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Monday, 3 September 2007

Canadians, Medical Doc's pre-internet ghostly secondlife, teenagers, timid people

Read the sl tutorial site, it tells you ABC's of sl life. So I looked in the photography section... oooh, its linked to a special designer wear site, an underwear made to measure - hmmm, from the very formal clauses, I am certain the clothes are made for sl use. And its 30US per baby doll, tie-me-up strap swim suit etc! ooooOOOOoooo

How many sets did the designer sell? Doesnt say of course. But some people really take things seriously - more than rl?

I got a bling - and so I invited some people over, and two Canadians showed up. One does a particle effect business in sl, he makes several hundred US$ per month. He showed me showers of fire, maple leaves, maple leave flags, etc etc. This is pretty good! He gave me around 50 LM for sims that he likes, this will be on my list of to visits for the next few days.

Then, at noon, I consider my work done. How beautiful rl is, my tree looks so alive outside, with depth, and nuance, not flat cartoony trees, the grass the smell, and I sit next to the window, finally, opened a book I bought a year ago.

A book of line drawing and short texts by a medical doctor. Very unusual, because he professed that he is timid and due to a natural born characteristic, he made little friends. Definitely brilliant as he speaks many languages, and very well read - this is evident from the text he writes to accompany the little vignettes that he draws.

I read it for one hour, and at the end, I came back from his world to my world. His world is a Kafkaesque, with a quiet poetry - sombre,full of anxiety, and mysterious spiritual paradoxes - a sort of secondlife, as he seemed to be not of this earth or he seemed to live in a limbo between our world rl and a world beyond at the same time. Heavily smelling of a twilight zone. Could this be the reason that he made few friends? There was a photo of him in the book, a rather large portrait of an unsmiling handsome, robust built young man, behind him stacks of books on medicine, philosophy, art, all piled up not on bookshelves but a wall of columns of books. Actually I enjoy putting my books this way too. Seems more minimal, pared down. Its a way of storing books without damages. The drawings were spiritually sombre worlds, silent and poetic. I think, should he ever enter sl, he would enjoy it - and maybe sl could save him from this limbo imprisonnement. And possibly, his "characteristics" that made him so friendless is this ambiance of from the other world - some people have ultra sensitivity to previous lives... maybe he is of this ilk. (though he says he has friends, I think he is just the non-boisterous, quiet and reliable type of friend). He is an amateur, not a professional, this could also be seen in his drawings and his texts. They are a form of romantism from the 30, 40s, written in the style and tone of a gentle, elegant, genteel society of Shanghai where names of people and places are referred to by a single alphabet. He would say, I lived in "H city" - this is not a contemporary trend in storytelling - people like to be as loud and as transparent as possible in our days - Though he is from the North, so where did this style of writing come from? His world is formed from reading, because he is a loner... and serves night shifts at the hospital - thats why this book is an extension of that booky, historic literary world.

He lives in the secondlife of the pre-internet world. People read books and build stories from books.

In the current sl world, there is a lot of noise, and very few slow, poetic moments. It is equivalent to a world where anybody who took the time could publish a book - so imagine, the amount of self-published books there are! However, it is not so bad, because it is NOT a book. A self-published mediocre book will have almost zero reader - here in sl, its rather like a pub - jokes, shared times do not need to be at the level of eloquent professional performance. Sl is a huge shared convivial, social space.

Yesterday, a German friend tp me to a sandbox where he worked. As his English is hesitant, he gave me the impression that he is a very timid person... he slowly told me that he has learnt to make... and before he completed his sentence, he jumped ahead and asked me what I did, so I said, I did shopping and bought some houses. I rezzed a flower for him to see just to get the motor going; immediately, some voice came over, very loud, very rude... saying, "asshole, dont try to sell freebies here!" I dont know if that voice was talking to me, but, such rudeness, loudness - I hope its a teenager only - shoots before he thinks... but still... hahahah sl is like rl, looks like much crap everywhere.

My friend disappeared immediately, did he have a crash? ... so very sl - pooof - gone!

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