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Monday, 1 October 2007

UCPA, Suki's Tiny Piano, Long Hair, House of Blades,

Went to UCPA sportive lake and park because it was sunny and just to get away from sl. I want to have all the various pieces of the DigitalGuqin project straighten themselves out unconsciously - so usually, I just let it sit. Let making bread, let it rise by itself. :) I remember when I was little, when I had to recite a poem in front of the class. I would read it a few times before going to sleep, and miraculously next day, I would know it by heart!

So, this is similar. Letting things "mijoter" - like a tagine... hahahaha

When I came back, after a very good walk with Swannjie jie, I saw lots of people at the park. Many little children riding bikes ... they are so small, coming up to my knees... i said hello to one, who had a helmet and was brooding... probably he really didnt want to come to the park and have to ride this bike... I said, Hello, he raised his head, at first brooding, then immediately a big smile! Because, I am a total stranger. The smile on his face radiated and lit up everything, Swannjie Jie said, hey, why do you go around saying Hello to everyone? This is not Secondlife you know, people dont do that. Then he spread out his arms, a la Titanic, turning his face up, and ran a few little steps with this rigid pose - immitating her in sl - rushing forward in circles and bumping into me, like a blind fly - as the Chinese say - ... Hello Hello...

Then today, I tried to take more photos, but somehow I just did not feel like working today. Shopping in sl is just as tiresome as in rl, its a lot of work. And taking down the flower houses and relocating, adjusting the color of the petals, linking delinking... suddenly, its like WORK. So instead, I just took out the stunt bike and decided to take a day off, I rode my bike on the beach, Elk has to comb through his land, because somethings gone wrong, his rental boxes doesnt work! Annoying thing for a business venture. It nice to have no objects on a beach, I rode around and into the water - this water is like a tinted volume, no splashing noise - just the water tints the body a little to show the level of the water. I stayed on my bike in water up to my neck... and then I went off to visit my own places to see what changes there are. I went to the new Izakaya, and ooooooh, I found a tiny piano sitting on the counter. Parappa the bar man said, its a gift from a client. I asked him at least ...N times, whats Sukis last name? No answer. So I searched, there was 100+ sukis... Hmmm. Then I ran down the list, actually only maybe about 4 has any additional information and one last one, there was actually a photo of someone in a kimono - I think, someone who makes such a cute nice object must care about sl enough to put in more information? And its The Suki! Hhahahah, now I have this cute little black tiny grand piano, a toy, just like I wanted. And the two tracks on it were written by Suki herself - Salmaru said, like a Steinway!!! Oooh, a tiny tiny palm size Steinway which plays beautiful comfort music. A very holiday type of tune, slightly melancholic, the type of music you hear when people are riding on old bicycles through a nice shaded tree in the country side with their cat in the basket plus some apples and cheesecakes... a nice leisurely airy sunday afternooon with friends. Reminds me of Alessio, for the Dura films... melancholic, pretty, soft, dreamy and far away. The beginning of a romantic interest... light and airy. This reminds me of a friends son, he is only 13 and he composed a series of short melodies. Its exactly this type of music. Also,like patisserie for a Miyazaki animation film, sweet, and innocent. Sweet and Dreamy.

Since I cant do much work, I decide to send both Swann jie and Swannjie Jie to the gals hair place. They need long long black hair to complete the look, and by chance the two chairs with the long long hair are free! So they are now sitting facing each other, Swannjie Jie with the toy piano in her lap listening to these two tracks of leisurely charming music while Swann Jie - she has some kind of animation stuck on her (maybe from dancing the Japanese dance that Kotorin put a spell on her) she is dancing on the stool!

Kotorin wants to play Japanese dance, so I took her to the House of Blades, i like to have tea at House of Blades, just sitting there, has quite an ambiance. As usual there are samurai talking about their weapons in no time. We had a performance by Kotorins sister, very nice geisha dancing. When Kotorin wants to play dancing, I thought this is what she needed, a venue to show off her skills. :) And it looks really correct in situ. So the samurai are actually UK students, they are talking shop talk, and I presented Kotorin to them. So the dance ends very quickly.

Not the right ambiance anymore. All gone. Hmmm

I like talking to the samurais, they have real things to say - they are not just playing pretending to be samurai, they talk about building flashy CSI weapons - thats a knowhow isnt it? A knowhow which crosses from sl to rl. I am not so fond of playing pretending this or that, there is no cross over. To play pretending roles play games, you have to erase the rl from sl. That is a feature that I am not so interested in. Similarly , Dungeon and dragons. Dungeon and dragons are interesting if you create something, like a special shield anti-weapon or whatever. But just pretending to be feeries and chasing, hunting, killing monsters... :(

I cannot relate to this, at least for today, maybe tomorrow will be different?

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