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Monday, 17 September 2007

Linz, Ice Strawberry, Venise, AutoGrill

Linz, Ice Strawberry, Venise, Autogrill, Linz real peoples secondlife,

Autogrill in the Italian Venitian area -
the coffee is as usual very very good. These Autogrill stops along the high way is very interesting, it sells everything like a grocery store. Pasta, bread, milk, cheese, vegetable, books in a pile, magazines, a large range of sandwiches, chocolates, sunglasses, gadgets.

The French highway stop over Arches etc. Very neat and tidy, no real coffee, only machines!!!
The toilets are cleaner, newer, cuter. But not so full of life. Its boring, cold, bad drinks, bad food.

I think about the cute camping in Linz, thats secondlife for some people, many cute little elves, little glass pot flowers, tiny tiny lawn infront of wooden carriages. Behind the counter, there was a hand painted canvas of the camping with the nice lake behind, somebody really loves this camping. The brush strokes are so carefully put together, so much tenderness.

The camping in Venice is practical, and no more. But the people at the cash is funny, a very handsome young blond guy, he answers and seem very ready to get back to his football magazine. When we left, he gave us two sovenirs, a red color ball point pen with the name of the camping printed on it.
While i was there, a couple of older people came in their car with a huge fold out tent, they looked like seasoned campers.

All I thought of was, when I get that old, would I enjoy camping in a non-scenic camp ground?

Another car next to us opened up with an aluminum fold out table - i saw it at the nature shop at the Louvre boutique - it looks very nice... I liked the table very much at the shop, here it is rather more urban chic than all the things around us. I see inside their tents, the two folding army cots in the same series, very chic and sleek. They stayed one day and the next day they are gone.

Opposite from us is a small caravan, he hung out carpets to dry, maybe he lives here for a long time! there was a tiny fold out bikes with small wheels.

I wouldnt want to live here long term. I like living in nature, with trees, sun, and simplicity... the one solution i find is the yourte, it is both with nature and settled with modern comfort. I would feel sad if I lived in a camping car all year round...
a wooden cabin would be so much better. There is something sad about living in a house with wheels... isnt this strange?

A boat on water, is it sad to live in a boat?
Anyway, I came home and glad to sleep in my bed and putter around in the bathroom, kitchen, reminds me of what and how should we live? What is the purpose of life?

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