Endless Lust, I met the artist. A cheerful gal, she imported all sorts of IndoChine ambiance objects as prop for an installation, Southern Asian louvers, overhead ceiling fans from India, to create a hot and humid ambiance... endless Lust. No particular message except to show an ambiance.

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