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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Le Ballon Rouge hhh and the original

Juliette Binoches movie, and she is a great actress! We see the marionnettes and the voices... then, zoom, its her, she puts all the voices in with great animated facial gestures... see we should learn to speak with animated expressions. What a great scene. HHH has made an authentic movie of Parisiens lives, it rings true. Divorce, art, dreams, people on the street, baby sitters, annoying neighbours and irresponsible friends... presents, single mother... small apartments.

Only thing i say is flawed is the costumes. Juliette Binoches character in everyway is an artistic person, not a name brand user. But all her clothes are very very chic, stylised outfits. And she changes clothes way too often in the movie. She starts out in a revealing bra in a little sweater... very nice... all the outfits are beautiful on her. But her character does not seem to be the type who wears all these fancy outfits, as they dont really co ordinate with the rest of the apartment or her rambling messy life.

The boy is cute, the half sister is adorable, piano teacher, puppetier, everybody very authentic.

Then i looked up in youtube for the original. The original film is charming, so French in the kindly attentive way, the little boy asking everyone to share an umbrella so his red balloon deosnt get wet...

Both the original and the hhh version are authentic. One is the nostalgic soft charm the other is the human, warm details. Both are great.

And the heart wrenching touch is the finish, a song sung by Camille, it sents shivers up my spine each time I listen to it. Its in a trailer - also in Youtube.

Camille Dalmais, i looked up some web sites and found one that had some lyrics of her songs... Great lyrics, so precise, so careful so simple and good.

Great film. A master is a master. The work of a master film maker, it looks easy.

Checked on Youtube: Found someones comment, that the theme song Chin Chin... etc
is a french version of a Chinese song!! by Cai Qin

Original lyrics

被遺忘的時光 蔡琴 The Forgotten Time

Cai Qin interpretes





慢慢的浮現在我的腦海 (less)
Added: 27/03/07
Category: Music
Tags: 被遺忘的時光 蔡琴 The Forgotten Time

French version
Camille Dalmais interpretes

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