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Monday, 24 September 2007

Ikune, Kotorin, Elkdeer

Ikune and I went to Kotorins house to see her White Grand Piano, because I remembered that it played a piece 8mn long. This is interesting, was there any breaks, was it smooth, etc etc

Now that Ikune is going to write the script for me, suddenly I felt a lot lighter, as if I see the light at the end of a tunnel! I felt so happy about this, I turned everything off and had a leisurely lunch with Swannjie Jie... :)

Kotorin means Koto Child... :)

I put my new running shoes together - they are faded gold color with bright yellow furry horse skin trims and glossy patent leather trims - I had forgotten about them. I have so much clothes that I have not yet unpack from my shipment - the thought of going through this stuff is mixed. I only go shopping when i am really tired. Because, then I feel that I am not wasting my time going through item after item. In general I like to look at good design but I hate going shopping. I wish all this stuff is not in my house. But then, if I have to go out, I must find the right clothes and if I have only a few items, i get bored with wearing them so fast. Anyway. Clothes are important to me, if I got the wrong color or wrong item together, things are not quite exactly feeling "right", it could be something that irks me even slightly... i think it is not worth it. Thats why it take me at least some time, before I am ready to go out - sometimes. Not all the time. A lot of times I am ready in 5 mns. But I would say, compared to some of my other girlfriends, I dont spend that much time fussing... hahhahah. But now, i think it is a pleasure, its a girls thing... to look and check and re-check and look in the mirror again, and again, and again... hahahahah

Time to prepare for the trip to Beijing! I had forgotten that i had these Reboks... very nice. I want to go walk on the Great Wall again at Jian Cou - the wild section of Great Wall. Last time I was there, that was the high point of my visit.

Because of sl, suddenly I am going through all these clothes that i have not looked at...

And then, I think now, I must learn to play the Guqin well, to complete the whole ... area of interest - i guess. I am considering staying in Suzhou for 3 months - thats the minimum if I want to learn anything. Start with 3 months. In anycase, i have moved my office to sl, so the continuity of "office" things wont be interrupted.

I also want to go to YiWu, which reminds me a bit of sl in conception. Its a humongous shopping centre of a city. I met this man on the plane last time, he said the whole town is a shopping centre, you can get anything there.

Sounds like sl. But maybe much better, becasue its real things with air, nature, water all around. On the other hand, it could be worst, you cant just turn the screen off when you are fed up with everything.

Anyway,i want to go to YiWu to have a look. :)

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